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Saturday, October 2, 2021

CJNG Kills 2 Army Soldiers On Jilotlán-Tepalcatepec Highway, Near Michoacán & Jalisco Border

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Army (SEDENA) soldiers were ambushed on the border between Jalisco and Michoacán by CJNG hitmen. The battle allegedly left 1-2 soldiers dead, one cartel hitman dead and at least 2 additional soldiers injured. 

The Context of the Prior Battle 

Date: September 29, 2021

At approximately 7:00 pm at night on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, soldiers from both the Army (SEDENA) and the National Guard clashed in against alleged members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation (CJNG) 

The fights broke out near Plaza Vieja, in Tepalcatepec municipality. Allegedly two National Guard attack helicopters were called in to intervene in the confrontation. Very few other details are available on this event. 

Photo alleged to be related to the battle, according to Noventa Grados

Neither the National Guard, SEDENA, nor the State Police nor the State Attorney General sent out any official press release in regards to the Wednesday, September 29 battles with the military. 

Of course, the narrative of the military simply defending an innocent town gets a bit more muddy when you consider the recent reports of the National Guard troops allegedly protecting the meeting of the organized crime group Carteles Unidos (CU), a rival of the CJNG. For more details on this, please see Solcalj’s recent story

Military intervention in Michoacán has consistently been plagued by rumors of the military colluding and aiding the CU, however this is also partially fueled by the strong social media propaganda push on the part of the CJNG, which consistently makes similar claims in the videos they release.

The Carteles Unidos group who maintains Tepaltepec as their stronghold is Cartel del Abuelo, which is thought to be led by Juan José Farias Álvarez, alias “El Abuelo”, who was noted as being one of the alleged members at the aforementioned Carteles Unidos meeting. His right-hand-man and the leader of the Cartel del Abuelo hitmen is alleged to be Edgar Valeriano Orozco Cabadas, alias “El Kamoni”.

New Footage of a Battle

Date: Unknown

Two days later, on Friday, October 1, 2021, videos were uploaded online of shootouts that are alleged to have occurred in Tepalcatepec between members of the National Guard and members of the CJNG faction Fuerzas Especiales Mencho (FEM).

Whether these videos were from Wednesday, September 29, or videos of a battle on the same day of the upload, on Friday, October 1, 2021 is unspecified.

Video Source: Jalisciense

In the video above, alleged CJNG FEM cartel hitmen can be seen firing fully automatic weapons while in partial concealment. The leader of Fuerzas Especiales Mencho (FEM) is believed to be Miguel Fernández, alias “El M2”. 

In the video below, a National Guard soldier can be seen firing at CJNG forces from a stone and mortar elevated position, allegedly somewhere in Tepalcatepec. The soldier in center frame inexplicably and distressingly removes his helmet despite his position having recently taken enemy gunfire.

Video Source: Fernando Orozco

SEDENA vs CJNG on Jilotlán-Tepalcatepec Highway

Date: Friday, October 1, 2021

Army (SEDENA) soldiers were traveling in a vehicle from the state of Jalisco to Tepalcatepec municipality in Michoacán. The soldiers were sent there to reinforce security in Tepalcatepec, after, as El Sol De Zamora writes: “aggressions by organized crime groups in recent days.”  

On their way there, while driving along the Jilotlán de los Dolores-Tepalcatepec highway, the soldiers were attacked by armed cartel members in the Tierra Caliente area bordering Jalisco and Michoacán. Quadratin and El Universal are currently reporting the armed men who attacked the soldier are presumed to be CJNG members. 

El Universal writes that the CJNG members attacked the soldiers because they had unexpectedly encountered them while they too were being sent in a vehicle convoy to reinforce their men fighting in the Tepalcatepec area.

Video Source: Balam.

Video allegedly depicting part of the confrontation can be seen above. According to reports one to two SEDENA soldiers were killed and one cartel member was killed. Allegedly two to three other SEDENA soldiers were injured. 

The injured soldiers requested support and reinforcements. More military vehicle convoys arrived by land and by air in order to support their comrades as well as rescue the injured.

The two to three injured soldiers were taken to the military hospital for treatment by some the reinforcements that arrived. The severity of their injuries is currently unknown. 

El Universal has released an audio recording of CJNG communication radios that were tapped and recorded by the government authorities during the Jilotlán-Tepalcatepec highway incident. 

The audio transcript, as translated by Sol Prendido goes as follows:

Sicario #1: The main guy has mentioned that he doesn’t want the military units coming down. The match has been lit. If they happen to descend, go ahead and fucking destroy them. Either way this is already on fire. 

Sicario #1: I need everyone to be on the lookout. I’m asking this of everyone. 

Sicario #2: I’d say they’re taking wounded men out. They’re taking wounded men out. They’re returning. They’re already on their way out. That battle that they just experienced really fucking hurt them. 

Sicario #1: That's affirmative. At 150 meters there’s not an enemy who can escape. 

Sicario #3: That's good. That’s very good gentleman. 

Sicario #4: Can I get a copy from you Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy? What about you Buson, Buson, Buson, Buson, Buson?

Sicario #5: Go ahead. This is Buson.

Sicario #4: Look here. Tell Billy to take everyone down to the purifying station. Once there I’ll place everyone in a different location. 

Sicario #5: Roger that sir. The thing is that Billy at the moment doesn’t have batteries for his radio. He doesn’t have batteries for his radio. I’ll send someone down there to let him know, sir. 

Sicario #4: Well, if there’s someone nearby tell them to descend. And let everyone know that everyone has to move their position with all those who went down in Billy’s group. They all need to move towards the purifying station because I’ll be heading that way for everyone. 


  1. But but CJNG does Mantas to tell the towns people, they come to clean out the rapist, kidnappers, yet they killed to Army soldiers.
    A bunch of hoodlums that kill anyone, mainly Innocents.

  2. The cjng have worn them to not but in

  3. According to alot of pages, even CJNG fan pagescthis is a lie to some extent. Either entirely false and was a montage by CU or it happened, just elsewhere and not in Michoacan but more inland within the state of Jalisco
    Rumors are this was a failed operative to capture Mencho by regular infantry and Guardia Nacional in Jalisco in the area of Casimiro Castillo..exactly where ihave been saying Mencho is most of the the sounds of radio frequency Mencho was in close proximity and that guy on the radio saying the call came from the main boss is "El 26". The guy they just made that corrido for by martin castillo and chicho castro. (Well the song is chichos..'Soy De Guerra')

    Another rumor is Mencho is in a small pueblo near Tepeque, less than 1 hour from Tepeque from which he commamds the war in Michoacan and incursions into tepeque. Another rumor is its El 03 with him is Maximo Delta as his escolta personal and commander and from a amall pueblo 45 min from Tepeque they command that battle. I was sent a video of someone wjo was driving shows his 38 super and it was gold plated with the insignia "CJNG" then he shows where he is, you can tell his windows are bullet resistant with 2+ inch windows and under some kind of cover/open shed there is a luxury Mercedez, A corvette new looking and a luxury SUV that looks to be Bullet resistant also.. (allegedly the ranch about 45 min away where Mencho or 03/Maximo are at)..
    Anyone remember that radio frequency where alleged nepgew of Anuelo calls GN commander and asks for Boludo cause he has injured men and they crossed paths with 20+ truck convoy of all monstruos? Allegedly its right on border with Jal/Mich literally just a bridge across would take u into Jalisco. Im case they need to flee, they would be in their stronghold state asap. Well by that bridge the ranch is located.if you know what bridge im talking about, look on google maps and youll find the exact ranch;) IYKYK

    1. I'm curious. Which parts are they alleging are false?

      The September 29 2021 battles in Tepalcatepec? Or the October 1, 2021 Army vs the CJNG fight?

      Or is it just the audio clip of the radio messages that they are saying is false?

    2. Hearst, I love your reference of muddy waters of truth, very apocryphal. Also, reading your works on APOCRYPHAL STORIES.COM you forced me to look up what that word meant. Damn you people with an advanced arsenal of vocab.😊

    3. SOSAP7PG, I applaud your comments. Of course I have no idea if your just really good with convincing in the form of text, but either way it always makes me think. Bullshit or not, I will never know,but in this game I've come to know there are 50 variations of truth none of which I will ever be able to decipher. So with that, and some may say it's all BS, but I appreciate the input.

    4. How you say mencho can be hiding in Casimirio Castillo the other day I randomly looked it up on google maps after you mentioned it on another post and Although obviously we don't know where he actually really is.I did see a property that is at very bottom of the town right on the edge of a river bank or canal, (19.3375598, -104.2900569) obviously It was just something random I spotter but of course I can be also be 100% wrong

  4. F.E.M. is literally a mixture of Deltas and Elites working together under the F.E.M led by M2 but overseen by Maximo. Its why some pecheras say Delta other say Elite snd some just say FEM. Its commanders from both armed wings working together..
    in Minute :49 of the second video where it shows "Alleged" National Guard soldiers firing through hole in the fortine, you can see ejat looks like a member of the "Rural Police" aka Carteles Unidos Member holding the back of his head or neck as if injured. Must have caught a bullet, shrapnel or suffered aomw type of injury

  5. Honestly I think it’s time for the Mexican forces to start using their Air Force , including drones , like come on it’s so easy to detect a convoy of pick ups or monsters , + they will protect their peoples on land

    1. 12:27 I regret to inform you that due to unforeseen events transpiring in Mexico, it will definitely continue to get in bigger in homicides. Yes the Mexican government has military, but only 10% is being used, while the other troops stay in the barracks, playing cards, smoking joints. Also Obrador would not want to go full force against the cartels, as they are the ones that give him bribe money to look the other way.

    2. 147 I regret to inform you your comments are nothing but full of shit.

    3. 7:18 I regret to inform you, are acting like a crybaby.

  6. The Mexican military should respond with air strikes. It’s long overdue, Mexico should get trained by the USA 🇺🇸 Or other countries in air strikes.

    1. Too much risk of collateral damage. AMLO does not want to be responsible for innocent people dying under his command...

    2. Mijo your logic sounds terrific and exciting. Almo has 350 of his elite special forces, yet he is not using them. The last he used them was to restore peace, in Sinaloa two days after the failed arrest of a chapito brother.
      Nevertheless he and other curupt officials, don't want any help, from other countries to fight the Cartels. But hey good comment.

    3. The government will never allow that. Even if the Fentanil epidic reaches a boiling point in the US.

    4. 6:07 lol quote "Obrador wants no innocent people dying under his command". I can't stop laughing 😂. He cares less about the people under his watch, CJNG has removed families, from certain parts of Michoacan, has killed many along the way, and Obradors government, as I write this is doing nothing. I think your a bear that slept a many months.

    5. 9:34 gallinas unidas and El abuelo have been extorting all those people from michoacan with help from army soldiers.
      The soldiers in michoacan work for viagras and el abuelo 👴

  7. Cjng would be stupid to go to war with soldiers.
    It would benefit cartels unidos and El abuelo to shoot them and blame cjng.
    It's called "calentando LA plaza "
    Just like El cholo had those workers killed in cjng territory and everyone blamed cjng..

    1. Well Mijo they are stupid, as a matter of fact, the stupidest cartel in Mexico.
      Just last year they ambushed 12 policemen in Michoacan and, yet nothing has been done to bring cjng to Justice.


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