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Monday, December 27, 2021

Julio César Cenon aka Chato Venegas of Cártel de Tláhuac Leaves Prison

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Video translation is as follows:

This past December 23, Julio César Cenon aka “El Chato Venegas” was released from prison, he’s designated as one of the leaders of the Cartel de Tláhuac. El Chato Venegas spent 14 months on vacation in prison together with his 3 accomplices who, upon being detained, were secured 7 vehicles, 4 handguns, and more than 10 kilos of marijuana.

In addition, the house of Chato Venegas was later searched where authorities located more weapons and drugs, reported the journalist Antonio Nieto. In October 2021, video surveillance cameras captured a convoy of 7 vehicles manned by dozens of individuals who traveled from Tláhuac to Xochimilco, and extorted drivers.

At the entrance of the latter neighborhood, the subjects robbed drivers and transport service providers in crowds in the town of Santiago Tepeyahualco. Afterwards they traveled towards the center of Xochimilco, the site where his capture by capital agents took place.

At that time, the arrest of Chato Venegas, identified as one of the leaders of the Tláhuac Cartel, was announced. He worked for Carlos Alejandro aka "El Cindy", son-in-law of Felipe de Jesus aka "El Ojos", founder of the Tláhuac Cartel, killed by the Navy in 2017.

However, a little over a year after his arrest, a judge decided to release Chato Venegas and the other 13 detainees so that they could spend this Christmas very happy. Sorry for the sarcasm.

The Tláhuac Cartel is a group dedicated to drug trafficking, extortion, and kidnapping. They operate in the neighborhoods Xochimilco, Milpa Alta, and Tláhuac. The criminal group was considered dismantled after the assassination of Pérez Luna in 2017.

Despite the succession of leaders and various criminal acts related to the criminal group, they warned that they were back. This criminal cell began as a gang of kidnappers in 2000 and was linked to the criminal organization of the Beltrán Leyva brothers

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