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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Loreto, Zacatecas: Corpses Of 3 Men Abandoned On Road

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

The bodies of three dead men were abandoned on Federal Highway 25; they had gunshot wounds.

The event occurred around 9:30 p.m. this Wednesday near the community of La Loma.

The three men were on the road, citizens who were traveling through the area, seeing the people lying down, reported it to the authorities.

Police elements from various corporations were immediately mobilized to the place who, upon confirming the event, protected the place and made their findings available to the Attorney General's Office of State Justice (FGJEZ) who integrated an investigation folder and carried out the removal of the bodies.

It should be noted that the neighboring state of Aguascalientes activated its shield operation to reinforce the boundaries between the two states.

NTR Zacatecas


  1. Now now all Cjng cheerleaders, don't go switching to CDS, we don't need any grasshoppers.

  2. i need a breal from this site. It's becoming a vexation on my soul.

  3. It’s sad how this war is consuming my Zacatecanos . Hopefully we see peace soon . This is a war were unfortunately inocentes are being killed maybe by mistake or wrong place wrong time . Maybe somebody didn’t pay up the cuota . But I can almost say 98% of the dead were either involved or related somehow to illegal activities .


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