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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Will The Investigations Continue Without The King Of Huachicol?

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

On Monday afternoon Sergio Carmona was executed in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, he was considered the "King of Huachicol" and he had been singled out for financing electoral campaigns by Morena politicians in the neighboring state of Tamaulipas.

Specifically, he is linked to federal deputy Erasmo González Robledo, chairman of the Budget and Public Account Commission, who has been seen along with Carmona.

There are even images that document that Erasmo González traveled on a private flight with Carmona last January, whom they also identify as an entrepreneur in the branches of construction and civil engineering. In addition, the federal legislator's friendship with the Carmona brothers is public.

The relationship of the two has been public, they have been seen at parties and official events, as in the legislator's report, where Carmona was placed among the front ranks.

Unofficial: Social media version about the murder of businessman Sergio Carmona point out that they gave him 10,000 dollars so that through Major General DEM (Ret.) Audomaro Martínez Zapata of the CNI to control the Mexican army of the customs of Reynosa and Matamoros but he didn’t count on the fact that Julian Fernandez Fernandez and Gustavo Nieto were trusted by the Spaniard, who claim to be advisors to top officials in the national palace.  

Some versions indicate that González would be in charge of defining the support for the campaigns with the Morenoites in exchange for leaving the Carmona Angulo brothers to control customs in Tamaulipas, if they won the governorship next year.

Among others, funding for characters such as Olga Sosa, who was seeking Tampico's municipal presidency last June, but did not win, is noted. At his campaign closure, on May 31, Julión Álvarez was the main attraction. Another person they mention is Eduardo Gattás, who won the mayorship in Ciudad Victoria, a position he held since September 30, when he protested.

Image of Sergio Carmona accompanied by the link with Mario Delgado, Deputy Erasmo González, are about to board one of the private jets used for their personal business meetings by Senator Américo Villarreal and other Morena officials.

According to reports about Sergio Carmona's murder, he was shot last Monday while he was in a barbershop in the Del Valle neighborhood, in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, in Nuevo León.

The execution occurred minutes after 5:00 p.m., between Río Manzanares and Río Rosas streets, according to reports to the municipal police and 911; there the victim was found with two bullet wounds.

Sergio Carmona is known as the "King of the huachicol". In recent months, the U.S. Department of Justice reported that the Texas Attorney's Office was investigating a fuel traffic network, allegedly giving the General Administrator of Customs about two million dollars to allow them to operate from Reynosa.

Reynosa Mayor Carlos Peña Ortiz accepts that his Morena Party colleagues accepted cash from the Carmonas. He refused to accept financing consisting of vehicles, cash, trips in private jets, contracts, they are under investigation. 


During the recent electoral process, Morena's candidates for popularly elected positions in Tamaulipas spent money in abundance, thanks to which they managed to take control of the state Congress from the PAN political party and won the most important municipal presidencies, including the capital.

It is now known that a good part of that money came from the Carmona Angulo brothers, businessmen who have control of customs located at the border and who are engaged in fuel smuggling.

Brunette in Tamaulipas and her relationship with the "King of Huachicol"

In recent days, the mayor of Ciudad Victoria, Eduardo Gattás, was caught by surprise while driving in a luxury vehicle. And although he assured that it was his property, in reality the vehicle belongs to the company Grupo Industrial Permart SA de CV, whose owner is Sergio Carmona Ángulo, the "King of Huachicol".

On June 2, four days before the elections, the United States Department of Justice reported that the Texas Attorney General's Office was investigating a fuel trafficking network led by brothers Sergio and Julio Carmona Angulo, who obtained profits of more than one million dollars a month from their illicit activities.

The report points out that the Carmona Angulo brothers had given the then general administrator of Customs, Ricardo Peralta Saucedo, two million dollars to let them operate at the customs office located in Reynosa.

During the campaign period, Morena dissidents denounced on social networks that the Carmona brothers have financed several campaigns since 2018, including those of federal deputy Erasmo González Robledo, currently chairman of the Budget Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

The "King of Huachicol", Sergio Carmona Angulo, was seated in the front row in the second work report of the federal deputy, in September 2020.

Many wondered how the Morena political party had swept Tamaulipas on June 6, when the left had never figured in that state before. Now we know the answer.

Valor por Tamaulipas

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