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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Michoacán: Murders And Kidnappings Are Growing In Tierra Caliente; Residents Launch S.O.S.

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Displaced inhabitants of Tierra Caliente ask the federal government for help in the face of the increase in violence generated by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel

Residents of three municipalities of Michoacán held marches for peace this weekend and to ask for the urgent intervention of the federal government on behalf of families displaced by organized crime.

The demonstrations took place in the municipalities of Tepalcatepec, Lázaro Cárdenas, Los Reyes and Peribán.

Dressed in white and with banners, the inhabitants asked the federal government for its intervention to guarantee them safety in those places plagued by violence.

The demonstrators also urged urgent actions to help all families who have been displaced from their villages by organized crime.

In Tepalcatepec, the inhabitants published a message stating that, in recent days, organized crime has perpetrated massacres.

One of the cases was that of Vicente Vargas, a cheese producer in the region, who was killed by a criminal cell that entered his community and shot at homes.

Another one, this weekend, was that of a Gabriel Magaña, a rural teacher who had barely retired a year ago and who has gone missing.

In addition to several people injured from other ranches, the actual number has not been disclosed so far.

"At the moment the inhabitants in the ranches of Tepalcatepec are being vilely massacred, including the Horcones, El Montoso, El Canzangue, El Bejuco, Carapuato, Loma Blanca, La Romera, Plaza Vieja, Las Primaveras, Taixtan and San Isidro," the text quotes.

The letter points out that the houses are shot at and others burned, which has already left several civilians shot and others as kidnapped hostage.

The letter mentions that the newly elected mayor, Martha Laura Mendoza, has denounced that that municipality is under a war, with drones loaded with fragmentation grenades and explosives, against innocent people.

"For this reason, at the moment she is asking for help before the deaf voices of the government, which apparently has abandoned the population to its fate under the clutches of organized crime," the message emphasizes.

They considered it urgent that the general population raise their voices for these crimes that they described as crimes against humanity and the state of emergency that has been reached.

"It’s also urgent also to stop this murderous machine that the government has overlapped with its complicit silence, corruption and prevailing impunity," they denounced.

In Lázaro Cárdenas, at the same time, banners placed by inhabitants of that coastal area appeared in which they also ask for the intervention of the security authorities for the victims of forced displacement, murder and kidnapping in Tierra Caliente.

In Los Reyes and Peribán, the inhabitants in the vicinity of San Sebastián and the entrance of this city also demonstrated in support of the inhabitants of Tepalcatepec, Aguililla, Coalcomán and its surroundings.

They explained that criminals have killed many innocent people in recent weeks and therefore demand that the authorities put a stop to it all, "since they steal, kidnap and for fear of losing their lives, entire families are evicted from their homes.

The citizens of this region expressed their rejection of this situation in solidarity with low-income families, who have lost everything.

"And today, due to the threats of a cartel, they have nowhere to live, nor how to support their children who in many cases are minors," they denounced.

These demonstrations took place just over two months after violence escalated in the ranches of Coalcomán, Tepalcatepec and Aguililla.

The clashes do not subside and, according to local and ecclesiastical authorities, the number of displaced families is increasing exponentially.

The victims, they explained, have had to seek refuge in other municipalities, where shelters have been created for those hundreds of families displaced by organized crime.

Some others have been housed in the homes of acquaintances, relatives or townspeople who have given them accommodation.

Nothing is known about the intervention of federal security authorities, they have remained absent in these war zones.

Message reads as follows:

Everyone is being told that the town of Tepacaltepec is being viciously massacred. Men, women, children and senior citizens fall under the gunfire of the CJNG.

They have no consideration for anyone. A federal government that abandons its people with its hugs, not bullets policy, will be responsible for this massacre. UN "United Nations Organization" listen to us.

The federal government abandons us. They don’t respond, they don’t serve, in Tepacaltepec, Aguililla, and Coalcoman.

The federal government abandons its people marked by CJNG

La Silla Rota


  1. Does the Governor take any Liability for what's going on? I clearly remember Obrador calling for a meeting of all state Governors and Jalisco and Michoacan were 2 of the ones who did not take part. Now in the past, what have the residents of these towns done when the federal government does show up? They greet the GN by throwing rocks and avocados at them, they've destroyed military barracks, they have destroyed a helicopter pad, redug trenches in the fixed roads.... can you see why Obrador doesn't want to bother with Michoacan. Who wants to deal with unpredictable civilians. One wrong move by the GN and AMLO will be facing human rights violations or some unnecessary massacre. We hear about the "inaction" on AMLO's behalf but what articles have we seen on the measures the governor has taken?

    1. I have read that those who live there and are unable to flee are charged a tax just for residing there ( anyone able has already fled) those unable to pay paisa face threats of their entire families deaths. The only way to get around this is to join forces on command of CJNG and throw rocks, tear up roads etc...essentially at gunpoint. These are the locals that the group in unable to use in direct conflict etc older women etc.Interesting article I read, sad as well.
      They are used as forced propaganda- MS h

  2. The residents pleading for help, this is a true outcry for help. The Mayor has voiced for help. Will the government of obrador dispatch the military, that is in thier
    barracks playing cards and smoking a joint. I believe that after a week, this issue will go to the back burner and nothing will be done, after all CJNG that they call the baby killer cartel, is killing the townspeople, nevertheless they are one of the many Cartels that bribe the Curupt government to look the other way.

  3. Jesus christ whoever posted this clearly has no connection or ties to tepeque whatsoever. Cjng isn’t killing innocent people. Thats abuelo killing dirt poor people on the edges of town to blame mencho in hopes that the army comes and saves him. Abuelo is a huge coward and as much as it hurts many of you to know this mencho is going to mow him down. Abuelo is planning his escape as we speak.

  4. This bull s..t all does people protesting r families from C.U

  5. This is just a show C.U and VIAGRAS are making. They send women to act like they are victims but they are the VIAGRAS relataves or they get paid by EL ABUELO..
    El ABUELO's coward @ss is losing people and even losing favors from government.
    It's only a matter of time that he loses his area of operation in tepaltatepec..
    After that viagras will fall apart..
    Dumb @ss ABUELO made a big mistake by taking mencho's coke and thinking he was going to get away with it..
    There's videos of viagras complaining to government how they need more help keeping vjbg out of michoacan. Those COWARDs are practically begging.. Bola de COVARDES

  6. Geez, how’s those gun laws working out for u average and poor Mexican citizens. All u can do is March to the slaughter! It’s like standing in solidarity. Pathetic words and no action! They have to beg for help from the corrupt politicians and armed forces! All u gun control advocates… from the bottom of my heart—-FUCK YOU!! Gun control advocates are just as responsible for this genocide as the criminals and politicians and cops in Mexico.. Mexican needs thousands of more guns, but u fucking punk gun control advocates only perpetuate the historic genocide of the helpless armless Mexican citizens! U gun control fucks—Ur hands are drenched in blood as much as the disgusting serial killing/rapists that stalk the Mexican landscape!

    1. Guns would just make things worse
      This is not the U S you dumb ads
      The Mexican government is working with cartels.. That makes the big difference

    2. You have no clue of what's going on in michoacan lol
      Guns have nothing to do here
      Educate yourself first before you judge or make a comment..
      You sound like a total DUMB ASS whitey!!

    3. Woah. You need Jesus and a mental health evaluation... I'm all for responsible gun ownership but dudes like you are what scare those gun control advocates. It's one thing to be for guns and another thing to obsess over it. You're an obsessed gun fanatic, and thats even scary to me.

    4. Responsible gun ownership! Fancy term for people who have protection get to decide who gets guns! And as far as the US government working with cartels. Get real!! The cartels are the US governments bitch! They don’t work together, big difference! And of course guns in the hands of the poor and unprotected is the answer. Only some person already protected, or some tree hugging liberal would think less guns for the masses is the answer. Obviously only the elite and criminals in Mexico have guns and protection. How is that fair?
      Hey Mexican gun control freaks, how is that working out for the citizens? Genocide is the answer! Rape, murder, crime at a scale never seen is taking place daily in mexico. And many of ur answers is gun control. Wow!! Gun control for whom? The criminals? U walk up to the serial killing rapists cartels unarmed and demand they give up their arms!

    5. 8:55 Whitey has a chip on his shoulder, he don't know where to direct his fire charred anger.

  7. You guys that live and use the computer, in the basement, can quickly asses the situation with out being in Mexico. Some of you say the cartel put up the citizens to protest, but how do you really know that?

    1. 100% 12:09, my friend who lives IN Mexico for many years is fortunate enough to not even know what is REALLY going on.
      I view MX as an upside down world where everything you read, everything you see and hear isn't quite what it seems on the surface. Hopefully most of us have critical thinking skills to realize this and realize that even with boots on the ground, it is difficult to decipher the hell that squishes under our toes.
      I educate myself on these matters but am humble enough to know and accept the fact that, I really don't know shit. I comment with the best educated guesses, opinions, and articles I have read and studied on my own time. Just trying to do the best I can. Keep it humble- MS. H


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