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Monday, December 13, 2021

CJNG Fighting CDS for Teocaltiche, Jalisco

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Updated & Revised. See note above sources.

The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) is allegedly fighting Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) for the municipalities of Teocaltiche, Villa Hidalgo, Encarnación de Díaz which are located in north of Jalisco state, near the border with Zacatecas.  

CDS leaders, with historic regional roots in the area, are allegedly involved in the fight and they are rumored still be allied with La Nueva Plaza, a group that is a longtime rival of the CJNG.

Three Arrested In Teocaltiche, Jalisco

On the afternoon of December 11, 2021, three suspicious men driving a SUV in the town of Teocaltitán in the municipality of Teocaltiche were detected by a State Police patrol. 

The State Police saw that as soon as the three men spotted their patrol vehicle, they immediately tried to leave the area. Finding this behavior to be suspect, the police officers pulled up behind them and requested they pull over, which they complied with. 

The stolen SUV that the three men were driving.

After running the plates of the vehicle, it was determined that the SUV had been stolen back July 6, 2021 so the three were placed under arrest.  Then the vehicle was searched and multiple pieces of radio communication (but no firearms) were seized. 

The detainees were identified as Camerino "N", 29 years old, from Tabasco; Fernando "N", 28 years old, from Michoacán; and Sergio "N", 29 years old, from Zacatecas.

Photos of the three detainees.

One may assume based on the stolen vehicle and radios but a lack of firearms in the vehicle or on their person that the men are suspected of being “halcones”, or “hawks”, which are low-level lookouts paid by a cartel organization for information on police movements. 

New Battle Leaves Seven Dead 

The arrest of three halcones is notable mainly because two violent cartel battles have occurred within the last week in the same area.  

Results of the first battle on December 5, covered in previous story.

The first battle occurred on December 5, 2021 in the town of Huejotitlán and was covered in detail in this story. Then, a second battle occurred shortly after, which was not yet covered on Borderland Beat, just three days later. 

On December 8, 2021, gunshots were heard in the early morning hours throughout Teocaltiche. The sound of the gun battles in the area led the municipality to cancel classes at schools for the day out of a concern for the safety of the children. 

The mayor, Juan Manuel Vallejo Pedroza, was asked by a video call for more details on the class cancellation and he said "It seems that they canceled something like that. They commented to me in the morning and for security I told them that it was a good idea because noise was heard and it seems that yes, the minors remained in their homes," said the mayor of this Jalisco municipality.

Two of the vehicles found that resulted from the December 8 clashes.
The next day, the result of the cartel battles that occurred were discovered. The remains of seven men were found inside seven abandoned vehicles. The general strategic coordinator of Security, Ricardo Sánchez Beruben confirmed that during this week there were two confrontations near Teocaltiche, Jalisco, and directly across the border in Zacatecas. 

Footage from car driving by the damaged vehicles, no graphic content. Video Source: Notiface

Sanchez Beruben explained that these clashes are between rival organized crime groups who were currently fighting for control of this region.  "They are antagonistic groups. It is a reality that is being experienced throughout the country. It is a dispute of territory by organized crime groups and in the border areas of the state," reiterated Ricardo Sanchez Beruben.

He then detailed what investigators and police have discovered as far as the results of the battles so far, saying “There have been two specific confrontations in the border area of ​​Teocaltiche, bordering between Jalisco and Zacatecas; Five vehicles were seized on Monday [results of December 5 clashes] and seven yesterday [the results of the December 8 clashes], the same ones in which the forensic team is already working. "

Later the special regional prosecutor of Jalisco, Jose Alberto Mora Trujillo, said that now eight vehicles and more than 100 shell casings have been found at the location related to the December 8 clashes.

Speaking to the press, the Regional Prosecutor said "So far eight vehicles have been secured, three of them with handmade armor. And inside one of these armored vehicles seven people were found dead. Two 40mm grenades were also seized, as well as a long barrel gun, and more than 100 bullet casings," said the prosecutor.

The Sinaloa Cartel Municipalities Within Jalisco

Martín Alejandro Beltrán Coronel, alias “El Águila” is believed to currently control the area of Teocaltiche. El Águila is the cousin of Emma Coronel, who is the wife of Chapo. 

He is believed to be a part of La Corona. He is known to be an ally CJNG's rival organization La Nueva Plaza during the time when it was led by El Cholo. 

With these recent battles in Teocaltiche, it may at first appear to be CDS is making a new incursion into the CJNG's home state however Teocaltiche, Villa Hidalgo and Encarnation (called La Chona by some locals) have had connection to CDS associated families since before the CJNG was even formed. 

Photo from a 2005 wanted poster about men associated with El Chapo, found in Malcom Beith's book Last Narco. Thank you to a reader who submitted the photo. 

Teocaltiche had historically belonged to Sinaloa Cartel's Mario González Gutiérrez, alias “Don Mario”, who is said to have been close to Ismael Zambada, "El Mayo". 

His son, Mario González Martínez took over control of Teocaltiche following his father's death. He, however, was arrested alongside four other men by Federal Police while he was in Teocaltiche on May 15, 2009. 

Newspaper El Siglo de Torreon wrote at the time that "intelligence work places González Martínez as one of the most trusted men of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, 'El Chapo' Guzmán, who serves as his operator in the Sinaloa region and is also in charge of supervising the operation of this criminal organization in the area of Los Altos, Jalisco."

Update 12/14/2021: Previous version of story alleged El Aguila was a part of La Nueva Plaza. After further research this has been retracted and re-written to reflect the change.

Update 12/17/2021: New profile of Don Mario with a photo added to article. The photo is from a 2005 wanted poster about men associated with El Chapo, found in Malcom Beith's book Last Narco. Big thank you to a reader who submitted the photo.

Three Arrested Sources: El Occidental, Noticel, Alerta Jalisco, Lider919

New Battle and Seven Dead: Milenio, televisa.NEWS, Noticias en la Mira, Guardia Nocturna, TeleDiario 

Background Sources: El Siglo de Torreon, Informador Article 1, Article 2, Union Jalisco


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    Arriba el Señor Aguila pura gente del Viejon Don Nacho Coronel.
    A highly trained Task Force of Plaza Nueva Special Mission Unit alomg with Tier 1 Operatives from Grupo Flechas Black Ops Mercernaries will bring peace to Jalisco.

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  3. Back when cdg had zac on lock when taliban joined them killing all treviños in fresnillo. mayo quietly dominated the northern part of the state neutralizing the golfos and submitting 40's zetas. Golfos clicked up with cjng because of the beating they were taking and now mayos keep pushing further south like loreto and monte escobedo

    1. Yeah cds never did shit to cdg anywhere. Cdg lost power in zac and basically gave the plaza to jaliscas.

  4. El Aguila Beltran is not CNP. Aguila Beltran is the head of La Corona or Los Coroneles. He was allegedly an Ally of Cholo CNP and was a reason he was able to stick around so long. He was his CDS connection

    1. I'm going to look more into this. I had a local tell me Aguila was Nueva Plaza.

      But him just being an ally of Cholo makes sense too. Will update after some more research.

  5. If we take all latin american countries.. Colombia,Brazil,Mexico etc..where you guys think the most powerful OC?

    1. OC you abbrivate and expect us all to know what oc means. My guess is Orange County.

    2. Oh no not a tie measuring contest. Lol.

    3. Well I will give it a try

      Over Coverage - OC

    4. All of Latin America is dominated by alphabet soups. , obviously a toss up between the cia and dea. The fbi doesn’t give a shit about down there they only care about , lmao, all the black white supremacists, and parents of public school kids.

    5. Ahhhhhhhh we all had to guess.
      Now we know if for orgazied crime. Ok to answer your question would have to be MEXICO, used to be Columbia.

    6. The most powerfull oc in latin america are the colombian cartels. Arrests of men like memo fantasma whom most of these idiots on here dont even know they exist. Dont confuse an asshole like mencho to be in the same level as memo when memo supplies men like mencho or el mayo.

    7. 5:17 yeah dipshit but does Memo give Mayo Mencho etc tons and tons of crystal Meth or ingredients for it.. does he give them heroin or fentanyl.. does he gove them firearms
      Colombians hav major players obviously, nut they lost the power over the cartels long ago. After all that heat they caught they were able to rearrange themselves in a way that allowed them to operate under the radar or pose as lwgit businesses men while still raking in hundreds of Millions.. possibly billions
      Instead of selling at higher prices they opt to sell extremely low and let the mexican cartels catch all the heat and deal wit all the headaches. They in turn remain a secret, take a pay cut that atill makes them rich beyond dreams and they pay less bribes because they aint stirring up the damn pot so much
      Just imagine how much money Mencho pays his political protectors to be able to stay free while wreaking havoc across 80% of Mexico lol
      If i was moving weight like these guys id try and do as little bussiness in US as possible or avoid it directly and instead deal with organizations that do it with zero to little ties myself. USAis nothinh but heat and bad bussiness. Id stick to sending jale to European countries or asian countries where you hear very little of big cartel busts.

  6. Yea, la corona has been active in jalisco for decades, its the only cartel family CJNG csnt get rid off.
    La corona has strong political, financial and governmental power. The governors of jalisco been getting rich of the money la corona throw at them for backing them.
    La corona has been calling shots in jalisco for a long time..
    La aguila got out of prison not to long ago, a few years i think.

  7. And the Guy Really behind Everything with CNP is EL 85. Erik Valencia. That dude hasn't forgot anything. He's working with CDS... To get rid of CJNG. CJNG has big problems in Jalisco

    1. Cds always has and always will have a presence in Jalisco, as much as it hurts CJNG fanboys feelings its the reality

    2. Since when is el 85 an enemy of mencho?

    3. El 85 is with cartel Jalisco! U don't know what you speak of. There was never a fall out between mencho and 85 there would have been rivers of blood and out in the open attacks on public mantas between mencho and 85.

    4. 8:39 well, CDS has been in jalisco before cjng was formed.
      El 85 is still cjng and thats why el cholo was trying to perswade el 85 to flip on Mencho in the video he made.

    5. Cuernavaca is a clueless CDS groupie

    6. 11:50 I detect your a CJNG nutthugger.

    7. 8:37 you CDS groupies HATE facts lol

      Show me proof of el 85 being NP
      I showed you how he is not
      If you can't,then shut your pie hole!

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      Is a nuthugger of the baby Killer Cartel.

    9. Are you guys stupid or up. EL85 just got out last year. And he clicked up with CNP.. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

    10. Just Google it. Bunch of Dumbass Clowns. Catching Feelings because it's the beginning of the End for CJNG. Funny thing is I remember in 2012-13.. when No one knew who they were. I remember they were a legit squad. Bow they are another version on ZETAS.. they gotta Go. They got All that $$$ pumping that cheap P2P merch. CDS matched them by introducing Fentanyl. Eric Valencia is with CNP. Look it up

    11. 1:13 the last time I checked, we live in a free Country, that freedom of speech, lets us voice out, what's on a person's mind.
      Our dear Vaca contributes to society. A taxpayer, lady chaser and is in good health.

    12. And to make matters worst you moron, El 85 didnt get out last year lmfao, he got out OF CEFERESO de PUENTE GRANDE DECEMBER 30TH 2017
      hahaha "last year" lmfao even more of a fool. All you have to do is go on the DEA website and look him up and youll see they named him a top operator in CJNG barely june 2020

      Here are some more proof that hes cjng, proof he was released over 3 years ago not last year like ur dumbass says and still youre going to deny it and say "but i saw" well you saw wrong

      Dea names 4 top capos cjng



      Lmfao cuernacaca really just be fangirling for cds dont he. You really meed to stopwatching tecato Shadow, Grullonuatas, Blogdelnarco and that story teller Kazquillo

    13. You must be from Jalisco. Vales verga hijo de TU puta madre

    14. Must have touched a nerve. This guy got sensitive the moment he found out 85 is with CNP.... Your boy Nenchos a dedo, he tried doing the same exact thing mayo did. Only thing is They don't want do business with him. Mayo has the Government in his pocket. Mencho us just envious of that. He wish he had the Government

    15. Listen Stupid. I wonder who would know better the U.S government or you. Some mysterious chump typing on the KKK eyboard from his knows where... You're pathetic... He's CNP

    16. 7:05 u r a fucking moron government has Erik listed as a cjng operative. Even if 85 did flip wouldn't mean shit anyways I just can't stand u cds groupies with ur bullshit

  8. Entonces esa raza de Los Altos con quien están ? Elaboren

  9. cuernavaca please stop. To help you understand just a bit..You need to stop looking at OG shadow or all those other lame ass youtube pages or blogdelnarco that make shit up or twist things to sell a story or make it sound interesting
    El 85 is 100% cjng and is in Colima big chillen enjoying his fredom.
    If you knew anything or had a little common sense youd know that in the video cholo said "what happened erik, you got locked up and the mencho forgot you were a boss and equal and took colima and half of jalisco from you? Come work with me lets put our differences aside"
    INVITING him. If their was a problem between him and cjng, cjng wouldve put mantas calling him out
    There was a manta in Cdmx accusing El 85 and cjng of doing sometjing aginst union tepito and cds.
    Then to make it more clear to you, the DEA just recently released information that named MENCHOS TOP 4 OPERATORS .. can you guess who was on the list? El 85.. or youre smarter and know more than the DEA?
    Erik El 85 Valencia Salazar is still with cjng, he is El 03 (Menchos Stepson) blood uncle as he is Maradonas Half brother

    YOU need to look it up. Stop beliebing those lame ass pages or those stupid ass youtube channels.

    Heres the proof you need. DEA identfied him as top 4 closest ppl to Mencho. Not grillonuatas, not blogdelnarco, not coyotenews or Reddit. Lmao
    "El 85 is CNP, look it up" lmfao good one

  10. I love these detailed maps.
    Please do more states.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate it.

      I just updated the story to have a link to a higher resolution version.

      So far I have done:


      Sonora Chihuahua

      San Luis Potosi


      I would be curious to hear which state you guys want me to do next.

  11. He's been out since *17 stupid. I was just giving a quick timeline you fuckn Moron

    1. You're a fucking clown!!! U go to ur bullshit sources to get ur misinformation and come regurgitate it here CDS groupie dick riding pendejo

    2. Hard to understand that CDS already has long roots in Guadalajara

    3. Nobody is denying that cds has a presence in Guadalajara. You just go on spewing your nonsense


  12. El águila is nephew of Nacho Coronel.

  13. Whatever happened to El Mero Pedo?


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