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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Journalist Lydia Cacho Obtained Spanish Nationality After Several Death Threats She Faces In Mexico

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Lydia Cacho, a Mexican journalist, obtained Spanish nationality because of the various death threats she faces in Mexico, derived from her case against former Governor Mario Marín and Kamel Nacif Borge for torture.

Through a statement on its official website, the Council of Ministers of the Government of Spain revealed the response of seven nationality concessions by nature charter.

Among the previous ones, they highlighted that of Lydia María Cacho, a Mexican national, whom they described as "a renowned journalist, as well as social activist and writer, an outstanding researcher in gender violence, health, children and organized crime."

"She has specialized in journalistic coverage in situations of risk, investigating serious human rights violations and has contributed to the fight against human trafficking around the world, in addition to collaborating in the drafting and advice of laws against trafficking, child pornography and gender violence in several Latin American countries," they added.

Spanish nationality, the Spanish government said, is acquired by letter of nature, granted at its discretion by Royal Decree when exceptional circumstances exist in the person concerned that justify it.

Part of the process, they pointed out, is that "the applicant must swear or promise fidelity to the King and obedience to the Constitution and the laws, having to renounce his previous nationality, except in the exceptions marked by law, such as those natives of Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal and the Sephardim."

In that statement, they argued that her current situation in the country is vulnerable due to the multiple tortures she faced when she was arrested, in which case Mario Marín, former governor of Puebla, remains in prison.

They pointed out that the journalist continues in Madrid, the Spanish capital, with temporary authorization, and since her arrival she has been linked to local media, organizations and other entities.

"Her personal situation is vulnerable, as she has been the victim of torture, suffered more than six attacks and is threatened with death. Due to the obvious risk to her life, she is residing in Madrid with a temporary authorization. In addition, her link with Spain is very close, since he has collaborated regularly with Spanish media, as well as with different organizations and entities," they concluded.

In 2005, journalist Lydia Cacho exposed in her book The Demons of Eden that both Marín Torres and her former Undersecretary of Public Security of the same state, Adolfo Karam, and the textile businessman, Kamel Nacif, were responsible for maintaining a network of pornography and child prostitution with children between four and 14 years of age.

Months after its publication, Cacho was arrested. The crimes for which she was accused were defamation and slander. This procedure was carried out in the state of Quintana Roo and was carried out from Puebla by land.

Subsequently, the journalist said that on the way she was psychologically tortured by the officers, who threatened to sexually abuse her. She also pointed out that when they arrived in Puebla, the processing of their proposal was slow and tortuous.

Businessman Jean Succar Kuri was sentenced to 93 years in prison, for the crime of child trafficking and child pornography; Mario Marín was arrested this 2021 in Acapulco, Guerrero is still in prison pending the end of his criminal process; Kamel Nacif remains in Lebanon, but in July 2021 he was protected in Mexico by Judge Selina Haidé Avante Juárez.

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  1. 93 years in a comfortable jail cell.
    He deserves 93 years of extreme torture.
    Death to all Pedofiles.

  2. Hope Sol and company are having a good day.

    And God bless that lady for her courage. Been seeing these series of narcos, Chapo, etc and mannnnn it's brutal the things going on out there in Mexico.

    1. Hey there sir. Hope you doing well also.

    2. No our Sol is not doing fine he has a cold.

    3. Hope you're having a good day too, Rubio.

    4. Thank you guys. I'm very glad to be able to hear back from people that are following a great cause. From Sol "The machine". To the lovely Hearst. And the guy that still thinks im Puerto Rican 😂.

      I hope to eventually be able to contribute in some way.

    5. My inbox is always open to you, Rubio. Don't be a stranger if you ever want to contribute.

  3. She knows if she gets killed now at least they will find the killers.
    With a Mexican citizenship she would just be one of the MANY journalists killed in Mexico with no leads.
    Mexico only investigate when foreigners get killed or disappeared in Mexico.
    What a shame.. it is, what it is..

  4. I admire the balls this journalist carries. Who else has uncovered so much bad shit about politicians and lived to tell the story. I hope she gets protected so she can continue doing what she loves most; journalism. I admire all of you guys for telling the truth instead of covering it up. But I have to say something please be safe and careful because it has become one of the most dangerous careers. Thank you BB for all the stories and information.

    1. 2:21 pm. Agree with you 100%. Journalists in Mexico have to be applauded for their bravery. I also wish her well and thank all at BB for the excellent stories and information. Without BB compiling and printing these stories, we'd really be 8n the dark. Peace.


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