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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Playas de Rosarito, Baja California: Governor Jaime Bonilla And Elected Authorities Threatened In A Banner

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On the night of Thursday, September 23, unknown subjects hung a banner with a legend addressed to public servants in Baja California in which it is indicated that they have not recognized the alleged victory of independent candidate Fernando Serrano Garcia in the last elections for mayor of Rosarito. 

It was around 11:08 p.m. when a denouncement was made to the emergency center that on a pedestrian bridge located on the scenic road in the Machado Norte neighborhood in Playas Rosarito, four subjects were hanging a narco blanket with threats.

Elements of the Municipal Police of Rosarito arrived at the site, stating that on the bridge was the wording on a white fabric.

The independent candidate, Fernando Serrano García, lost the June 6 elections in which current mayor Aracely Brown won. Although some electoral packages were opened, the Morenista candidate received the majority certificate.

Throughout his political career, Serrano García has served in various government positions since 1998, on two occasions with the PAN politician Silvano Abarca. 

He also worked in the triennium of the PRI legislature Hugo Torres; While in 2019 he joined the Morena political party and the state government, however he resigned in October 2020. 

He managed to gather 2,500 signatures, becoming an independent candidate for the mayor of Rosarito, but lost the electoral contest, positioning himself in second place.

Regarding the blanket located a few days ago, no authority has issued any position.

Narco message reads as follows:

If the governor doesn’t recognize Fernando Serrano’s victory then we will begin to heat up the city of Rosarito. The 4th transformation campaign has stolen the victory. Jaime Bonilla you are on your way out already. 

We’ll see how brave you are now that you’ll no longer be the governor. You need to start recognizing Serrano’s victory. Otherwise, we’re coming after your families. And as for you Aracely, Monserrat, and the mayor of Tijuana, María del Pilar. 

We’re already aware that you’ve sided in Mexicali with “El Cande”. And that you now support “Los Chinolas”. Baja California will now burn if you don’t switch sides. Sincerely, The Grand Dick from Baja California 

Zeta Tijuana


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