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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: National Guardsmen Capture A Hitman, Seize Weapons

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

After reacting to the aggression of alleged members of a criminal group, elements of the National Guard (GN) arrested one; also, in the vehicle where they were traveling, they found a grenade launcher, assault rifles and almost 700 rifle rounds.

At kilometer 41+700 of the Fresnillo-Valparaíso road, near the town of Sombreretillo, National Guard agents found four individuals aboard a Chevrolet Tahoe vehicle with Sinaloa license plates.

The group of strangers, who were wearing tactical vests, got out of the car to enter an area of dirt and weeds, where they tried to flee, while firing against the staff of the institution.

The national guardsmen repelled the aggression and the alleged criminals ran in different directions to evade being captured. During the attack, the soldiers placed one of the alleged aggressors hidden among the undergrowth, in his hand he still had his long gun.

Inside the abandoned vehicle they found:

One 40mm grenade launcher, a 40mm caliber grenade; a .223 caliber rifle with 15 rounds; an M4 rifle with 10 5.6mm caliber cartridges; 6 magazines with 180 .223 caliber bullets; 6 magazines with 180 5.6 caliber rounds; 6 magazines with 178 7.62 caliber cartridges.

There was also a tactical vest with magazine holder and 92 bags of marijuana.

The detainee, weapons, magazines, bullets, vest and alleged drugs were made available to the Attorney General's Office to continue the investigations.

NTR Zacatecas

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  1. Excellent ūüĎć catch , should have shot the rest of the low life fleeing Cartel. With all the contraband found, I would say, a few innocent citizens lives were saved.


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