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Monday, September 6, 2021

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: K1 Interrogates A Captured Operative

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A video was released by Borderland Beat yesterday where the enforcer K1 was initially suspected of belonging to the Cartel del Noreste. Sicario #3 towards the end of said broadcast screamed out CDN Zetas (Cartel del Noreste).

Did enforcer #3 shout it out as a way of messing around with his counterpart? Are certain operatives playing both sides in a maddening and confusing internal conflict where gunmen within certain cells constantly switch sides?

Today a new film was released where Comandante K1 of the Los Metros gang interrogates a captured operative. Confirmation has been made that he belongs to the Gulf Cartel. 

In the fog of war uncertainty plays it’s part as a constant denominator. And the flow of accurate intel differs from day to day. 

The following video has been deemed safe for all to see.   

Video translation is as follows:

K1: Ok, let’s see what all you have to say. 

Captive: Comandante Flaco Sierra and commander…

K1: Turn this way fool. Face me. 

Sicario #2: Pezon?

Captive: They had a meeting over there.

K1: When?

Captive: Well, it was the day before yesterday. Because that conflict was yesterday right?

K1: And then?

Captive: I heard, pay attention to what all they said, supposedly Pezon convinced Flaco to take out our bro 27 (Alfredo Hernández Campos aka Comandante Calamardo and/or Metro 27). When I heard this I was left baffled by it all. I told them this wasn’t right. I told my my men under me, we were just 2 patrols, none of this fucking…

K1: Ok. So, what all was discussed once they met up fool?

Captive: That’s exactly what they said. But we, we,I, I stayed behind to keep fighting…

K1: Where…

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