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Monday, December 13, 2021

Mexicali, Baja California: Grupo Codiciado Denounced By Fan For Attempted Murder

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

A complaint for attempted homicide was filed with the FGE for the assault that occurred during a concert in Mexicali, where an unknown individual shot at an attendee at the concert.

The victim of an armed attack inside the Palenque del Fex facilities, in Mexicali, on the early morning of Sunday, December 5, where Grupo Codiciado participated, filed a formal complaint with the State Attorney General's Office and directed it against Erik de Jesús Aragón Alcántar, vocalist of the regional music group.

ZETA had access to a part of the complaint of facts presented on December 5, that is, the day after the events that occurred at the Palenque del Fex facilities, at the offices of the Special Prosecutor's Office for Crimes against Life. Where the the victim, through his legal representative, presented a narrative of the event and blamed Erik Aragón, because he was the one who gave the direct order that miraculously didn’t end in tragedy.

According to what was reported by the victim - whose name was witheld - he was in the company of his wife and other friends, sitting in the front row of the concert.

It was around 2 in the morning and the concert was nearing completion, when the plaintiff managed - after several attempts - to attract the attention of Erik Aragón, who agreed to take a picture with his wife.

The singer had repeatedly postponed taking a picture, finally he approached the attendees to fulfill their wishes. 

After taking the picture, the victim told him that he should "always be humble in his ways", which caused annoyance to the singer, who left and went towards a group of people - presumably his bodyguards, with whom he spoke briefly.

In the complaint, the plaintiff warns that he managed to hear the phrase "fuck his ass up."

One of the individuals with a robust complexion and 1.80 meters tall, stands in front of the plaintiff, reaches over and assures him that the accused told him to hit him.

Immediately afterwards, he slaps him, to which the victim responds with a counter punch, which is captured in countless videos recorded by the concert attendees.

Immediately several people approach and one of them draws a gun and shoots at him. 

Initially, it was indicated that the gunfire was intentionally directed to the ground, but - according to the victim's narrative - the shot was directed at him, but the bullet didn’t hit the target.

The gunfire generated great anxiety at the concert and a great mobilization of people. Security guards took advantage of the confusion and immediately took the opportunity to remove the victim from the scene. Both singers and their companions fled the arena.

The complaint was filed by the plaintiff and the crime is expected to be filed as an attempted homicide against singer Erik Aragón. As well as anyone else responsible.

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  1. Bruh not saying getting shot was the answer, but bothering a singer over and over and over for a fucking picture is not cool, the dude taught just cause he bought concert tickets he deserve a picture and bothered his ass the whole concert. when there is thousands of other people doing the same exact thing. the security response was bad i would just say kick him out if the drunk guy was that annoying.

  2. This guy is actually a great singer. Unfortunately he has some moronic ways. You can't tell a proud ass that has allowed fame to go to his head to be humble. I'm sure that hefty fine is gonna bring him back down to earth.

  3. The so called victim, got finally the picture request after a while. All he had to do, is gesture a happy face, but he had to open his mouth more and behave like an azzhole. Nevertheless he has the oddasity to file a complaint. He is lucky they did not hire, a sicario to make him disappear.

  4. Ahora menos va tener visa el cacorro este 😂😂

  5. What a little bitch..Ran to his daddy after someone hurt his feelings. Everyone wants to gangster until its time to be gangster.

  6. Pendejos.....the group and the drunk guy...


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