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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Irapuato, Guanajuato: Hitmen Enter A Home And Kill 4, Including A Woman

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Four people, including a woman, were murdered by hitmen who attacked with gunfire a house in the Purísima del Jardín neighborhood. A person was left seriously injured.

A massacre interrupted the neighbors slumber in the Purísima del Jardín neighborhood, in Irapuato, when assassins killed 4 people, including a woman, in a house and left another person seriously injured.

The facts occurred minutes before 8:00 in the evening at a home on Dr. Francisco Trujillo street near the corner of Diego Rivera street, just behind the Health Center of Purísima del Jardín. 

Initial reports indicate that at least two individuals on a motorcycle came to the place and fired against two people who were outside the house, and then entered and shot those inside.

In total the massacre left a balance of 4 people dead, including a woman. The body of one of the victims was left lying dead on the street. Neighbors mentioned that the injured person was in the front yard, near the entrance of the house.  

And the other three people were located dead inside the living room with several gunshots wounds.

The area is cordoned off and strongly monitored by elements of the National Guard.

Personnel of the State Prosecutor's Office is on location to start processing the crime scene.

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  1. Sol, had read in another report that this was probably in drug rehab locaction.

    MX back in 2019, stated "In Irapuato alone, drug cartels have attacked at least four rehab centers since December 2019. That month, gunmen kidnapped 20 people from a facility. In February, they stormed another facility and kidnapped 4 people before setting the place on fire. In June, 10 people were killed inside a rehab center.

    Irapuato has 265 rehab centers but only 30 of them are officially registered with the government.

    Drug dealers and addicts hide in them from opposing cartels. 28 people killed in one rehab and we read about the 10 in Juarez some time ago


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