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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Jerez, Zacatecas: Criminal Group Evicts More than 1,500 Inhabitants From Their Homes

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat  

About 1,500 people were evicted from their homes in the Ermita de los Correa community by members of organized crime.

While there was a confrontation between members of organized crime in Monte Escobedo, on September 3 they began to displace the inhabitants of the largest community of Jerez.

It was not until Sunday that it was learned that the criminals took the inhabitants, mostly women, out of their houses.

This, since several of the men are forcibly recruited by members of organized crime, under the threat of harming them or their family.

Despite the above, more than a thousand residents went down to the municipal capital of Jerez to ask for help.

Thus, shelters are being prepared and several people are going house to house to ask for some food to feed so many people.

So far the authorities have not commented on this matter, since they are first seeing where to place these citizens exiled from their homes

and who live with uncertainty.

The aforementioned, since they don’t know if they will see their brothers, husbands and children again because of this situation in the Sierra de Jerez due to the fight between criminal groups.

In addition, they don’t know if they will return home, although for now they have already lost homes, livestock and this year's harvest.

Unofficially it is mentioned that these are not only the inhabitants of the Ermita de los Correa, but also citizens from La Ermita de los Murillo.

It's not the first time

The war between members of antagonistic organized crime groups has displaced several inhabitants from their homes.

Therefore, the inhabitants are forced to leave their heritage, their homes, livestock and everything they knew since childhood.

Thus, criminals displace the inhabitants of the communities to turn those places into camps to organize their attacks and other crimes.

Among the first affected by this situation are the communities of El Naranjal, the Ordeña Villahermosa, San Cayetano and now Ermitas De los Correas along with the Murillos.

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  1. Behind Mencho is a very Greedy and very powerful politician(s) who are supporting, protecting, allowing and backing these cjng advances and wars. I cant wait for all of it to unfold just like it did for CDS BLO and Garcia Luna, Cienfuegos, Duarte etc

    1. vengan a zacatecas culos puro pistolero cabrones vengaan a defender su pueblo dice el file

  2. Come and try to evict my family and my neighborhood from our land, house, and property. We are all armed and know how to fight. We will kill or die! U fucking pathetic serial killing/rapist drug addicted criminals. God bless the 2nd amendment, and God bless the USA! It is maddening that these poor people are at the mercy of all this shit. Fuck the law, arm urselves Mexican citizens. Any person who thinks gun control/laws benefit the safety of the masses basically promotes the genocide of the Mexican people. Gun control only hurts good people. Criminals won’t follow any law u fucking gun control fucks! I weep for the average and poor Mexican people, and I spit/shit on the elite, politicians, and the rapist criminal actors. The genocide and mass rape/femencide that is continuing in Mexico is one of the great tragedies in history.

    1. You sir are absolutely right and I commend you for your comment

    2. Where is the hamburger, well done with fries and large Horchancta at?

    3. Whitey get your lazy azz, and make me some tacos too.

  3. Grupo FLECHAS cds are getting desperate

  4. And while all these families are ousted out of their home the government of Canada does nothing.

  5. Hey I typed Mexico, who put in Canada?
    Is there a ghost on BB.

    1. Whatever happened to queso? Perhaps he is the ghost.

  6. Who gave the power for the criminals to kick out law abiding citizens, from thier homes? What the hell they think they own Mexico. Another easy take away of property, none of the citizens had guns to defend themselves.vEasy to get away with crime.

  7. vengan a madera cabrone traigan sus cuernod de chivo y no hablen de mas aqui en este mundo no hay derechos culo no se crean de si mi mismo el boner se despide de varios colgados

  8. el que critica vengan a madera culos


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