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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Senators and Media Companies Call on AMLO to Respond to CJNG Threat Against Uresti

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Following the most visible threat made by a cartel group against a journalist in years, senators and major media companies have asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to provide protection to Uresti and “to change the risky circumstances in which journalism is practiced”. 

On August 9, 2021, a Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) video was released in which a member reads out a message which comes directly from leader Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias “El Mencho” saying “One thing I have to let you know, Azucena Uresti, is don’t be a fucking dumb ass. Calm the fuck down for your own well being. Otherwise, if you keep attacking me I can assure you that I’ll find you wherever you are and make you eat your own words. I honestly don’t care if I’m accused of femicide [homicide of a female].”

Senator Asks AMLO to Provide Protection for Uresti

On August 9, 2021, PAN Senator Lilly Téllez asked the federal government to provide protection for Milenio's news anchor, Azucena Uresti. She tweeted, "I request President López Obrador to order immediate protection for journalist Azucena Uresti from the death threat from organized crime." 

Before becoming a Senator, Lilly Téllez herself was a journalist as a new anchor for TV Azteca. Later, she tweeted “The threat to the journalist @azucenau It is the result of the institutionalization of impunity for organized crime. President AMLO will go down in history for his cowardly renunciation of protecting the lives of citizens.”

Media Companies Urge AMLO to Take Actions Against Threats

Also on August 10, 2021, major news publications like Proceso, El Universal, Televisa, El Economista, Grupo Milenio, La Silla Rota, El Heraldo, Politico.MX and Vanguardia among others signed a public letter which called upon the government to take action in response to the CJNG video. 

It read in part that "The groups that launch this threat know that they can do so because of the impunity enjoyed by those who for decades have intimidated journalists and the media." And that threats such as those the CJNG made "have been the preamble to more attacks or threats against journalists,” noting that  “Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism in the world.”

The signatories insisted that the government should "safeguard the physical integrity of all comrades compromised by these criminal expressions, and we urge that the protection mechanisms provided by law be implemented as a matter of urgency, in such a way as to protect each one of them.” 

The letter called upon the federal government to issue a statement condemning the events. It also request the government punish "those who express themselves with such ease on social networks," through “a forceful action by the Mexican State.”

Human Rights Commissions Calls Upon Government of Mexico

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) released statement in which it condemned the threats from the CJNG against Uresti. The CNDH stressed that in order to “reduce violence against journalists and means of communication "it is essential" to prevent attacks against journalists, investigate crimes against them and punish those who commit those crimes. The agency pointed out that the responsibility for reducing violence rests with authorities of the three levels of government, under the premise that "freedom of expression is a fundamental right that allows the development of other rights."

The CNDH added that the authorities of government are obliged to create "conditions that allow communicators to exercise their profession without any restriction, while condemning any type of aggression against the practice of journalism."

Azucena Uresti Says She Will Continue Reporting As Usual

Azucena Uresti said that she will continue to do her job normally, after the threats she received in a video, saying "Thus we will continue, without bias, with precise facts, we will continue doing our job as we have done before." She also thanked the support of colleagues, friends, and the public "for their solidarity and affection" and also the authorities "for their immediate response."

Proceso Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4


  1. ALMO has done nothing to curtail cartel violence, nor saftey for it's citizens. Bribes is what he likes coming in while in office, Cjng puts in a lot of bribes, therefore this matter will go to deaf ears.

    1. @641 What do you mean nothing? 100 plus new military bases throughout the country and counting. Twenty some of those are going to Michoacan, the issue is the major media outlets don't report on that... now in the case of this reporter, if you provide protection for 1 then you must provide protection for all. If the senator is really interested in protecting her, than talk to the state governor or ask Milenio to provide private protection for her. Why put the responsibility on the state?

    2. You act as if those 100+ bases have actually done anything for Mexico lol. Have you not seen how bad Michoacán is currently? Not sure why you're cheerleading for this administration when its a absolute shit show.

    3. Yes the bases don't mean nothing to the citizens getting killed, it's pointless of the bases.9:02

    4. Not to mention the shiny new, state of the art base built south of San Diego...6 months go by and the entrance to an active drug tunnel is found FEET not yards next to the entrance...🐙

    5. Lol @ new bases, bases dont me shit since the soldiers dont leave them to fight criminals. Cartels have free riegn of the streets, it had never been as bad even when Calderon was president cartels didnt drive around as free as they do now

    6. Check the BB archives, you'll find plenty of articles where the military or guardia have had confrontations with organized crime. So for you guys to continue saying that nothing is being done is not true. In the case of Michoacan it's a very delicate situation. AMLO said he will not be mislead into confrontations there. In Michoacan, the criminals are disguised as civilians. It can be very easy for the guardia to make the mistake of massacreing innocent people. AMLO wants to avoid another Allende, another 42 students, another mexico city 1968. That's why he's put the responsibilities back on the governor.. As far as the high death toll, if you take a closer look, ask yourselves who is dying. The majority of the high homicide is based on organized crime members against opposite organized crime members. It's not to say you don't have collateral damage, innocent people die, but the large majority of the people dying are bad people. Any way, I know I won't convince you guys, according to you all AMLO is a horrible president despite facts that prove otherwise.

  2. Televisa, proceso, el Universal, lily tellez all have been against AMLO, even since fox outlawed his existence, his political rights and his presidential campaign.
    Lily Tellez then ran as a Morena candidate and after she got elected turned her back on Morena and went to the PAN bench, and PAN members genarco and his sister run the private security organization that protects the journalists, but they have to keep asking AMLO for shit and Chayote without which AMLO and his presidency are of no use to them...

    1. Exactly. They want to put the responsibility on AMLO but these media companies can provide private protection for their employees. It's a publicity stunt.

    2. SEDENA has produced the most corrupt military starting at the "heroic colegio militar", it is not healthy that the cadets get brainwashed irregardless of intelligence or culture or background and that they believe in their patriotic bullshot.
      SEDENA owning that many bases, garrisons, barracks, trenches may, aduanas, Puertos, new international airport at Mèxico City, can only lead to a militarized totalitarian state, this shit stinks, we support AMLO, but not SEDENA power grabs, they also want to own the National Guard that should be getting made up of civilian volunteers, not former melitary like el lazca and his zeta gafes or the DFS and Fernando Gutierrez Barrios, or their 5starting general arturo Durazo Moreno pr federal police commander Capitan Jesus Miyazawa the godmother of Luis Cardenas palomino...

  3. Amlo is sending his special hugging forces to protect this journalist.

  4. Threatening the liberty of free speech is really bad and it sucks that the cartels go against journalist. But after watching the video where supposedly an attack on "auto defensas" occurs during an interview, one can easily tell that everyone is acting. Watch the video before asking why I say this.

    What I am trying to say is that I don't blame CJNG for going against this "news anchor " who obviously has a hidden agenda.

    1. Free speech does not give anybody the right to produce FAWX NEWS or alternate realities or to call reality based news "fake news", that is why sean hannity and trump's lawyers defend themselves saying they are producing a show no adult should be believing to contain any truth whatsoever...
      Dominion is suing Newsmax for billions of dollars for their lies about their voting machines and more alternate fake news producers are getting their shit handed back to them in court.
      There is no freedom without responsibility for pendejos.

  5. Once again aqui en esta rejion tus human rights y todo ese pedo no valen chorizo. Te apalabras chiquita porque purdy face don't cut it. Esque tiene que siguir algo despues de la cara. Y no trize nada. Si queres andar suelta ninia tienes que saber el resulto. Como acabamos nosotros se acaban todos en lo mismo. Bueno! Pero aca si los llebamos un punio de tierra. Esque el Jefe lo pide llegando.

  6. That senator is a Deceiver, Baphomet-fremason-cult. It is a secret satanic TRANNY. Look at het gorge/adam´s apple, it is male. All politics and HOLLYWOOD are baphomet-trannies. Hating and psy-opping mankind and Humanity.


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