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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Loreto, Zacatecas: Mayo Zambada Gunmen Taunt Their Rivals

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

New Video 

After the violence unleashed in Cuauhtémoc, Zacatecas, a video from the "Operativo Mayo Zambada" of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) has announced its presence in the municipality of Loreto.

This community is a stronghold of the not-so-well-known Talibanes Cartel. CDS appears to want to take control of Loreto, Zacatecas. 


Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: We are the absolute mob of El Mayo. 

Sicarios all scream: We are the absolute mob of El Mayo!

Sicario #1: Long live El Mayo. 

Sicarios all scream: Long live El Mayo!

Sicario #2: Come and get it you faggots!

Bridge Hangings

Later, 9 to 10 men were discovered hanging from a bridge in Ciudad Cuauhtémoc. It’s unknown at this moment if a narco message was left behind.

Warning: Graphics images below this point. 



  1. Animo Sicarios!!
    "We are the absolute mob of El Mayo. "
    Pura gente del Señor del Sombrero!
    A group of highly trained Special Forces Tier 1 Operators from joint Task Force 69, Grupo
    Flechas and Antrax Special Air Service has been tasked with eliminating the scum known As Los Talibanes.
    These commando elements carry modified P90 and FN MiniMi
    5.56mm light machine gun. Level 7 bullet proof Humvees and Dodge Ram 3500 with turbo engines is what they drive. Night vision and tactical helmets with cellphone jammers and tactical titanium butterfly knives.
    They were trained by an ex Delta Force colonel in guerilla warfare.
    They would rather die than retreat .
    "Traigo huevos
    Y son mas que los trae una cartera
    Pa pegarnos en la madre donde quieran
    Con el equipo que yo traigo aquí se sientan

    Y un minimi
    Un aparato que trae cada camioneta
    Un m4 con tubo no se despega
    Mi compañero en sus manos trae un 50

    Si soy bélico
    Que porque navego tantas camionetas
    Yo les respondo con una mirada seria
    Aquí la cosa es nada más con quien la deba

    Son los monos que navego en donde sea
    Recuerden q la envidia también se desvela
    Pónganse truchas o los carga la carreta

    Doble rodado
    Que va enfrente con un toston empotrado
    Vidrios duros pa meterse alos chingazos
    Y aquel que corra de lejos lo tostoneamos

    Mi gran respeto
    Este corrido es pa todos los pistoleros
    Siempre a la orden y a la vez rifando el cuero
    Y un homenaje a los que quedan en el ruedo"

    1. Más joto no pudiste escucharte payaso 🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Que puto eres. Soy una femenina, y te juro que puedo partirte la madra bien facil. Regresete ya el basement de la casa de tu Mommy, guey.

    3. @UNKOWN 5:53.. Si, verdad? Eso es cierto.

    4. Shall I go in on them my Lord? Tell me Jesus shall I give them enough to afford a resurrection? "Awe! Once again! Awe and awe! Heave the heavyset. Lift the mountain oh one of mine and move it"! Let me double up wut 006 is in the hour of. To add another song to it. Play this song over and over it's repeat worthy. El Suicido del Mayo Zambada is the name of the track. By Los Buchones de Culiacan.

  2. Fucking Disgrace 🐀 ZAMBADA Someone needs to shoot that SENILE COCKSUCKER'IN HIS FACE ⚰️⚰️⚰️ FOR 🐀 ZAMBADA

    1. Zambada with all his faults still the most successful drug traffickers in Mexico's history. Since the 70s been sending shit to USA. The true boss behind the scenes of the cds. Never been in a been locked up once.

    2. 6:15 but he cant enjoy his wealth. It not like people think. you wanna know how Mayos living take a look at the Colombian Ontniel(forgive my spelling). thats how mayo lives and the CIA asset rumours are nothing more then rumours pumped up by reddit kids

    3. The real money is abroad. Selling deugs in Europe, Canada, china, japan, SK, etc
      You catch nothing but heat and losses selling dope in US . Thats how Milenio cartel the old Valencia and the other valencia aka loa Cuinis were able to get so fucking rich and remain low key.
      Otoniel was only up in the mountain for 3 days. Believe me he probbaly lived like a king every other day. Mencho MZ and all the capos live in huge mansiosn ranches etc. Its qhem operations are in wffect thay they hide
      Its why they pay so much money to b left free

    4. 11:12 some guys are power freaks. Otoniel lived in the country side definitely not in mansions. IMO mencho not living the high life. Maybe Mayo as he old and most likely retired.

    5. 4:24 hey pendejo.
      In zacayecas grupo flechas claim MAYO ZAMBADA..
      How stupid are you?

  3. Only in Mexico can terrorists have full reign of its population. Along with government assistance.

    1. GOP??? It's the fucking Demoncrats that that have fucked everything up. They used to be for the people, but now it's reversed.... the GOP is for the people and for Americans. Get it straight, fucker.

    2. So correct skiznip. Both are devil groups

    3. 9:05 you're a dolt. GOP is still watching out only for the rich.

    4. @habana
      And this is why political misinformation divide a country. The perils of free speech and ignorance without accountability.

    5. Miss Havana
      I have to wash that mouth of yours, it beats Having D. Tr.
      In office. He was a fken liar big-time and people believed his azz.

  4. Sounds like that COVID guy still around . I don’t know cjng been really quiet on social media lately .

    This was posted earlier today . Mz anouncing to the people from all the ranches and little town that are in the middle from Jerez to VAlparaiso . There cleaning and killing everyone that was involved . If you think we forgot about you think again will
    Get you we have a long list from sicarios to dealers to plain people that gave them a heads up that the Mz were coming . Peace will be restored atentamente Mz
    That’s what the post read . The towns include Jerez y sus comunidades Parral se las huertas, Guadalupe Victoria , cieneguitas , Monte de los García , plan de ratas , Villa hermosa y hasta Valparaíso . If you guys have family in those areas they should get out until the dust settles . That’s the word that’s going around today .

    1. Thank you for your services sir. This blog owes you lots of gratitude for your consistent help. You and Gus along with many others have been very beneficial to us. Se los agradezco muchísimo!

    2. 🙏🏻 Thank you Mr Sol without you and All the bb reporters our people will not be informed on this side of town . Gracias ! Allí estamos carnal .

    3. Jaliscas quite? Check the video of el serio singing corridos with 2 guys connected to the reynosa plaza.

    4. Too bad El zacatecas is biased and only comes out when CDS are doing something 😆

    5. I would love to see El zactecas write some articles, really. Would like to hear your perspective on some crap that goes on.

    6. 5:30 yes we all like Sol, for churning articles non stop, sometimes he skips his lunch.
      Of course we Respect him. But when the nino Rubio always says respect, it pisses some readers, but Sol is already getting respect, not necessary to over enounce. Viva Sol!

    7. Ms.H I don’t know about writing articles all I can speak on is what happens in and around our home town . I do mention other things around Zacatecas but only if it’s on the news and confirmed . It sucks living out there right now . But in reality it’s a war we’re only people that are involved are being targeted . You also have the ones that use a cartel name to do kidnappings and extorcions . But when the cartel finds out there gone . Other than that people go by there own business . There’s rules don’t get associated in any way with them . Don’t buy or sell drugs don’t be out that Late at night . By nine o clock were in . Don’t be out there past eleven . People that are partying later than that are risking getting pulled over at a check point . Or get caught in the middle of a shootout .

  5. How stupid are the people who respond to 006 as if he is remotely trying to pass himself off as legit. I hope it’s children who keep writing that he is a fake, bc no shit.

    1. If hes part of any cartel he was prbly sexed in .And thats unfortunate ! He prbly doesnt shit right either .


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