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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Amacuzac, Morelos: Eduardo Peña aka Cana Interrogated By Comando Felino

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A male under a blanket of darkness and duress narrates before the camera the events that lead to him being interrogated for his actions. 

Two men with assault rifles stand on each side of him. While he periodically glances down to read a prepared statement from an electronic device. 

The following video ends before his execution. It is firmly believed at this time he was inevitably killed for his participation in theft by an organization calling itself Comando Felino aka The Armed Criminal Cell "Cat". 

In addition this broadcast has been deemed safe for all to see. 

Video translation is as follows:

Captive: My name is Eduardo Peña, everyone calls me Cana. I specialize in the buying and selling of livestock. I work for Eric. He is originally from Amacuzac.  

The individual known as “La Galleta” can currently be found in the La Paraíso. 

The robberies that I committed consisted of livestock and motorcycles. The livestock that I wrangled belonged to the cattle ranchers out of Amacuzac (Amacuzac, Morelos) and Teocalco (Teocalco, Hidalgo). 

And I would send everything illicit to the town of Tequesquitengo, Morelos. All of this was done under the orders of Erick Mazari aka “El Carretito”. 

I’m about to get my fucking ass killed off here because I was stealing livestock within Amacuzac and it’s surroundings. All of this was done under the orders of Erick Mazari aka “El Carretito” and “La Galleta”. 

Código Rojo



  2. We need this team in Los Angeles to eliminate the thieves who work for BLM. The prviate business can hire a commando group to rid the city of the BLM sicarios

    1. De seguro te cojio la vieja un partna.

    2. Chicanos in Los Angeles dont like BLM.

    3. It's gang related and prison politics not racial. If you ain't from Cali don't talk.

    4. I'll talk all I want. Gang politics lmao you sissy bois need to grow a pair.

    5. Rambo seems BLM members think they can go around stores and call thier homies to get together and loot the stores, because they feel California owes it to them.

    6. I would say deport them back to Africa.

  3. Teocalco, Guerrero is right next door

    1. Yes that’s true. But it doesn’t make much sense for these guys to go through toll roads and across el D.F. for the type of crimes they’re committing. More than likely they’re roaming locally not too far outside their comfort zone.


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