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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Los Salazar Lieutenant Who Allegedly Killed Mother And Daughter Executed in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

The two Sinaloa Cartel hitmen, El Wason and El Oakland, who were named as the ones likely responsible for the death of a mother and her five year old daughter are now both dead. Earlier in the week, El Wason was interrogated then left dismembered. Now El Oakland was executed in the border city of San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.

In early August 2021, in San Luis Rio Colorado, a family of three was shot up while driving in a gray Jeep, leaving the 26 year old mother and five year old daughter of the family shot, as well as the father who was driving the vehicle. Hospital staff tried for hours to save both mother and daughter, however both ultimately succumbed to their injuries and passed away. The father, meanwhile, managed to recover from his injuries. For further details, please see this story

It was widely reported at the time that hitmen of Sinaloa Cartel’s Los Salazar faction were behind the attack. The Salazar cell led by Eduardo Molina Flores, alias "El Zabe" or “El Sabino”, was often pointed to as the most likely culprit. 

At the time of the August Jeep attack, publications like La Opinión named two of El Zabe’s subordinates: El Oakland and El Wason (sometimes spelled El Guasón, meaning "The Joker").

Back in March 17, 2021, Sonora Informativo described "El Oakland" as the head of hitmen under the command of "El Zabe", who enters the southern area of the Mexicali Valley to carry out "levantones" (or kidnappings) and executions. Meanwhile they
described El Wason as the head of hitmen for Los Salazar.

Earlier this week, on September 20, 2021, Jose Alberto Montaño Mercado, alias “El Wason” or "El Guasón", was interrogated on video and then publicly left dismembered, as covered by Sol here. As part of his on camera questioning, El Wason was asked about the August Jeep attack. He blamed someone called "El Max" and "El H". 

On September 22, 2021, in the border city of San Luis Rio Colorado, in the state of Sonora, a gray Dodge Ram pickup truck, which was carrying a rented trailer with several items inside, was driving down Sinaloa Avenue. 

At around 4:00 pm, another vehicle drove up alongside the gray Dodge pickup and opened fire on the vehicle, which led the pickup to return fire. This led to an all out car-to-car shootout. Eventually the driver of the pickup lost control of the steering wheel and crashed the vehicle into the side of a home located near the road. The driver died nearly immediately inside the pickup from the gunshot wounds he had sustained. 

After the pick up crashed and the passengers saw the driver had become non responsive, the passengers of the Dodge got out of the vehicle and ran to try to find shelter from the other group of aggressors.

Witnesses stated that one of these men that fled the Dodge ran into a store, looking to hide, but the other group of hitmen followed him into the store, all while shooting in his direction. Whether he managed to escape or was injured is unreported.

The attackers then left the story and managed to get back to their vehicle, where they drove away and fled the scene. There is no information about the car used by the assailants, despite some witness accounts of other aspects of the attack. 

When authorities arrived, they located the crashed pickup and the dead driver inside. This man is believed to have been “El Oakland”, the other named hitman believed to be involved in the August Jeep killing. 

Three additional injured people were located by police, presumably the passengers from El Oakland’s truck. One of the injured was sent to the General Hospital, while the other two were sent to a private hospital. 

Warning: Graphic image below this point.

Alleged photo of El Oakland slumped over dead inside the pickup truck.

Sources: Diario Noticias, Tribuna San Luis Article 1, Article 2, Sonora Informativo

Background Sources: La Opinión, Zeta Tijuana, Sonora Informativo, Sinembargo    

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  1. It is always nice to see this type of garbage get killed. Killing a woman and her five year old daughter is crazy. They had no respect.

  2. It seems like the tables have turned on the Salazars aka Chapitos

    1. 8:16 women and children killers own their own crimes, why blame chapitos?
      You could be the guilty one throwing blame on others.
      Let's just say, people fuck up and pay with their ass.

    2. CDS fanboys trying to make it seem like its a internal matter.

  3. With those kind of "head of sicarios" all fat and a taco closer to a heart attack no wonder they are getting their ass kicked.. smh ..

  4. Excellent 👍 karma comes back, to those that kill Innocents.


  5. The cartel de caborca should do that to their own cells that be the ones kidnapping girls just to rape them at narco parties then disposing of them in acid. Like prev mentioned in a cartel video of bb

    1. 11:29 Kinda like the Salazars theyre no different and no better

  6. This is why salazars were kicked out of Chihuahua

  7. JajajA, ya mire ke FLECHAS/ZALAZAR ya les yego zu turno de mirarr ezaz lacraz ajusticiadas jaja ni la santa muerte te salva del plomo y ezoz guzanoz tendran festin.. Yo como rufero nomaz me cuido del IRS

  8. I considered the same question as you, but the interrogation of El Wason and the subsequent dismemberment makes it clear that some other group has the ability to affect Salazar operators in SLRC, as that was clearly not an internal job.

    So I would say it being an internal cartel execution or it being a rival group are both possibilities. I personally wouldn't discount either possibility. But, let me know if you guys disagree.

  9. Most prolly internal affairs, killing a lo pendejo gives the grupo a bad name and it has to stop or it will be stopped like this, it is no coincidence, it is a lesson.

    1. Definitely wasnt internal 8:36 Mayo vs Chapos

    2. What's a lo pendejo?

    3. 10:52 disorderly, unorganized, unauthorized, not sanctioned by the biggest cartel bosses, too many collateral casualties, unplanned, murders that benefit nothing and nobody do a lot of damage to any organization, the bosses end up paying for it.

  10. I have met Arturo and his wife my uncle was next door neighbors with him on his house on 47th My cousin is really good friends with his son also named Arturo who is doing time in New Mexico on drug related charges although I believe his out already but for Christmas of 2020 me and my cousin went along with his son in that same Jeep driving around SL giving out gifts to many families he was a generous man who didn’t deserve to have his family killed the man has been moving coke since the 90’s through the port of entry and as you can see with all the deaths following those events that he has confections with very and I mean very powerful people on a first name basis.


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