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Friday, November 5, 2021

CJNG Possibly Challenges Los Rusos In Midst Of Their Fights With Salazars In Mexicali

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

In the midst of an escalating war between Los Rusos and Los Salazars in the border city of Mexicali, in the state of Baja California, a new cartel entity has announced their arrival in the area. The message is believed to be signed by "El Felipón" who was last known to be from the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG).

Update 11/6/2021: There is evidence to suggest that El Felipón is actually communicating in the narco message sign that he now serves Los Chapitos. Please see bottom of the story for further details.

Quick Review 

The border city of Mexicali has seen a spike in violence within the last year due, in large part, to Sinaloa Cartel’s Los Rusos faction, who fall on the El Mayo side. Los Rusos are allegedly led by Jesús Alexander Sánchez Félix, alias “El Ruso” or “El Russo”.

In August 2021, there was a wave of executions of small-time drug dealers and human smugglers from certain neighborhoods within Mexicali. The running theory posited by Zeta Tijuana Weekly was that Los Rusos were now forcing small-time criminals who used to not pay a fee to do “business” in the area to start paying their fee and that Rusos were being met with some resistance by these independent operators, hence the wave of executions. For more details, please see this story

Los Rusos are primarily contested by a different faction with the Sinaloa Cartel, Los Salazars, who are Los Chapitos aligned. Los Salazars dominate the northwestern side of the neighboring state of Sonora. The city of San Luis Rio Colorado is often used as a launching point for Los Salazar attacks on Rusos cartel members.

According to government intelligence reports in early March 2021, the historic Mexicali crime family Los Garibays formed an alliance with Los Salazars, giving them much needed intel on the specifics of the region that only a local family could know. For more details, please see this previous story.

The Announcement

Two narcomantas (narco message signs) were discovered in Mexicali on the morning of November 3, 2021.

The first narcomanta was found in the center of the city, in the Ejido Zacatecas neighborhood. It was placed on a pedestrian bridge over Lázaro Cárdenas Boulevard, near Nochistlán street. The second narcomanta was found a little more north of the first one, in the Ferrocarrileros neighborhood. It was placed on López Mateos Boulevard, near Independencia avenue. 

Both signs had the same message professionally printed on them which read as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

Felipón is in charge here. I’m at the order of the Jesus Maria mob. 

I’ve been tasked with purging Mexicali and San Luis Rio Colorado. Therefore, every operative who’s with El Ruso needs to fall into formation. Otherwise you faggots will die.  



Felipón Olea

Both banners were removed by members of law enforcement. The message is signed by “Felipón Olea” which may refer to Jesús Felipe Olea Sepulveda, alias "El Felipón". Felipón has not been spoken of in cartel news coverage for many years. The earliest known criminal incident involving El Felipón, who is one of the Olea Sepúlveda brothers, dates back to February 23, 2010, when he was briefly detained by State Police officers.

"Agents of the State Preventive Police (PEP) arrested a subject in possession of a firearm while he was driving a vehicle in the Los Portales I subdivision. (...) A subject who said his name was Jesús Felipe Olea Sepúlveda, 36 years old, got out of a gray 2004 Titan pick-up vehicle and was searched. The agents found a gray .32 caliber pistol with a magazine and 26 useful .32 caliber rounds in his waistband.”

Then in 2016, a Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) operator named Pedro Stanley Herrera Jelinek, alias “El Peter”, was arrested by State Police alongside his father Pedro Herrera Estrada, alias “El Viejon”, another alleged cartel drug trafficker. 

Shortly after El Peter’s arrest, law enforcement authorities reported that Peter had revealed to them the structure of the CJNG subgroup he worked under and they released the chart he created during his interrogations showing the key players. 

The chart released in 2016 by Baja authorities.

El Peter reported that he was working under the aforementioned El Felipón, at the time of his arrest. El Peter told officers that El Felipón used to be a close associate of Tijuana leader Alfonso Lira Sotelo, alias “El Atlante”. 

He also detailed that the three main lieutenants working under El Felipón were himself (El Peter), Juan José Pérez Vargas, alias “El Piolín” and Arturo Giovanni Gomez Herrera, alias “El Gross”. All three of these lieutenants would go on to be major CJNG figures within the Tijuana scene in the years after 2016, each gaining headlines for their groups exploits. 

In 2018, a Zeta Tijuana article named El Felipón as the second in command under Jesús Alfonso Trapero Ibarra, alias “El Trapero”, who was leading a CJNG group in the Tecate-Ensenada area.

Then, in February 2020, a Facebook group called “Soy Neutral Tijuana” reported that a couple of arrested Mexicali cartel members reported that they worked under the Olea Sepúlveda brothers, including El Felipón, who they said now worked under Los Rusos. 

In contrast, a different Facebook group called “It’s Our Time Tecate” claimed in July 2020 that El Felipon was still with the CJNG and in fact was the plaza boss for the El Hongo area of Baja California, which famously houses the large prison known often as simply “El Hongo”. 

Both Facebook groups also allege that El Felipón’s brother is Rosario Olea Sepúlveda, the municipal delegate who served within the cabinet of Tecate Mayor Zulema Adams. They claim Rosario goes by the criminal alias “El Chayo” and he had an existing criminal record prior to becoming the municipal delegate. “It’s Our Time Tecate” writes that El Felipon financed his brother’s political career in order to have an “in” with the Tecate mayor. 

This assertion is partially supported by the reporting of columnist Victor Islas Parra, writing for El Mexicano newspaper. He writes that Rosario Olea Sepúlveda was a puppet placed in her cabinet by the Suarez family and that he was swiftly dismissed due to a public drunkenness incident. 

Now in November 2021, El Felipón has resurfaced by signing the Mexicali narcomanta, claiming the “Jesus Maria” mob is going to clean the city. It is unclear if “Jesus Maria” is the first name and middle name of El Felipon or if this refers to another person.

It is also very interesting that there is no outright mention of the CJNG that El Felipon is believed to serve, leaving open many possible motives behind the narcomanta.

Update 11/6/2021: Commenter WA has pointed out that Jesus Maria is a Sinaloa town heavily associated with Los Chapitos, making the potential message that El Felipon is announcing he now works under them.

In fact, Chapo got married to his first wife Alejandrina Salazar in 1977 in the town of Jesus Maria. Alejandrina is notably the mother to both Ivan and Jesus. Source

After Chapo’s 2015 prison escape, he was said to be spending time and partying in Jesus Maria. Following his escape, a teleSUR article wrote that they spoke to Julio Martinez (‘El Tio’) who told them, “El Chapo is already in Jesus Maria with his wives and children. El Mayo and Aquiles are also there. El Mayo also has family in Jesus Maria. They are partying.” Source

Added photo of El Ruso and sentence: Los Rusos are allegedly led by Jesús Alexander Sánchez Félix, alias “El Ruso” or “El Russo”.  


  1. Los Chapitos are going to fall if their strong arm is Los Salazars! They will lose SLRC and Mexicali. It's a matter of time til the other plaza bosses pledge their allegiance to Don Rafa. Sonora is! And always will belong to Caro, Payan, & Quintero Paez.

  2. Replies
    1. Not true my friend it once beling to CAF and they still operate there, bet you 5 bucks half of the clubs belong to CAF financiers.

  3. Why do these clowns, instead of always being in the shadows, constantly send these messages and even more so write their names? are they really that stupid ?!

    1. Haven't you noticed the Reddit youngster pracitly lives on the comments section glorifying cjng, some in here said, that he will even s@#k Menchos you know what.

    2. 9:16 I'm taking about this stupid mantas

    3. Ok check it out bro so they send these messages because 1) it let's the citizens know who's in charge, and a lot of disinformation is also spread that way. I know it's stupid but it also pisses off the rivials

    4. 9:16 = secret management aka hussle01

    5. 10:46 yea but why they put their own names on this?

    6. CJNG isn’t the only DTO that hangs these mantra’s every other major group does as well.

    7. @1:23 because they’re already known about

    8. El Mexicano reporter vitor islas parra does not need his name out there, must have a heavy death wjsh.

  4. Sosa the nitpicker

    You don't like the translation,
    then read the Mantas yourself.
    You remind me of an old lady, that drives like a turtle, and constantly nags about anything.

    1. No 9:16 isnt SM.. this guy above me 9:06 is Secret homosexual lol. Im trying to get it fixed so ppl like u can understand it bro. Im sure the BB staff would like everything correct instead of confusing ppl so mind ur bizzz fagget

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    2. I will take 3 for $1.69 carne asada por favor, does Whitey speak Spanish? And I large glass of Tarmarindo juice.

    3. I always fimd it so weird how El Piolin aka JP was "killed". Ttuthfully i think the man paid to fake his death because you see some news outlets claiming hes still around. That guy has been operating in baja for a long time, since a kid and he was well connected and had alot of money. I also think Gallero faked his death. Weird how no body with a manta showed up. Yeah he may have been going crazy on drugs but ppl sober up or could've been a lie he started.

      Didnt he become the #1 guy after Gallero went mising? Then under him was El Caiman, El Gross, Trapero, Cabo 33 Cabo 50 Cabo 30 cabo 38 which is Galleros nephew
      Just recetly withn last 2 months Gallero de tijuana had a corrido made and it speaks as if he is still very much alive and operating.
      Trapero and Licenciado del Daiblo are the Buenos in Baja for cjng right?
      Under them are Los Cabos.. Tjere is still a big portion of CAF allied with CJNG and most Cabos although not called cabos i think are still CJNG.
      Tijuana is mess but its got rich narco history

      Theres a corrido where they talk about the 2nd arrest of peter (not the one with his father) and how it was a lie that he told on his bosses when arrested the 1st time, that he was beaten tied up and because he wouldnt give up info eventually tortured to death by Police or Military. Then they dumped his body and said he died in a shootout and denied ever arresting him or they didapearedchis body i forgot

    4. 1:35 con la muñeca de tamarindo
      se te va a hacer pulque el jugo

    5. I agree SOSA his name pops up like he's still in the game lately. WTF?

  6. Jesus Maria sinaloa are considered the chapitos headquarters. Sounds to me like Felipon became chapizza

    1. You're right! Jesus Maria, a town north of Culiacan. I totally missed that connection. You are completely right about that.

      So you think this message means El Felipon has left the CJNG and now works for Salazars/Chapitos?

  7. Theres a pic going around instagram where los chaputitos are threatening los salazar.. idk if its authentic or fake news lol

  8. Yes I do. Its been known they have been convincing CJNG groups to switch sides to them i think Felipon did just that. Chapitos main priority has been to take over border cities. From pacts with CAF in TJ and is battling all across the border all way to Nogales they got agua prieta on lock. They are tryimg to control as much of the border as possible thats the money maker.

    1. I am going to add these details as a update to the story, thank you.

    2. Well one thingbis for sure, they lost chihuahua. GN are done and hanging by the threads in that state.
      They are better of focusing in tijuana and mexicali because outside of sinaloa and durango thats the only plazas they have. Well, parts of sonora but caro quintero is there with help from la linea and CJNG...
      While CDS are busy fighting each other CJNG keeps expanding.
      CJNG has more border towns than CDS now. CJNG has tijuana, Mexicali, agua prieta, chihuahua and recently added tamaulipas to the list thanks to el primito from CDG.
      In zacatecas grandpa mayo and his grupo flechas were no match gor CJNG sicarios, they were forced to retreat to Durango AGAIN after head of sicarios from flechas was killed..

    3. Look man im sorry but thats not at all how it works. Im not nutthugging any cartel im just stating how i see things. TJ is a hard plaza to control but it will never be fully locked. No major border city will ever be fully locked by one sole group. Quintero hasnt moved from caborca he just want a piece of what he considers his he doesnt want full out war. Makes no sense for him to want war. CJNG they want borders. Sure they work in mostly all borders but they dont own them. At any time they can be cut off because they down control the plazas there thats why the are focusing on making pacts. Thats all they can do right now and in return the plaza controlling group get cannon meat to keep their wars goimg.Once they OWN a border then get ready because at that point they will not be able to be stopped and things will change drastically. Sinaloa is mostly independent workers that is why they fight eachother a lot, their finances are not tied together like most groups thats why it takes major blows but things dont change much. Trust me there are alot more players then just chapos and mayos. Flechas one just one head of one group, there are more fighting he was just the most "viral" one you could say.

    4. Cotrolling a plaza is having the politicians on your side not killing the sicarios they send because they can always send more

    5. Cjng dosent own those plazas they pay to work there you think a pact is just gonna be all jolly lets be friends and ill just let you come in my territory and make money? Nah you gotta pay money up especially to cross your chingaderas.

    6. Cjng pays no pays no to any cartel. At the end of the day they all pay to the government and police agencies to work in that plaza. After they are set up in that plaza and set up shop, thats when the sicarios come in handy to eliminate the competition. CJNG are already set up in tijuana, they havent left. The governor of baja California gets money from all 3 cartels and thats what makes tijuana so dangerous and violent. All 3 cartels fight for control and the police agencies have a lot to do with it. Mexico has some crooked cops but they are no match with the cops from tijuana. They constantly stealing loads and selling them back to the same cartel or to their rivals. Tijuana is a big mess but not one cartel runs it, there is no order and all the drug dealers jump from one cartel to the next. Those tijuana and mexicali dudes are Chapulines to the core lol

  9. Hey Hearst, how come BB never posts any pics of El Ruso? There are pics of him(stills) from videos. One in the jungle shooting a handgun, another testing an m203 etc.

    1. For the simple reason that I was unaware of those pictures of El Ruso. Apologies. Thank you for letting me know about those, I appreciate it.

      I will go look for those stills and make a profile graphic for Ruso then add it to the five latest stories covering Los Rusos as an update. Thanks again.

    2. I appreciate your professionalism and hard work. You make things very readable/ understandable. Thank you for your time and service :)

    3. Cjng doesn't own plazas??
      You guys must be newbees lol
      Cjng is at war with CAF and CDS..
      So tell me this..
      who does CJNG pay piso to in tijuana and mexicali? CAF? CDS?
      You fools are too funny.. lol
      The reason CTNG was created was because CJNG was NOT paying any piso to the cartels. There are stories of mantas in tijuana saying "michoacanos need to pay piso or they will get killed" months later mencho showed ip with his sicarios and later CTNG was made with many chapulines from CAF and CDS. Most those chapulines jumped back to either CAF or CDS. CJNG is still active but not Under CTNG they gave up that name because of tijuana's big chapulines problem. They go by CJNG. The are still active doing their thing in tijuana, they have a big chunk of tijuana and they share it with CDS and CAF..
      You think CJNG is just going to leave tijuana after so much money and time invested in that plaza??..
      CJNG dont run from any plazas just look at michoacan, Mencho has been there for a few years slowly taking over that plaza.
      In tamaulipas cjng is with el flaquito from CDG, they both benefit from that aliance and CJNG pays NO PISO..
      With la linea in chihuahua cjng is low key but out of nowhere CDS is getting run out of that state. Its hard to folow what cjng is doing in that state but la linea and cjng both are benefiting from that aliance too

    4. Hearst, here is a YouTube link for a compilation of all three videos of el ruso cds from where all the stills are were taken from

    5. That's a dick move you could of just contributed to the great article by letting the audience know. You could have reached out to him personally if it really bothered you that much.

    6. Don danish, that’s a dick move calling her a him

  10. Since when is el Atalante CJNG? I thought he was with el Aquiles’s crew with CDS?

    1. The chart that has Atlante's photo placed right under the words "Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion" was not made by me, but something released in 2016 and covered here:

      I believe there were some rumors that Atlante switched to CJNG during his time in prison but nobody knows if he actually switched so I simply used the term "Tijuana leader" to be ambiguous.

      Strangely there was a CTNG narcomanta claiming he went Los Zetas placed in January 2018, covered here:

      In the article linked above they cover how in Sinaloa, people believe Atlante was killed by CDS on the orders of La Rana because he was seen as an threat to Rana's power. But in Baja, people believed CJNG was behind his death.

  11. Kind if like Androids vs Z fighters when Cell arrives.

  12. Jesus Maria is a Ranch close to Culican
    Chapos Ex wife is from there and the people there are very Loyal to that family... No CJNG presence in Sinaloa

  13. What about the narcomantas that appears in San Luis Rio Colorado almost at the same time this guy's put in Mexicali, the slrc mantas say Salazar are not working anymore with the chapitos, maybe Salazar's are getting cut and felipon it's gonna take the control now he is working with chapitos..

  14. Lo que mas me asombra de Jesus Maria y San Luis.


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