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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

San Pedro, Nuevo León: 7 Policemen Apprehended For Kidnapping

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

There are 7 police officers who were arrested for the crime of kidnapping, reported the Attorney General's Office of Nuevo León.

The police were active policemen at the time of their arrest, it was on July 22, in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, where they responded to a call for help.

It was a report of damage committed in a house, where the victim was kidnapped, who was held captive for several hours.

The victim was then handed over to armed civilians, who demanded two million pesos from relatives to release her.

After learning of the facts, the Anti-Kidnapping Prosecutor's Office initiated the investigation of the facts and requested details from the Secretary of Public Security of that entity.

Thus, it was possible to obtain the arrest warrants of the 7 policemen.

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  1. Hey Mexico pay ur fucking cops a living wage. Yeah the USA government is the most corrupt and blood thirsty. No argument here! But, they pay the cops a living wage! If this occurred in USA many cities would burn. I argue that Mexico’s elite is the most heartless and worthless in the world! Look at those fucking bums. Fucking cowards kidnapping poor unarmed citizens. Mexican citizens arm yourselves, screw the disgusting law that prohibits u!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The U.S is still to blame. What you don't see is the wage disparity between the U.S and Canada and the rest of Latin America. Americans want cheap goods and affordable vehicles at the cost of cheap Mexican labor. Think about it, why are Canadian salaries and the Canadian dollar almost at par with the U.S dollar but any Latin American peso is 10, 20 times under? How is it fair for a Mexican laborer to make 100 pairs of levis jeans and not be able to afford 1 pair by the end of the month on their low salaries. If Mexican laborers where to be paid a u.s salary for picking your fruits and veggies do you understandhow much your food would go up... the irony in LT. ALDO RAINES statement is when AMLO met with Trump and this was one of the topics that was touched upon. Unfortunately Mexican mainstream media or U.S mainstream media doesn't cover that. Anyway, the U.S is not all to blame but definitely carries a lot of responsibility. Mexico is corrupt, the solution is more complex than just arm the population. That's a very ignorant and irresponsible way of solving the problem.

    3. 7:56 your president Obrador is doing nothing to combat the high monthly homicides occurring, he has most of the military in the barracks, playing cards. Citizens are easily getting killed, they have no guns to protect themselves from eminent danger. If the police can't protect you in Mexico, I sure would arm myself and kill before becoming a victim.

    4. Well Meyers, I beg to differ. You want results from one day to the next and thats not how it works. From the articles we get on this website the government is in constant battle with criminals. Go back on the BB archives and count the number of confrontations
      between the government and criminals that are cited on here since AMLO took office. Now you're right about citizens getting killed, but I can gaurantee you that without a doubt the majority of those homicide victims were somehow involved in organized crime. Sure there were innocent victims as well but as I said the large majority had some type of involvement in organized crime. Now as far as the rest of the issues that AMLO has had to deal with like education, infrastructure, corruption and whatever else you can add he has done a more than exceptional job. I can cite the number of projects he's taken on and the rest of his accomplishments but I don't want to distract you from your violence focused mindset.

  2. Replies
    1. He his expressing the hardship of low wage cops and citizens to arm themselves, otherwise criminals will continue to kill and torture Innocents with impunity.

  3. I doubt there isnt any single law enforcement that is not corrupt in Mexico

  4. May we have their names please?

    1. Mr. Unknown don't harrass the mensenger he Dr. Sol gathers articles, translates to English, Mandarin, to feed our Brian's.

      I do agree these corrupt cops caught kidnapping, should automatically be photographed without face covering, full names shown, seems the criminals have more rights in Mexico. Nevertheless, on some articles I have read on BB, once the court finds the criminal guilty, they still keep his face and name covered.


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