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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Chichihualco, Guerrero: Los Tlacos and Cartel de la Sierra Rescue Their Colleagues

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An armed criminal cell submitted and forced State Police to deliver two of their colleagues who had stopped in the town of Chichihualco.

A report from the Secretariat of Public Safety (SSP) of Guerrero stated that yesterday, 12 State Police officers were accompanied by the Secretary of Development and Public Works, Irene Jiménez Montiel, in Chichihualco, where she held meetings with municipal authorities in the atrium of the church of that locality.

When the state agents had finished their activity and passed by the Chichihualco-Chilpancingo road they realized that two armed men were inside a white truck, they signaled for them to stop, but the occupants fled. 

After a chase, the two gunmen, identified as Kevin Jiménez Hernández and Veda Rodríguez Fernández, were arrested on Luis Donaldo Colosio street, in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood, on the outskirts of Chichihualco.

The two detainees, who identified themselves as members of the La Sierra and Los Tlacos cartel were assured of an AK-47 rifle, an MP5 sub machine gun and a Pietro Beretta pistol, in addition to the truck they were traveling in. 

According to the SSP report, when the agents were traveling with the two detainees on the road to Chilpancingo they were intercepted by some 100 armed men traveling in 50 trucks.

The individuals, who were carrying AK-47, AR-15 and MP5 G-3 rifles identified themselves as members of the Los Tlacos and the Cartel de la Sierra, surrounded the police and threatened to shoot them.

According to the agents, after a brief dialogue with the criminals, they decided to hand over the two detainees, weapons and truck, to avoid a confrontation. Just as well they were also outnumbered. 

The State Police identified the leader of the armed group as Mario Ronces Pérez aka "El Chepo".

In the identification folders of the SSP, it’s detailed that one of the detainees, Veda Rodríguez Hernández, is 30 years old and is known as "Conejo".

Meanwhile, Kevin Jiménez Reyna, aka "El Kevin" is 27 years old. According to the  SSP they are members of the Cartel de la Sierra, an organization lead by Isacc Navarrete, "The Lord of the I".

Currently Navarrete no longer resides in that area of ​​the Sierra, but the organization is currently fighting the territory for the planting and transfer of poppy with Onésimo Marquina, who heads Los Tlacos.

For years, these two organizations have caused terror in this area of ​​the Sierra that has resulted in deaths, kidnappings and hundreds of displaced persons.

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  1. Good evening BB

    I know to most it might seem uninterested. But mannnnn 50 trucks and 100 sicarios. I mean when you think about it. That's pretty incredible. The logistics and everything else involved.

  2. Well good morning Playboy. Practice safe sex, wear a condom.

  3. Sounds like the police lied about that. Man that was soooooo many of em, we couldn't do anything!!

  4. Isacc Navarrete was the boss featured in the documentary called "the trade" actually seemed like a decent boss lolol

  5. Lord of the I. Look it up in the archives, very interesting leader of the Cartel de Sur


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