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Thursday, October 28, 2021

3 Hitmen Killed, 4 More Arrested In Yaqui Valley, Sonora. Los Salazar Allegedly Involved.

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

Alleged Los Salazar cartel members engaged in a confrontation with law enforcement and military soldiers in the Yaqui Valley, both in the municipality of Cajeme and in Bácum in the state of Sonora. The battles left 3 Salazar hitmen dead and 4 more hitmen arrested.

On October 27, 2021, State and Municipal police officers got word of a stolen pickup truck in the town of San José de Bácum, in the municipality of Bácum, in the southern region of Sonora. Pickup trucks and SUVs are common vehicle types targeted for theft by cartel members. Based on alleged photos of the event, the vehicle in question was white Ford F-150 pickup truck that belonged to agricultural company Syngenta and was being used by Syngenta employees at the time of the theft.

Photo allegedly shows the pickup truck the hitmen stole from employees of Syngenta, an agricultural company.

At approximately 11:00 am, the officers were able to locate the stolen pickup vehicle and a vehicle pursuit began as the suspected thieves took off in their own pickup trucks, a 2021 Toyota Hilux and Ford Lobo. Gunshots were fired while the hitmen tried to lose the officers following them. These gunshots during the pursuit led to the death of an uninvolved 55 year old irrigation employee named Reynaldo who was walking through the town of La Noria.

AMIC's crashed white sedan vehicle.

At some point during this vehicle chase soldiers from the Navy (SEMAR) and agents from the Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency (AMIC) joined up with the police officers, acting as supporting forces.  In The chaos of the chase, there was a rear-end collision between a white Kia Rio sedan being driven by AMIC agents, and a patrol car of the Municipal Police. The white sedan belonging to the AMIX was left with the front of the vehicle badly damaged.

At 400th Street, the hitmen were forced to leave their vehicles and they tried to flee on foot into farmland. At a certain point in the fields, the hitmen tried to make a stand and fired towards the soldiers and officers.

Video Source: Diario la Verdad

Video Source: Info Sonora

The two videos seen above are believed to be filmed during this last stand of the hitmen in the farmland, the first video showing an up close view with officers and the second video showing locals filming from a greater distance away.

After many shots were fired from both sides, three hitmen were killed and a police officer was injured by bullet shrapnel. Eventually the gunmen became surrounded at a point north of Campo 5 and the remaining four hitmen surrendered to police. Sonora Informativo has preliminarily identified the gunmen as members of Sinaloa Cartel’s Los Salazar faction, although their exact reasoning for this claim is unspecified. 

The injured Cajeme police officer was taken to the hospital following the end of the shooting and she is reported to have suffered a serious injury but is expected to recover. The hitmen’s two damaged pickup trucks were seized by authorities. Also seized were radios, 8 tactical vests, 10 long barrel firearms, 2 short barrel firearms and various ammo.


Detainee 1

Detainee 2

Detainee 3

Detainee 4

Tactical vests seized, photo on scene.

Guns seized, photo on scene.

Guns after being documented and transferred as evidence by law enforcement.

Warning: Graphic photos below this point.

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  2. Dirty ass Salazares scum of Sonora

  3. Isn't Los Salazar cartel the ones that cold blooded, gun down 2 vans full of labrone family. Then torched the vans, no no one would know the facts?

  4. They probably did do the hit, but they were paid off by the highest level of government because that family was involved with the nxvium sex trafficking cult that family had a lot dirt on the specifics of underage sex trafficking to the Mexican elites

  5. 8:25 I am sure the Salazares have no idea what you mean NXIVM, too high level shit, but Julian LaBaron denies being a member, he only went to get his ass tattooed to become a bitch with enriquito salinas de gortari who they were getting fat for the mexican presidency, orders of his daddy.


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