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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

US Offers $5 Million Reward for Chinese Fentanyl Smuggler Linked to Sinaloa Cartel, Chuen Yip

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Chuen Yip, an alleged fentanyl trafficker linked to the Sinaloa Cartel, was included in the list of the most wanted by the United States Drug Control Administration (DEA), which offers up to five million dollars for those who provide information about the alleged partner of Aureliano Guzm√°n Loera, El Guano.

The 68-year-old man's last known address was Wuhan, China, a city from which the COVID-19 epidemic spread but which is also a world center for the export of chemical precursors to manufacture the deadly synthetic opioid.

Also identified as Chuan Ye, Chuan Fa Ye, and/or Chuen Yip Fat, he has already been mentioned by the DEA in its budget request for the fiscal year 2020 before the US Congress. In the document, he is mentioned as one of the main links between transnational crime organizations in China and Mexico. He is accused of violations of Title 21 of the Federal Code of the United States, corresponding to the regulation of drugs and food. Specifically, he would have committed conspiracy to traffic, distribute or import narcotics.

Height5' 8
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Year of Birth
Last Known AddressWuhan, China China
NCIC #W377573084

According to US government reports, it has been noted that Chuen Fat Yip was identified through Operation Postage Due, which is currently underway to expose the relationship between transnational crime organizations based in China and various Mexican cartels.

Until 2020, that initiative allowed the seizure of large quantities of chemical precursors to synthesize fentanyl, as well as arrests or indictments of high-ranking elements that lead those factions.

Among them they were mentioned Aureliano Guzman Loera, the Guano, and Ruperto Salgueiro Nevarez also Chuen Yip Fat, considered provider of fentanyl for the Sinaloa Cartel. All three have been defined as Consolidated Priority Objectives (CPOT).

Source Infobae, DEA


  1. The DEA wont ever catch this guy
    The chinese wont them inntheir coubtry as easily as in mexico..

    1. China gets easily bribed, just like Mexico. Gun Soen Feng has lots of money to bribe Chinese officials.

  2. Another class act courtesy of China between this pos and Covid 19 I wouldnt loose a min of sleep if something large and firey exploded over that fuckin place and leveled it to the ground . I think it would be a pleasant improvement if it was radio active for the next 10000 years or so . Since they have chosen a passive/aggressive approach to killing westerners the west should take a more direct approach and show them what time it is . IMHO

  3. This post's formatting is sublime, Solcalj.

    How did you create that chart/table in Blogger? Can you email me telling me how you did it?

  4. They'll never catch him if he remains in China ūüėĚ

    1. He might escape justice in this life but the devil is waiting for him.....

  5. Chu Mein Ding
    Is from Wuhan, China
    Wow that's where covid19 virus
    Originally came from.

  6. Could he be related to Him Hay Fat Choy?
    Perhaps related to Dumb Zhon Hing or maybe Sol Pong Long.

  7. What if this guy is having luxury life in Dubai or some other luxury stay? You know Ridouan Taghi was in Dubai too? Looks like all those coke criminals live in Dubai. Or maybe not?
    Do they catch him too as well as this guy?
    What about Jos Leijdekkers, El Presidente the next Ridouan Taghi according to many sites, why didn't they have him?


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