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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Police Officer Gunned Down At Home In Front of Wife In Obregón, Sonora

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This Friday, a Municipal Police officer from Obregón city, Sonora, was shot to death in an area near his home while he was accompanied by his wife, who managed to survive the attack.

The Shooting

At approximately 9:20 am on September 3, 2021, a 38 year old municipal police officer was attacked by armed men while he was near his home in the Primavera neighborhood, near the intersection of Estambre Street and Capullo Street. 

According to El Sol de Hermosillo newspaper, upon meeting Municipal Officer Juan Esparza Moreno who was standing on the patio of his home, armed suspects opened fire on him. The exact nature of the meeting, planned or unplanned is unspecified in the article. 

According to Uniradio Informa‘s and El Imparcial’s version of events Juan Esparza Moreno and his wife were sitting inside their vehicle, a sedan-type 2015 Volkswagen vehicle when they were shot by armed men. Juan Esparza reportedly tried to defend himself, while also running to take cover inside his house; however he was unable to save himself and fell limp when he reached his garage. 

His 35 year old wife Olga Magaly was injured in the attack as well. According to El Sol de Hermosillo, Olga Magaly suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen area. She was presumably nearby when the shooting began. Photos of the incident depict a white vehicle parked in front of a house. The vehicle has visible gunshot damage on the windows. At least eight spent bullet shell casing were later found in the area. 

After Juan Esparza went limp, the armed men reportedly fled the area and the 911 emergency line was contacted. 

Officer Juan Esparza Moreno reportedly died on scene before the arrival of the paramedics. The paramedics were able to treat his injured wife Olga and stabilize her for transport in a Red Cross ambulance to a nearby hospital. 

Army (SEDENA) soldiers and Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency (AMIC) were requested and subsequently arrived in the Primavera neighborhood of Obregón in order to search the area for the armed suspects however the searches did not yield results and as of the writing of this story no suspects have been arrested in connection to this shooting.

Background and Cartel Landscape

Of note, Uniradio Informa says that Juan Esparza Moreno had 14 years of service in the ranks of the Municipal Police, and until about a month ago he was a commissioner in the Attorney General's Office (FGR). The reason for the end of his career as a FGR commissioner is unstated. 

Alleged photo of Juan Esparza Moreno

As part of covering this shooting, Frontera Al Rojo Vivo described Obregón city as a territory controlled by Rafael Caro Quintero’s Caborca Cartel. In particular, Caborca Cartel’s group Los Olivas are believed to have a strong presence in Obregón. 

In southern Obregón city, Rubén Aragón Camacho alias “Tío Bencel” is believed to be in charge, reporting to Alfredo Olivas Valenzuela, alias “El Chapo Alfredo”, the overall Los Olivas boss of Obregón, Bacum and the Yaqui Valley.

Sources: El Sol de Hermosillo, El Imparcial, Uniradio Informa, Proyecto Puente, Sonora Informativo, Opinion Sonora, Notable Figures: Caborca Cartel, Los Olivas   

Photo Credit: Info Cajeme, Sonora Informativo   

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  1. The good cop did not want to join in the cartel so he was given Plata and plomo.


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