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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Mobile, Alabama: Mexican National Convicted At Cocaine-Trafficking Trial

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A federal jury convicted a Mexican national last week for possessing with intent to distribute multiple kilograms of cocaine.

According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Gilberto Gonzalez-Gonzalez, 44, of Houston, Texas, was driving a flatbed truck from Houston to Atlanta, Georgia when he was stopped by a Baldwin County sheriff’s deputy for a traffic violation on Interstate 65. 

The jury heard evidence that on January 25, 2021, Gonzalez had driven the truck from Texas to Alabama while his passenger and codefendant, Daniel Eric Corona, slept. Gonzalez and Corona lacked proper paperwork for the load that they were purporting to haul and had no valid proof of insurance.

During a consent search of the truck, deputies pried open a locked compartment and found a duffel bag containing 16 individually wrapped bundles of cocaine weighing more than 35 pounds in total. 

According to expert testimony presented at trial, the cocaine had a wholesale value of more than $500,000 and a street value of more than $6 million. The jury also reviewed evidence from Gonzalez’s cell phone containing images of cocaine and WhatsApp messages discussing “kilos” and prices of cocaine. 

Gonzalez’s crime carries a potential sentence of ten years to life in prison. He will be sentenced by United States District Judge Terry F. Moorer in February 2022.

Corona pleaded guilty to a cocaine-trafficking conspiracy charge in September 2021. He also faces ten years to life in prison and will be sentenced by Judge Moorer on December 16, 2021.

U.S. Attorney Sean P. Costello of the Southern District of Alabama made the announcement.

The Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security Investigations, and the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force investigated the case.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Justin Roller and Deborah Griffin prosecuted the case on behalf of the United States.


  1. Wonder which cartel they were under?
    Do the crime pay the time.

  2. I dont see where it adds up to 6 mil

    1. You my friend are correct lmao. How the fuck does 35 kilos total 6 million dollars. Even at street level which is grams. 6million÷35,000 gram= $172 per gram roughly lmao article is smoking dick
      (street balue is usually what is made if sold by grams, whole load)

  3. 6 million street value...😂 That's $375 a gram. Y'all better stop it 😒😒🤦😂

    1. That's what they gonna resell it at

    2. It depends where it's sold and how many hands get on it before it reaches the consumer. It could get stomped 4 or 5 times before it reaches the consumer so that estimate is most likely taking that into consideration.

    3. Guy above me is right, its about 375$ a gram eveb more ridiculous. I skimmed through ans thought it read 35 KILOS but its only 35 pounds lmao even worse. Its crazy how bad these police or journalists or whoever wrote the orignal article claim the loads are worth. I get it the stee value is the total cost if sold by the gram. So 35 pounds is roughly 16 kilos.. each Ki has 1000 grams so

      6,000,000 ÷ 16,000 grams = 375$ dollars a gram. Even "Raw.. Fishcale...Limpia" aint selling for no 375$ a gram lol even if it were before the Mexican Cartels "Work" it a bit, when its still all greasy,oily and wet from the Gasoline and al the chemicals its made with you know its before they stepped on it a lil in Mexico. When it first gets to Mexico, the cocaine coming from Colombia Peru Venezuela etc is literally liek wet sand almost. Its super oily and greasy and rarely do ppl see it. Its crazy. Then when it gets to Mexico,they step on it but it stays super bomb and even then its still a bit moist from oils/Gasoline. Then it gets that Shine which ppl call Fishcale
      Thats when it hits the major Hubs like LA SF SAC SD. And the fishcale can be worked 2:1 and still be decent
      I always kept 4 different grades and then the fishcale but i never liked selling it that way unless in bulk because i profited more selling worked and because ppl dont deserve the limpia lol i never lied n said it was raw when it wasnt but some ppl dont like paying 1000 for a zip of raw or even 750-900 a zip and prefer some cheaper decent stuff
      2:1 i sold no problem for 600 an ounce or 9 for 4500
      1.5:1 for 700 or 9 for 5500

      1:1 for 800 or 9 for 6.2k

      .5:1 for 950 or 9 for 7.2k

      Limpia was sold for 1k-1100 a zip Or 9 for 8100-9k
      But im in between LA and Salinas and its no major players there. Everything is still pricy, any body moving a decent amount of weight picking up a Ki or more is probably picking up in LA or SD. I have an uncle on the run in Mexico doing his thing so would go meet in Mexicali, or in Baja for 10-12k a kilo. Spend a 2k-4k to pay some girls to hoop it and cross a Ki+ and your price of a kil is roughly 12-14k and I saved almost half the normal cost of purchasing in LA. I tried having some girl i was fucking cross 10 packages of crystal for someone for commission and my measly load of coke piggybacked and she freaked out in SD before the feeway checkpoint after maing it past the border and i had to go have someone pick up the car and drive i back lol never again
      I stuck to human mules after that
      But this was because where im from like i said there is no major players. No one selling Kilos amd if so basically geting middle man deal, its worked or hella pricy

      All i sold was Ounces and up. More money, but most importantly less transactions= less attention= less heat which means no case.

    4. Sorry Sosa 1:50

      I fell asleep 😴
      On your 1st paragraph.

    5. Fkn guy trying to impress Canadian girl!

    6. 858I don't even see Canadian meth girl in here, what you crying about,?


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