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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Puebla: Network Of Gas Thieves Is Protected By State Police And A Former Road Delegate In Amozoc, Puebla And Cuapiaxtla

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At the beginning of August 2021, a video circulated where you could see fuel thieves s who attacked State Police in the Bosques area of San Sebastián; leading them was José Juan Ramírez Valdés, brother of two state police officers who are protected by the former delegate of Roads, Jesús Gamez.

A family of State Police officers protects and is intimately linked to a gang of gas thieves who operate in areas such as Xonacatepec, Bosques de San Sebastián, in the capital of Puebla, as well as in the municipality of Amozoc.

At the beginning of August 2021, a video circulated in which fuel thieves appeared attacking State Police in the Bosques area of San Sebastián. The video went viral and it could be seen that the men who attacked the uniformed were quite violent, and that they managed to escape after assaulting the uniformed men. 

Information from the State Public Security Secretariat allowed one of the leaders of this group of gas thieves, who pretend to be delivery men of different companies, José Juan Ramírez Valdés, leader of this group of gas thieves.

José Juan Ramírez Valdés is the brother of the elements of the State Police Gerardo and Eduardo Ramírez Valdés, who have protected their fuel thieving brother even at the expense of the safety of their companions.

In addition, the Ramírez Valdés brothers are in turn protected by the former delegate of the disappeared State Road area, who was stationed in the Amozoc area, Jesús Gámez Rodríguez

Jesús Gamez Rodríguez, when the State Road area was disbanded, was sent to the Security Arch of Cuapiaxtla de Madero, where he has continued with his business, as well as with the protection of this gang that now also operates in this municipality.

Pagina Negra sources indicated that the area supervisor for the State Police, Agustín Cuatzil Daniel, also collaborates with them, protects them because they deliver an economic amount to continue with illicit businesses.

It is important to say that with the arrival of Jesús Gamez in the Cuapiaxtla area, there has also been an increase in clandestine takeovers and thefts of hydrocarbons as well as cargo trucks.

Pagina Negra

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  1. There's always law enforcement complicity wherever criminals flourish in MX 🤷🏻‍♂️


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