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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Military seized 233 kilos of glass and 23 of marijuana in Ensenada

In two different actions, Mexican Army soldiers secured the drugs in the rural area of ​​the municipality.

ENSENADA.- More than 250 kilograms of the synthetic drug known as crystal and marijuana were insured by elements of the Secretariat of National Defense in the rural area of ​​Ensenada.

The technical secretary of the security table in Baja California, Francisco Ramos, reported last Monday, October 11, on the arrest of two people with 212 glass packages, which totaled 233 kilos of the drug, in the Santa Clara area.

In a second event, the Second Military Zone released a statement announcing that an abandoned vehicle was found when conducting ground reconnaissance in the vicinity of the Real del Castillo Nuevo town.

When searching the interior of the unit, the soldiers found seven packages of marijuana, weighing approximately 23 kilograms. The drug and the vehicle were placed at the disposal of the agent of the Public Ministry of the Federation.

On the other hand, the State Security and Investigation Guard reported the arrest of Luis “N”, who was carrying a Glock firearm, with 13 useful cartridges and a magazine; he is allegedly part of a criminal group that generates violence and was placed at the disposal of the FGR.

Source: ZETA Libre Como El Viento


  1. More marijuana confiscated, that the military can use at the barracks, while playing cards, cleaning thier shoes, free marijuana to smoke at the barracks.

  2. I may be stating the obvious, but whenever a significant amount of meth is seized anywhere it makes me happy. Wherever meth goes, violence soon follows, and the specific effects on any sort of family unit or the lives of the kids of the addicted parent is truly devastating. I'm going to even say more than crack. It's just a scary drug when it consumes somebody.
    For somebody who says, I tried it once or twice and I didn't get hooked, yadda yadda, that's great good for you. But for the people it eats up, the devastation it wreaks is just pretty horrific. Bless the neglected children and pets that lives are destroyed. Yes, I said animals too.

  3. 233 of glass? Who writes this stuff,barrio loghan journalist?

    1. Spent a few minutes wondering why they would confiscate glass myself. My conclusion was ,” well it’s Mexico, who knows?”

  4. 7:20, sure not you, glass = crystal meth, don't you know reader?

    1. Of course but this ain’t ghetto page,not all readers know what glass is!


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