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Thursday, September 23, 2021

CDS Aquiles' Los Cabos Leave Ice Chests With Remains and Threats for CAF in Sánchez Taboada, Tijuana

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

At three different locations in the Sánchez Taboada neighborhood of Tijuana styrofoam ice chests were found, accompanied by narco messages against El Flaquito’s CAF.  

The first of the findings took place at the José Vasconcelos municipal public library on the corner of Cruz del Sur Avenue. A white tarp was hung over the fence with a narco-message written on it and a foam cooler with the Oxxo logo was left just below the tarp.

The location was cordoned off by Municipal Police officers, who requested the presence of investigators from the State Attorney General's Office to process the evidence. Inside the foam ice chest were reportedly remains. Police were unsure at first if they were human or animal. 

Another foam chest was placed with a narcomanta on Pacífico Avenue, in front of the Pacífico Industrial Park and a third one in the Niño Artillero neighborhood. 

The only narcomanta there are photos of is the one placed at the public library. It reads as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

Ruben Duarte Roque or ‘El R’, 

You need to open your eyes and come to the realization that you and your drug addicted men are incompetent. This is the example that you’ve given them. You need to just accept the fact that the La Sanchez neighborhood already has new owners. 


Cabos 13-27-57-100

The message is addressed to Ruben Durante Roque, alias "El R", who was the right hand man and second in command under Cabo 89. Then, as recently covered on Borderland Beat, Cabo 89 was arrested around September 15, 2021. 

This makes it likely that El R is now in charge of Cabo 89’s old group, which reports under Cartel Arellano Felix (CAF) Pablo Edwin Huerta Nuño, alias “El Flaquito”, and David López Jiménez, alias “El Lobo”, who are allied with Sinaloa Cartel’s Los Chapitos.

El R is identified as a priority target by the Baja California Security Bureau and asks the public to send anonymous information if they know of his whereabouts.


  1. CAF is there to stay, any Fken cartel wanting to step foot, into territory that they know does not belong to them, will be dealt severely, getting borrachos and slicing them up, just to put a Manta, will not scare our equpted members. CAF is here, like it always has been.

  2. Fast forward to 2025: Narcomantas in Tijuana will read Att: Cabo 433,520 y Cabo 500

  3. CAF got killed off.
    Cjng and CDS were to much for them.
    There ain't much CAF left.
    Big fish eating small fish..

    1. @10.41 very wrong amigo. Cjng has officially lost the plaza. Their safe houses got smashed several days ago. Confirmed. In next couple of days you will see cleaning of house. Ust because you don’t see something it doesn’t mean its not there.

  4. CAF is around, they won't let thier territory be taken by tweakers.

  5. Its a damn mess in baja lol
    So these cabos are what they would call the Real Caf right?
    Flakito and his crew consisting of Ex Cabos are allied with cds weirdos now
    And cjng has cabo 50, El Trapero, Lic del Diablo and Muletas etc
    I bet cjng wished they had El JP alive and running the plaza along with Gross
    Then you have los hermanos Arzate which is Rana and His bro
    Buho which is a grasshopper like no other
    The other buho who acts like he has money and is with the shits but got arrested in a 2001 BMW no hair from stress and a beat up Glock and Highpoint and has his girl posting on his IG lol


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