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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Criminals Destroy City Surveillance Cameras

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat  

Another security device is destroyed in the Jarachina Norte neighborhood; Poles in Privada del Norte and Aquiles Serdán were also damaged

Upon arrival of the authorities, those responsible had already withdrawn.

Again, criminals destroyed a surveillance camera in the city, but this time it was in the Jarachina Norte neighborhood.

The events occurred at 06:00 a.m. yesterday, on Cedros Street and Jarachina Street.

Upon receiving the call from staff of the Command, Control, Communications and Computing Center (C4), the officers moved to the place, but they were unable to locat those responsible, they only found the damage.

The damaged device was on a metal pole, which was not knocked down, however, it was left slightly tilted.

The equipment was picked up and delivered to personnel in charge of installing the cameras. In recent days criminals have destroyed several cameras and knocked down several posts in that large sector.

The authorities hope to find the whereabouts of those responsible for these acts of vandalism very soon.


The previous week, two C-4 cameras were damaged by unidentified criminals in different sectors of the city. In the first case, it was reported at 20 de Noviembre and Aldama streets, in the Achilles Serdán neighborhood.

The video surveillance camera post was hit several times by a backhoe machine which was handled by a hooded and armed subject.

The pole cameras were knocked down by the impacts of the backhoe machine.

Upon arrival of the state authorities, the driver of the machine had already escaped towards an unknown destination. The authorities detected a backhoe machine circulating near the place but it was not the one they were seeking. 

The backhoe was seized and taken to the Public Security delegation where they investigated and realized that it had not participated in the events.

Subsequently, it was announced by the C-4 authorities that another pole located in the Privada del Norte neighborhood was knocked down when it was hit by a unit whose driver escaped from the site.

The state authorities took account of the facts and informed the Public Security delegation.


Armed criminals car jacked two ice delivery employees of their truck, in order to knock down a pole with city surveillance cameras, that belong  to the Command, Control, Communications and Computer Center (C-4). The events occurred on Vista Alegre Street in the Villas de San José neighborhood.

The victims indicated that the criminals blocked their way and then took them out of the heavy unit and put them in the vehicle in which they were traveling.

Then they knocked down that pole and fled towards an unknown direction. But before all this transpired they removed them off the unit. Afterwards they left them in front of the truck.

Minutes later, elements of the State Police arrived to confiscate the unit and make it available to the corresponding authorities, while the workers were presented as victims.

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  1. Criminals don't want to be on video creating crime.

    1. Amlo says no Criminals in Mexico

    2. 11:52 a AMLO, se la pelas.
      VIVA El Presidente de por vida!

    3. 11:52 under president EPN, the Secretary of Defense classified, hid, or disappeared communications and reports of the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa Teachers' College students, and you never said shit...

    4. Y el actual se hizo pendejo en la Masacre de Allende y colaboró muy cercanamente con El Toro CDG/Metros.

      Asi que "callese" a la verga

    5. Amlo promise to find the 43 students. With Hugs

  2. Awesome Veracruz Needs to do that Next

  3. What punishment do they get for destroying property?


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