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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Tepalcatepec, Michoacán: The Laws Of The "Self Defense" Groups

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

With corporal punishment being handed out as a minimum penalty and right next to the municipal garbage dump. This is how a group of self-defense groups in Tepalcatepec punishes those who participate in the sale of methamphetamine. 

What the internees are not spared from is having to live at least three months in a rehabilitation center:

Video translation is as follows:

Male Punisher: I'm going to hurt you if you allow your hands to get in the way.

Male # 2: They’re going to break your hand if you don’t allow this punishment.

Male Punisher: Hey fool come here!

Male # 3: Don’t allow your hands to get in the way.

Male Punisher: Hey!

Male # 3: Don’t allow your hands to get in the way.

Male Punisher: Hey!

Male Victim: Wait. Give me a bit. Ouch. Please give me a bit here to recover.

Male Narrator: This man received 4 lashes across his bottom. The minimum penalty for failing to comply with the prohibition imposed by the self defense groups of Tepalcatepec. No one, at least within the city limits and at the retail level, can participate in the sale of methamphetamine, crystal meth or ice as that synthetic drug is known here. 

Male # 2: Who did you get that crystal meth from? You still have to get it 2 more times. So, just wait a bit.

Male # 3: Don’t place your hands in the way.

Male Victim: Ouch! Give me just a bit to recover from this.

Male Punisher: Ok then. We're gonna settle this with 4 lashes.

Male Narrator: He is treated with a certain leniency because he revealed the name of his salesperson. And because he accepted an internment of at least 3 months to treat his addiction in a house converted into an addiction clinic fashioned after the Alcoholics Anonymous model. This is the addiction rehab center.

In this small city of just over 40 thousand inhabitants of Tierra Caliente and the only vocation is agricultural. 

Male Reporter: How often would you get high?

Angel: There were times when I used a half ounce of crystal meth a week.

Male Reporter: What did you use, boss?

Tepalcatepec Reaident: I would get high with marijuana, cocaine, and crystal meth.

Male Reporter: What’s the worse out of all the 3 drugs, which is the most fucked up one?

Tepalcatepec Resident: It’s crystal meth sir.

Male Reporter: Does it cause a person to steal when they're using crystal meth?

Tepalcatepec Resident: Well, a lot of people do steal. But I've never been one of those individuals. I stole my wife’s…

* His counterparts bust out in loud laughter for his lying. 

Tepalcatepec Resident: I stole my wife’s hopes and dreams for the future. Because of my vice to crystal meth I have stolen a few things from my mother. So that I could sell them off and continue getting high.

Male Reporter: Boss, what exactly did you steal from your mom?

Tepalcatepec Resident: I stole her tv sir.

Male Reporter: What else did you do?

Tepalcatepec Resident: I also took money from her.

Male Narrator: The insurmountable penalty for buying is a minimum 3-month internment in this house where between 75 and 100 men live. Many are neighbors of the surrounding ranches.

For the sellers, the stay increases 6 months in exchange for not being brought before the Federal Public Ministry.

Valente: I started selling because my reason is that I can't work at all. And they grabbed me with like 6 bags of 200 grams and another bag of 100 grams.

Male Narrator: Of what?

Valente: Of crystal meth. And that is why they brought me here so as not to throw me into a prison.

Ciro Gómez Leyva: This is an area in the Tierra Caliente of Michoacán. Isn’t this hell? It is not understood by people who live in that region. Other regions are similar in Mexico. Many prefer to run the risks of leaving the country, going to the United States.

Male Narrator: How old are you boss?

Valente: I am 66 years old?

Male Narrator: 66?

Valente: Yes 66.

Male Narrator: How long were you selling crystal meth?

Valente: About 2 months.

Male Narrator: Did you not give this second thoughts considering how prohibited this is?

Valente: Yes I did. But I didn’t have anything to eat for myself.

Male Narrator: This dealer was carrying a quarter pound of methamphetamine with him. This is the law of self defense groups. And at the moment there is no other group in town. At least within the city limits of Tepalcatepec nobody smokes, buys, or sells crystal meth.

Cocaine and marijuana both for consumption and for sale is everyone's own problem. The major dislike with crystal meth is that it first turns people into full-time thieves. And then into brittle beings.

What are you feeling at this moment?

Female Resident: Sadness.

Male Narrator: How long have you been interned here?

Female Resident: On Monday, on Monday they went for me…

Ciro Gómez Leyva


  1. They beat the mud flaps off his ass that’s for sure. I could be wrong but I think they were knocking some sense into him. Lol!

    1. I agree with this method. Locking drug addicts up for years and years in prison like the U.S does, does nothing to rehabilitate

  2. Auto defensas :Nadie puede vender meta “solo nosotros”

  3. This is propaganda at its finest. These guys really starting to play
    with the media now to bend it to their favor in regards to the claims of ilegal stuff they do. Basicllay saying things like "yeah we sell cocaine, but whos business is it if i put a kilo in a car and send it to USA?, its for a good cause, to buy guns and ammo to fight aginst the evil cjng" "yeah we traffick crystal meth but we dont allow it to be sold or used within our city limits" "we sont kill our tweakers nor our dealers like cjng, we try and help them to help themselves and give them alternatives" even though they are the biggest lacras next to cdn, this is genius lol

    1. Yea, this is all propaganda from CU

    2. This is what retarded ass BLAMEWHITEY is calling for. "What whatever you need to do citizens of mexico,rob,murder, sell drugs so that you can buy weapons and fight the genocidal child raping cartels!"... talk about backwards thinking. I feel bad for his kids. They're being homeschooled by that quak.

    3. I wouldn’t consider myself retarded or a quak. I’m actually of high intelligence books and the street. My wife homeschools the kids too young to come to work with me. And plz don’t feel bad for my kids, they are well taken care of provided for loved and properly prepared for real world real life situations. And of course safely trained in the proper use of firearms of which we have many. Yes that is my quote, good job….wouldn’t u agree when a genocide is being perpetrated upon your people that the normal law the normal rules go out the window? If that means trafficking drugs to the USA in order to get some firearms to protect your family or die trying I’d say go for it. Normally the trafficking of drugs is very wrong of course! What’s at stake? Your family!! Arm yourself. So I ask u, how is that backwards?

    4. Blamewhitey, it's perpetuating the same behavior you're condemning. You go back to square 1. Your firearm obsession is blinding your logic. I'm all for the 2nd amendment but you take it to another extreme. Not unless you're living in certain parts of Michoacan, those "real life situations" don't exist in the sheltered world of fear and paranoia you live in.

  4. "The Laws Of The Self Defense Groups"
    This reminds me of the propaganda from the BLM cartel and its sicarios.
    "We dinddo nuffin ", " hands up dont shoot" .
    Although 13% percent of the population yet commit over 50 percent of the violent crimes in the USA but play the race and victim card.

    1. I can’t wait until someone actually find you in real life because we all know you’re a pussy and you’re just running your mouth because some black dude beat that live in dog shit out of you and is boning your girlfriend. You’re an inferior little piece of shit and you’ll never be nothing more than a stain in society. So you run your mouth or your safe here anonymous, but in the light of day you had like a punk

    2. I would pay good money for a hacker to find your IP address so I can show you with all these comments really look like in real life

    3. Rambito causing racist issues on BB, que Menso.

    4. He gets yall everytime all worked up internet tough guys its almost starting to get funny to me . lol this place never ceases to amaze me . Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water ...

  5. This is a great idea. In theory!! My guess is those 75-100 internees will all be smoked in the not to distant future. If these cartel savages go into real rehabs and hospitals to kill recovering addicts this will be like playing dominoes! Sad but true. Maybe 25yrs ago if this had worked and it spread all over the country it would've made a dent. Today?? 75-100?? Imo too little too late. Way, way, way, too late.

  6. Misinformation here. What I learned from being surrounded by paisas and users is that they like to talk, these guys rather change teams and snitch than to take a beating. They dont do this with the judiciales they spill all the beans. I think they dont interrogate them properly too much is at stake, instead its a business, it takes 6 years being clean to be able to be a "padrino" aka rehab owners. They also offer these guys jobs, if they know someone that's already involved and ask for a "paro". If you are a nobody and dont know anybody then your ass will be in rehab while your family pays monthly or you work to pay off your debt. You dont have to know much but if you are in Michoacan you know of someone or know of someone who knows someone involved in some type of wrong doing. Sad sight to see that only the less fortunate of the population here are the victims most of the time. Sol, I appreciate the hard work and effort you put in to this to keep us informed, I dont appreciate your comments very much.


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