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Thursday, October 14, 2021

CJNG's Partner in Colombia, Jhonis Enrique Boya Meza, "El Maturana" is Arrested

 "Socalj" for Borderland Beat

El Maturana is linked to remnants of the FARC.

Jhonis Enrique Boya Meza, "El Maturana" was arrested by South American authorities because he is identified as a nexus of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) in Colombia, where he led an organization to launder money and store cocaine shipments.

According to the report of the National Anti-Narcotics Police, Boya Meza was detained along with four other people, three men, and one woman. The actions were in coordination with the Drug Control Administration (DEA) and the Colombian Prosecutor's Office, because El Maturana is wanted by the United States.

This criminal group has been noticed since 2018, sending large shipments of cocaine through LPV boats and mini-submarines. Local reports have claimed that the Maturana serving as an entrepreneur and businessman operating the production of dry palm to produce fuel.

"Maturana is a man who belongs to the United Guerrillas of the Pacific, he is a residual group of the FARC, he is the first man to be extradited from this type of organization," said Ricardo Augusto Alarcón Campos, Brigadier General and Director of Antinarcotics in Colombia. Presumably, this subject used his company to launder millionaire profits derived from drug trafficking.

According to the investigations, the Maturanas operated in Cauca and Nariño, where they had warehouses to protect cocaine. This place is conducive to drug trafficking due to its location on the border with Ecuador and the exit to the sea.

Jhonis Enrique Boya Meza is a key nexus for the operators of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, El Mencho, in Colombia, because he was in charge of paying a tax on dissent called the Daniel Aldana mobile column, so that they would guarantee the security of shipments through the sea ​​and other waterways.

Supposedly, the local link was also for the transport of war material such as weapons, ammunition, and explosives. But the drug trafficking case includes the seizure of three tons of cocaine at sea, in packages that would have been channeled by El Maturanas with final destination to the United States and probable stop in Mexico through their CJNG partners.

To move cocaine and other narcotics from Colombia to Mexico, the Mexican cartels spare no expense and occupy air vehicles, sea, and land, however, the semi-submersible craft s and have become their preferred transport. According to an analysis by InSight Crime, some cartels outsource specialized networks in the construction of semi-submersibles. The narcotics production and distribution chain is no longer monopolized, but there are other links to facilitate operations; a strategy similar to ordering a taxi since the transport network is disconnected from the transnational company.

In October 2020, the Colombian Navy intercepted one of those narco-submarines near the sector known as La Bocana Amarales, in the department of Nariño. This vehicle was carrying 2,045 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and there were three detainees: a Colombian, an Ecuadorian, and a Mexican. The drug was destined for Mexican coasts and its value was estimated at 67 million dollars.

On that occasion, it was reported that the shipment belonged to the United Guerrillas - United Pacific Residual Organized Armed Group. This is the same faction that has been linked to the CJNG in the recent arrest of Jhonis Enrique Meza Boya, El Maturana.

Source Infobae


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