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Monday, December 27, 2021

San Mateo Xalpa, CDMX: Corpse Of SEMAR Troop Shot And Abandoned Found

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The body of the Marine was found wrapped in a blanket and had an identification that he belonged to the Mexican armed forces

The corpse of a Mexican soldier from the Mexican Navy (Semar) was abandoned on the Mexico-Cuernavaca Highway, near the community of San Mateo Xalpa, in the Xochimilco neighborhood of Mexico City with signs of having been a victim of a narco style settling of accounts.

It is presumed that he was an element of the Mexican Navy (Semar) because he carried credentials that identified him as such.

However, the attorney general of Mexico City reported that it will carry out the corresponding investigations and evidence to verify its identity.

Mexican officials discovered the cadaver by the side of the roadway during a tour made in the area. He had firearm wounds and was wrapped in a blanket.

When they reviewed it, they discovered that he didn’t have vital signs, they cordoned the area and called the corresponding authorities for the lifting of the body. 

The Mexican Navy has not released a statement on the crime against one of its members.

The day that the daughter of El Mencho allegedly ordered the kidnapping of sailors

This is the second time in just over a month that members of the Mexican armed forces are involved in acts of violence.

In mid-November, infantry men from the Mexican Navy were kidnapped in Zapopan's municipality, which unleashed a series of operations from federal forces in the area.

The kidnapping of the sailors occurred a day after a military group in Zapopan rearrested  Rosalinda González Valencia, wife of the drug trafficker Nemesio Oezuera Cervantes, aka El Mencho, leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), for not periodically signing in before the administrative authority, for her criminal proceedings in money laundering. 

After the disappearance of these elements, the Army and the Marines began their search for Laisha Michelle Oseguera González, daughter of El Mencho and Christian Fernando Gutiérrez Ochoa, her boyfriend.

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