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Sunday, September 12, 2021

La Mitzi, The Girlfriend Of Union Tepito Leader, Arrested in Mexico City

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

The girlfriend of the most powerful cartel group in Mexico city was recently arrested on drug possession charges. 

In a recent raid in the early morning hours of dawn, police executed a search warrant on a home in the Héroes de Padierna neighborhood in south western Mexico City. 

Photos taken of La Mitzi as part of the raid on her home.

The search warrant that was granted by control judge Héctor Fernando Rojas, was for the home of the girlfriend of Eduardo Ramírez Tiburcio, alias “El Chori”, the current leader of La Unión Tepito. The home belonged to Mitzi Yunuen Navarro, who is more commonly referred to by the alias “La Mitzi” or "La Mitzy". 

Items found in La Mitzi's home.

Agents from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), alongside agents from the Attorney General's Office (FGJ), found inside the home 129 hermetically sealed bags with marijuana, 200 sealed packages of cocaine, a bag with apparent bulk methamphetamine and a firearm. She was arrested on charges of drug possession alongside her mother, Laura Becerril, who was with her at the time.

La Mitzi and her mother Laura Becerril

La Mitzi is currently 26 years old and as the girlfriend of the El Chori, who controls all the criminal activity in the Historic Center district of Mexico, she represents a key figure for police to apply pressure to in order to gain a foothold in an investigation that could take down El Chori. 

According to the journalist Carlos Jiménez, who has reported for ImagenTV and C4 News, La Mitzi was first the girlfriend of 'El Pozoles', another important figure within the organization however Pozoles was executed in 2019.

La Mitzi’s instagram account is still currently available online. Her instagram handle is mitzi.navarro and she currently has 236 posts, with 116k followers of her account.

So what can be gleaned about the lifestyle of a girlfriend of a major cartel leader? What sort of activities and indulgences does La Mitzi flaunt on instagram? Well, her lifestyle seems to involve...

A lot of different beaches and vacation spots. 

Oversized flower bouquets.

Sports cars.

Fine dining.

More Gucci baseball caps then one would expect.

A fondness for Gucci platform heels.

This is actually the second time in less than a month that La Mitzi is in the news because on August 15, 2021, her friend Anny Jael, alias “La Negrita”, lost her life in a road accident that resulted in the death of a total of seven motorcyclists, while at least 20 others were injured after a multiple vehicle collision which involved 15 cars, 2 trailers and 13 motorcycles on a highway in the state of Morelos.

La Negrita was seen continuously accompanying La Mitzi in nightclubs and they frequently appeared together in each other’s instagram stories. Despite this, Anny Jael's mother denied her daughter's had any relationship with La Unión Tepito, insisting that La Negrita only studied law and sold things to get ahead.


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