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Saturday, October 2, 2021

17 Year Old Hitman Killed Mayor of Zapotlán For Only $500 USD, Hidalgo

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Mayor Manuel Aguilar García picture above.

A judge has determined that a 17-year-old teenager will stand trial for the murder of Manuel Aguilar García, the mayor of Zapotlán de Juárez, in the state of Hidalgo, which occured on June 10, 2021. 

On September 22, 2021, the teenager turned himself in to the municipal police of Zapotlan, saying he was the alleged perpetrator of the crime. Because the alleged hitman is 17 years old and therefore a minor, much of his personal data is not being released for legal reasons.  

In interviews with officers he allegedly declared that he received a payment of 10 thousand pesos (roughly $488 USD) for the hit.  Proceso reports that he did not explain why he turned himself into police three months after the event when there was no arrest warrant out for him. They write that “Due to the secrecy of the investigation, the authorities did not provide more information about other possible suspects or organizers behind the hit.”

On September 28, 2021, the Hidalgo Attorney General's Office (PGJH) confirmed the alleged responsibility of the minor in the crime that took place last June 10, 2021.

Based on the evidence obtained by the Public Prosecutor's Office, a judge determined today, during his initial hearing, that there is sufficient enough evidence against the accused that he should stand trial for the charges of homicide. The State Attorney General's Office (PGJEH) stated that there is evidence to consider the accused as the material author (the person who committed the actual act, as opposed to planned the act) of the homicide. 

The judge granted two months of preventative detention to hold the alleged perpetrator until the trial. 

Sources: Proceso, La Silla Rota, El Universal, Diario de Chiapas, México Codigo Rojo, AM


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  3. Poot kid probbsly grew up in a barrio where there was narco tienditas, narcos themself probballly low level and dopefiends everywhere. Wonder if it was his first jale.. curious as to what they offered him to do it. And curious as to why he turned himself in..

    1. In interviews with officers he allegedly declared that he received a payment of 10 thousand pesos (roughly $488 USD) for the hit.

    2. So being poor with dope fiends everywhere gives u the right to execute another human? WOW! That’s the nuts and bolts of your classic liberal theory! Your a piece of work! However, in my opinion, yes he didn’t even do it! Hey world, if u grow up poor you can kill at will for a dollar!

    3. Whitey, your missing the point here. Many of us here hate the corruption which is the systemic policy in MX, which breeds this dire poverty/desperation.
      Stating this does not make me a liberal. But, you do have to empathize with some of these kids, not condone the behavior. I despise the fact that a 12 yr old has to leave school to support his 6 brothers and sisters, when there is zero opportunity for work. The whole situation is sad

  4. They clearly paid him to turn himself in. Doubt he even did the hit. Narco politics

  5. Da Sosa comandante
    Yes we get the picture.
    Where is comandante Marcos?

  6. Im curious as to whether he actually dud it at all


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