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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato: Authorities Recover Truck Used By The Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The vehicle with logos of the State Police, was located in a hilly area within the municipality of Juventino Rosas

Following cabinet and field intelligence work, the State Public Security Secretariat managed to locate the unit in a hilly area of ​​the Juventino Rosas municipality that includes the Franco Tavera, Pozos, San Juan de la Cruz, La Cuadrilla de Centeno and Rincón de Centeno.

At that point, an abandoned truck was seen, which coincides with the characteristics of the stolen unit, elements of the GTO carried out the seizure of the armored unit, as well as a multitude of caltrops. 

When the trucks vin number is reviewed through the different search systems, it corresponded to the truck stolen on October 12 of this year, near the San Antonio de Morales community, in the same municipality of Juventino Rosas.

Once the vehicle was seized, the competent authority was contacted for the corresponding legal matters.

El Sol del Bajío


  1. Phew! The war is over, they got the CALTROPS! I love all that I have learned on BB but especially the fact that I have learned what a 'caltrop' is. I try to incorporate that word in my everyday conversations. Try it, good fun.

    1. Shelly! I also learned the word "caltrop" from cartel related research and I now, too, overuse the word.

      Still haven't been able to figure out if caltrop only applies to infantry area denial or if vehicular area denial also "counts" too. Even asked a vet about it once, he didn't have any idea if it counted either.

    2. They should just call them metal tire deflators.


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