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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Twin Pedro Flores's wife Pleads Impunity

"Parro" for Borderland Beat,

Wife of Chicago drug dealer tied to El Chapo says U.S. can’t prosecute, citing immunity deal

Vivianna Lopez, the wife of Pedro Flores, points to her husband’s testimony against El Chapo as evidence of a deal to spare her from criminal charges in the case.

The wife of one of Chicago’s most prolific cocaine dealers says federal prosecutors granted her immunity from prosecution during their investigation of Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, so she shouldn’t have to face a pending money-laundering indictment tied to her husband’s drug proceeds.

In a Dec. 24 filing in federal court in Chicago, Vivianna Lopez pointed to an exchange between prosecutors and her husband Pedro Flores, who testified against Guzman at the kingpin’s trial in 2018 in New York.

Prosecutor asked, “Was your wife ever charged with collecting drug debts?” Flores answered, “No, she was given immunity.”

Lopez’s lawyer says prosecutors either gave her immunity or “knowingly elicited her husband’s perjured testimony at the El Chapo trial.”

Lopez is asking a judge to order prosecutors to turn over any documents describing any immunity or “non-prosecution” agreements with her.

Lopez’s husband and his twin brother Margarito Flores surrendered to authorities in 2008 and became informants against Guzman. In exchange, they received relatively light sentences of 14 years in prison, while Guzman was sentenced to life.



  1. Flores Brothers were caught in the middle of the Chapo/Mayo vs Beltran Leyvas war they were forced to testify against thier former business partner .

    Sort of reminds me of Tekashi 69 who was forced to testify against his former partners who kidnapped him robbed him and tried to kill him .By the way his former partners were also BLM sicarios.

    1. Lol forced??? These dudes were not forced, they were soft, I grew up with both of them, they weren't even Latin kings, but had our protection in the neighborhood, we knew they were big time just not how deep. They turned out of fear, violence and all that jail stuff was never part of their plan. They snitched because they weren't willing to do the time

    2. Say no to drugs. The abuse is showing.

    3. @10:22 .imagine you doing work for several CDS leaders . There is a split!
      Chapo / Mayo ask who you will work for?
      Beltran Leyvas ask who you will work for?

      There is no choice any side you choose you die!

    4. @ Sol

      Quiúbole mi tocayo. 😆

    5. This Rambo dude must have been picked on & actually bullied by black people. A traumatic experience that needs therapy.
      Seriously speaking.

    6. Latin Kings have snitching among themselves and they have rats on their ranks. The Flores brothers were a lot more successful than any of the Latin Kings can ever dream.

    7. No mames... All this shits been reported already. And FUKN Rambo thinks he has inside info. Pathetic.

    8. Rambo getting to you clowns lol
      Hes only speaking facts, dont get your pantues in a bunch! Lol

      Cuernavaca is a known idiot, i would think you woyld have changed your nane by now after looking like a dumbass in every post lol
      Just like the last post where SOSA called your bitch a$$ out hahaha

    9. 11:25 either that or a Soul brother took his 1st and only girlfriend or maybe his virginity in the county jail

  2. It should be against BB guidelines to rewrite what other places write and then put on here!

    1. Ok Chema you can go and scour various Mexican news outlets to get this info or just come to one place. Borderland Beat

    2. Chema you are so dumb you don't Know how it works. BB are volenteers, that translate articles from Spanish to English.
      Furthermore they insert the credit line of WHO published it.
      Chema if you don't like the site, I am happy to refund your subscription.
      Sorry we will miss you.

    3. Chema go to another site. If you hate it here .you always complaining .
      Volunteers are not paid. Chema you are the reason the Mrs Chivis left

      Thank you Hearst,Sol Prendido and the entire staff at Borderlandbeat for your time and work.
      Respect to El Señor 006

    4. Chema is such a crybaby 😂.
      He is like a lady on menopause.
      Always nagging about something.

    5. Chema lost his marbles!
      all he does now in days is complain like an old hag lol

    6. Chema reminds of my neighbor and old lady in her 70s. About people having loud music on a Saturday about 7 pm, then it would be about the dogs barking, then about the trash truck. It was so overwhelming, that someone threw rocks into her windows and broke two. Chema maybe is super old.

    7. 5:16 It's ok let him leave, he sheets all over the room, I don't want to be the one cleaning it up. He needs depends... diapers for adults.😂

    8. Could Chema be Whitey E Coyote undercover?

    9. Chema tragate una verg y deja de llorar. You dont like what they post a chingar a otro lado

  3. I was complaining about dum ass comandante eats dick and fake ass sicario 007 dum idiots! Pussy’s!! Lol

    1. Chema the other day you were complaining, and your subscription was refunded and you're back again dios mio.

    2. Dude I’m bb,I got real stories not rewriting shit like other idiots that think they narcos like comandante culo and sicario 0.007 lol

    3. Chema subscription refunded, you did not find, the direct news sites from Mexico, that your back, give me a break.
      Could not find elsewhere as good as Borderland Beat?

  4. Impunity? Ok? Show me the signed documents!
    Stupid Bitch.
    Just a matter of time before your luck & those hubby's run out.
    Wish BB can get the footage of their pleas.


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