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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Notable Figures: Cárteles Unidos Part III

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

With special thanks to Redlogarythm for researching and writing El Tena & Los Tenas

This is part of a series of articles on Michoacán contemporary cartel operators that have had relevance within the last five years. Other parts of the series include Cárteles Unidos Part I and Part II, and The CJNG in Michoacan. Notable Figures articles try to focus on contemporary cartel operators that have had major relevance within the last five years. 

This story (Part III) will cover Cartel de la Virgen, the La Familia Michoacána group led by Don Jose, Los Tenas, Los Pulidos, Los Revueltas. 

This is part of a series of articles on Michoacán contemporary cartel operators that have had relevance within the last five years. Other parts of the series include Cárteles Unidos Part I and Part II, and The CJNG in MichoacanOnly the last three groups have been given a specific shade of green due to their history fighting against other groups within the CU and therefore there is a need to distinguish them.


3. GROUP: Cártel de la Virgen 

LOCATIONS: Town of Acahuato, in Apatzingán

DESCRIPTION: This group is primarily based out of the town of Acahuato, in Apatzingán municipality in Michoacán. Acahuato is known for having one of the most famous sanctuaries to the Virgin Mary within Mexico. (Source) Because of this the Virgin Mary is heavily associated with Acahuato, hence the name “Cártel de la Virgen” and the alias “El Señor de la Virgen” are referencing the region from which they originated. (Source)

POSITION: Leader - Current

ALIAS: El Señor de la Virgen

NAME: Ricardo Madrigal Ávalos

OTHER ALIASES: El Barbas, El Señor de Acahuato

PROFILE: La Verdad Noticias described El Señor as being one of the most influential hitmen within the CU in a June 2020 article. In 2021, La Voz alleges El Señor de la Virgen reports to El Ratón. In 2017, El Señor was believed to be a lieutenant working under Juan Carlos Rivas, alias "El Rifle de Acahuato". In 2019, when El Rifle was killed in a confrontation, it is presumed that El Señor inherited leadership of his group, which is Cártel de la Virgen. (Source

He is believed to be involved in extortion, collection of de piso (regular fee paid by businesses) and executions in the Acahuato area. La Verdad claims that El Señor acts as a kind of authority figure within the area, with locals coming to him to solve disputes. 

In April 2020, El Señor allegedly had food distributed to the residents of Acahuato as a kind of economic relief during the COVID19 pandemic. (Source, Source

On May 2, 2020, Saúl Chávez Rico, the Municipal Police director of Apatzingán and his wife were shot while they were inside his vehicle. Both victims survived the attack. El Señor was later accused of having ordered this hit on the Municipal Police director. (Source, Source, Source

According to the residents of Apatzingán, two nephews of Ricardo Madrigal are in charge of collecting the fees from the “machine” businesses, in addition to being engaged in the manufacture and transfer of methamphetamine in Mexico and the United States. (Source)

POSITION: Leader - Former

ALIAS: El Rifle

NAME: Juan Carlos Rivas

OTHER ALIASES: El Rifle de Acahuato

STATUS: Inactive, killed on August 15, 2019

DESCRIPTION: El Rifle was the leader of Cártel de la Virgen and the predecessor of El Señor de la Virgen, who reported to him as a lieutenant. (Source) According to La Voz de Michoacán, El Rifle served as the alleged head of the plaza in the municipality of Apatzingán on behalf of the CU. 

El Rifle famously led his group to place a dismembered body at the monument of Lázaro Cárdenas, in the city of Apatzingán in October 2017. (Source

On August 15, 2019, El Rifle was killed during an ambush while driving his truck on a dirt road that connects the towns of Barranquilla and Acahuato in Apatzingán. He was allegedly attacked by several armed subjects on the remote road and died from multiple gunshot wounds. He was later found still inside his vehicle. (Source, Source, Source, Source) La Opinion speculates that he was killed by hitmen from the CJNG.

POSITION: Leader Above El Señor de la Virgen, Group Unknown

ALIAS: El Ratón (The Rat)

NAME: Iván García Salgado


STATUS: Active, as of Nov 2020 (Source

PROFILE: El Ratón is believed to be a regional leader within the CU. A 2021 La Voz article alleges that El Chompón and El Señor de la Virgen, the leader of Cártel de la Virgen reports to El Ratón 

El Ratón has been accused of order attacks on the facilities of the Attorney General's Office in Zamora, Michoacán that occurred on September 8, 2017.  In 2018, there was an arrest warrant put out for El Ratón on charges of homicide and a $2 million pesos reward was offered by the Michoacán Attorney General's Office for information that led to his arrest. (Source, Source

On April 27, 2018, El Ratón was arrested by officers of the Michoacán Police and soldiers of the Army (SEDENA) at the Eréndira ranch in Buenavista, Michoacán. The arrest came after previous joint reconnaissance efforts by state and federal authorities.  He was arrested on charges related to theft and possession of a firearm for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces. (Source, Source, Source, Source)

According to the authorities’ 2018 investigation that led to his arrest, El Ratón operated in the areas of Zamora, Uruapan, Jacona, Ario de Rosales and Apatzingán, all in Michoacán. The investigation also led authorities to believe that he is one of the people closest to one of the leaders of Los Viagras, Nicolás Sierra Santana, alias “El Gordo”. (Source, Source 

There are no news articles that state explicitly if El Ratón went to prison or for how long, or if he has been released. However social media users currently speak of Ratón as if he is currently free and active as of 2020. (Source) Additionally, in a 2021 La Voz article, El Ratón is described as the current regional leader of the El Molinito-Acahuato area.


ALIAS: El Chompón
NAME: Jorge Garnica Torres
STATUS: Active
PROFILE: Until June 2019, Jorge Garnica Torres “El Chompón” was believed to be acting as a lieutenant for José Carlos Sierra Santana, alias “La Sopa”, who was killed in a confrontation with rival groups. (Source)  


According to Proceso, during his time under La Sopa, El Chompón was believed to have controlled 13 drug distributors in the Zamora and La Piedad areas, according to intelligence reports from the state government. However Chompón was believed to have been displaced from those municipalities by the Jalisco Cartel. (Source

El Chompón was said to be present in a May 2020 video in which an armored convoy of CU men jokingly said they belonged to “Pura people from Mencho!” as a kind of mocking gesture. (Source

Social media posts from 2017 allege he was operating in Zamora,  Jacona, Sahuayo municipalities of Michoacán. (Source)


4. GROUP: La Familia Michoacana - Don José

DESCRIPTION: Don José is the leader of a criminal organization that, according to a 2020 report, is part of the Carteles Unidos alliance. Currently, Don José is thought to primarily operate in Cutzamala de Pinzón, in the state of Guerrero, which is just across the Michoacán border with his influence spreading over into Michoacán. 

Publications will vary wildly as to whether Don José himself and his group belong to La Familia Michoacana (LFM) or La Nueva Familia Michoacana (LNFM).  La Opinión, La Voz de Puebla, Julio Astillero will say he is a part of LNFM. Meanwhile El UniversalLa Silla Rota and Noventa Grados will say he is LFM. Even more confusingly, La Silla Rota will one year later repeatedly refer to him as a current, active Knights Templar member, (not in reference to his background in CT) despite reporting him as a member of LFM the year before.


ALIAS: Don José

NAME: Rodolfo and/or Francisco Maldonado Bustos


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: Don José is the leader of a LFM group that controls some areas of Guerrero and Michoacán and is a part of the larger Carteles Unidos alliance. In 2016, the PGR offered a reward of $1.5 million pesos for information on Don José that would lead to his apprehension. (Source, Source)

In September 2018, Don José and his brother Francisco Maldonado, alias “El Chico” were investigated for the murder of a PRI candidate in Guerrero. At the time of the investigation, Milenio newspaper reported that the brothers were thought to be regional leaders of the CJNG.  They also reported the previously covered El Zarco was reporting to Don José at the time. (Source)

In 2019, the CJNG announced the beginning of the hunt for Don José, marked with the arrival of 50 vehicles in the town of San Carlos, Guerrero. The next week CJNG dropped flyers from a plane that showed a photo, details and a reward they were offering for the head of Don José.  


The flyers accuse Don José of having betrayed Guillermo Abeja 'El Güero' and Francisco Vargas 'Paquito', in addition to having broken pacts with the CJNG. (Source, SourceEl Güero was an operator in the region between Guerrero and Michoacán and he was reportedly close to Servando Gómez Martínez, alias "La Tuta". Güero Abeja was arrested in August 2013 and sentenced to 32 years in prison. (Source

In 2020, it was reported that El Pez, the leader of a separate LFM group primarily based in the state of Mexico, had allied himself with Don José in order to fight the CJNG. (Source)


5. GROUP: Los Tenas


DESCRIPTION: Los Tenas are a criminal organization led by Fernando Cruz Virrueta alias “El Tena”, who are part of the larger Carteles Unidos alliance according to Lantia Intelligence’s research.  

Los Tenas are particularly famous for illegal logging of industrial amounts of Sangualica or Granadillo trees which are then exported to China. In Chinese markets, Sangualica and Granadillo wood are highly valued  for their use in luxury furniture. The trees are cut from private and public lands, transported to port areas and then exported to China by sea shipment. The forests in Aquila are highly valued and El Tenas group allegedly pushed out the local criminal groups of Los Pulidos and El Toro’s organization in order to gain further control of the sangualica logging. (Source, Source, Source, Source)

POSITION: Leader of Los Tenas

ALIAS: El Tena

NAME: Fernando Cruz Mendoza (or Fernando Cruz Virrueta)


STATUS: Active

PROFILE:  In 2013, El Tena was alleged, in intelligence reports, to be one of the seven most prominent leaders of the Knights Templar (Caballeros Templarios, CT) in 2013. During the 2013-2014 autodefensa uprising, El Tena was often named and threatened by the newly founded autodefensas in narcomantas. 

Some plaza bosses thought to have been reporting to El Tena during his CT days include: Isidro Birrueta Montejano, alias “El Chicano”. Plaza Boss of Tepalcatepec. Antonio Tapia Varela aka El Toñón. Plaza Boss of Coalcomán. Francisco Nuñez Galeana alias "El Pantera". Plaza Boss of Buenavista Tomatlán. (Source

During his Templario years, El Tena was believed to be operating extortion rackets, drug distribution and open-pit mining among other criminal endeavors. Fellow Templario member El Tuta once described El Tena’s extensive mining operations in a 2014 audio clip saying “You have to establish contact with El Tena and tell him: ‘Look my Tena, all the high part of the Sierra [mountains] where you are, where your mines are. The place from Playitas to Puerto el Venado, El Ortigal,  Puertas Quemadas, Cerro Prieto, Barrancadentro until reaching Agililla, all that area, including Los Adames…”

In 2012, his brother Marco Antonio Cruz Mendoza allegedly founded the business “Rabafer SA de CV”, a mineral transportation business which is convenient considering El Tena’s personal history with illegal mining. Besides documents on its founding “Rabafer SA de CV” has no further trace of public data. Marco Antonio founded this business with a woman identified as Evelia Mendoza Medina, born in 1956. Given the age and surname of Evelia, she could be the mother or aunt of the Mendoza Cruz brothers. (Source)

In July 2015 an autodefensa group announced on Facebook that an alleged conciliatory meeting was going to occur between the leaders of the remnants of the Caballeros Templarios and several bosses of the CJNG. This meeting supposedly took place in Apatzingán and included El Tena, El Migueladas, El Gallito, Luis Antonio Torres “El Americano”, Gilberto Gómez Romero “El Chanda”, Ignacio Rentería Andrade “El Cenizo”, Christian Roy Ríos “El Troyano”, and Michoacáns Police former sub-secretary Eloy Peralta Mora. None of the CJNG commanders were identified, although the announcement depicted photos of Mencho. (Source)

Currently, El Tena’s organization is best known for illegal logging in the Aquila area. (Source) El Tena is believed to be the brother of Jesús Cruz Mendoza “El Chuy Playa”, Marco Antonio Cruz Mendoza “La E”, and José María Cruz Birrueta “El 40”. (Source)

El Tena is reportedly the cousin of Mario Ramón Cruz Martínez “El Ferrari” who is married to María Luisa González Valencia “La Gitana”. (Source, Source) He is also allegedly the cousin of Jesús Cruz Valencia, the elected (then ousted in 2014) mayor of Aguililla. Jesús Cruz Valencia was charged for organized crime and received a 15 year sentence in 2018. (Source)



ALIAS: El Chuy Playa 

NAME: Jesús Cruz Virrueta (or Jesús Cruz Mendoza)


STATUS: Inactive, killed February 2021

PROFILE: El Chuy Playa is the brother of El Tena and he was a well known Knights Templar (Caballeros Templarios, CT) leader. (Source

In February 2017, El Chuy was accused of ordering the kidnapping of five indigenous Nahuatl police officers in Aquila. The officers were former members of the autodefensa group that had fought against CT members like El Chuy. After four days, the officers were released when they agreed to hand over their assault rifles. (Source

In June 2020, Los Pulidos allegedly kidnapped and killed 4 people in Aquila which led El Chuy to reportedly organize a group of armed men to attack and kill 20 members of Los Pulidos as retribution. During this ten hour long massacre, a member of the Pulidos family who goes by El Negrín had his feet cut off before being shot several times. Photographs circulating on social media show a white Nissan Toyota pickup with hundreds of bullet holes in the body and at least six civilian bodies around it. (Source, Source

El Chuy took part in an armed confrontation on February 26 2021 in the mountain village of La Otatera, located in the municipality of Aquila, in which he was shot. Thereafter he was taken to a private hospital in the capital city of Michoacán, Morelia, where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries and died on that same day. (Source)


6. GROUP: El Toro, El Teto & Los Pulido

LOCATIONS: Aquila originally, Coahuayana currently

DESCRIPTION: The indigenous population of Santa María Ostula had originally created the community guard to defend against Los Caballeros Templarios and Cemeí Verdía Zepeda was appointed its first commander. The exact history of the autodefensa of Santa María Ostula and its relationship to organized crime and drug trafficking is unclear. It may have begun purely for the protection of the people of the community. However by 2017, its first commander had been arrested and its new leader El Toro was believed to be using the group for drug trafficking on behalf of the CJNG. Then the group’s relationship with the CJNG deteriorated, according to JOCT News the dispute was over the same cocaine shipment that caused the Abuelo split with the CJNG. Following this split, they became one of the groups belonging to the larger Carteles Unidos alliance. (Source

Another criminal group who operated in Aquila is “Los Pulidos” or the Pulidos family from the town of Huahua. Noventa Grados describes Los Pulidos as a “criminal partner” of El Toro’s group. Los Pulidos allegedly kidnapped 4 young people who were in a restaurant in Aquila and later killed all four victims. El Tena’s brother, El Chuy Playa, reportedly led a group of armed men to kill 20 members of Los Pulidos in Huahua as retribution for this killing in June 2020. During this massacre, a member of the Pulidos family who goes by El Negrín had his feet cut off before being shot several times. (Source

Attorney General’s Office (FGR) intelligence documents consulted by La Silla Rota in 2019 assert that El Toro’s group and Los Pulidos had now been pushed out of Aquila by the CU group Los Tena, led by El Tena in their quest to control the illegal logging of the sangualica forests.

Los Pulidos migrated to Coahuayana and now operate under the protection of Héctor Zepeda Navarrete, alias “El Teto” who leads criminal elements in Coahuayana, making El Toro, Los Pulidos and El Teto’s group a sort of combined force for the time being. 

A CJNG video released in February 2021 claims that the senator of Colima, Gricelda Valencia de la Mora has been protecting the two leaders of this group Héctor Zepeda Navarrete “El Teto” and Germán Ramírez Sánchez “El Toro”. The video then calls upon President AMLO to pay attention to the electoral process in the La Cosa region because El Teto and El Toro were trying to influence the mayoral election as a means to protect their own interests. (Source, Source, Source


ALIAS: El Toro

NAME: Germán Ramírez Sánchez


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: El Toro reportedly inherited his group, the so-called “autodefensa” of Santa María Ostula following the arrest of Cemeí Verdía Zepeda in 2015. Cemeí Verdía Zepeda was later released but he evidently did not resume his post as leader of the autodefensa and had a foray into politics instead. (Source) Later El Toro was appointed director of Public Security for the past mayor of Aquila, José Luis Arteaga Olivares. (Source

In March 2019, El Toro and his men reportedly attacked marines (MARINAS) at a Xayakalan checkpoint located on the Lázaro Cárdenas-Manzanillo highway in Aquila, Michoacan. El Toro and his men then fled, hitting the side of a SEMAR truck in their frenzy and he managed to escape apprehension. (Source)

In March 2020, the mother of Cemeí Verdía Zepeda gave an interview to José Maldonado Sotelo saying that El Toro and his men had broken into her house looking for her son Cemeí Verdía. When they did not find him there, they allegedly kidnapped her and she was interrogated about her sons whereabouts. She alleges for fifteen days they mistreated her, finally releasing her onto a street. She also alleges that El Toro’s group was aided by Municipal Police during her kidnapping. (Source

In February 2020, José Antioco Calvillo García accused El Toro and Jorge Rivera Valencia, alias El Borrego of kidnapping Isauro Calvillo Alba, a 90 year old man for over 60 days while demanding large payments from his family. José Antioco Calvillo says that this is not the  first time his family was kidnapped, as in January 2019 El Toro and El Borrego kidnapped his brother and son. He also alleges his other brother  Catalino Calvillo, was taken by force from his home and immediately murdered by this same group. It should be noted however that Excelsior writes José Antioco Calvillo García himself was accused of kidnapping five municipal officers while working under the Knights Templars in 2017.



ALIAS: El Teto

NAME: Héctor Zepeda Navarrete


STATUS: Active, as of June 2021 (Source

PROFILE: El Teto is the leader of a cartel group in Coahuayana. Prior to leading a group of armed men, El Teto was in the family business of buying and selling auto parts. El Teto alleges he was spurred to start a self defense group because of the murder of his Julio at the hands of the Knights Templar (Cabalerros Templarios, CT). (Source

He has a history of supporting the nearby group, the Santa María Ostula community guard that dates back to 2015 when he threatened to create roadblocks unless Cemeí Verdía Zepeda was released from jail. (Source

In May 2021, El Teto along with El Toro was named in a CJNG video where they accused him of promoting two political candidates, robbing the area of gasoline, installing sicarios as Municipal Police officers and using military elements to push the CJNG out. (Source)  

El Teto, along with others, was named in a June 2021 narcomanta that accompanied two severed heads inside a cooler left in La Costa, Michoacán, which indicates that as of June 2021 El Teto was still active (Source


7. GROUP: Los Revueltas

LOCATIONS: Aguililla

DESCRIPTION: Los Revueltas is currently a criminal group, centered around the Revuelta family, that is part of the larger Carteles Unidos alliance fighting the CJNG. The Revueltas family, based out of Aguililla and Tepalcatepec, grew to prominence in the criminal underworld in the 1980s, when Salvador Revueltas Barragán, alias “Don Chava” or “El Borono” was at the helm of the organization, working under the Milenio Cartel. (Source, Source

Salvador Revueltas Castellanos, the uncle of El Barragán was killed in Uruapan by presumed members of a rival cartel in 2006, according to an old El Universal article. In 2006, Alfonso Revueltas, alias “El Poncho” was revealed in a PGR file to be a part of the Los Milenio cartel. Alfonso’s exact relation to the Revueltas family is unclear. (Source

Don Chava’s nephews Gustavo and Gonzalo Revueltas Valladares were both arrested in December 2006, in separate incidents. Both brothers were identified by a Jornada article at the time as part of “a group of 40 hitmen who control the access roads to Aguililla and the Dos Aguas community” as well as “nephews of Salvador Revueltas Barragán, alias Chava Revueltas, head of that cell.”

In 2007, the Federal Preventive Police identified the son of Don Chava, Salvador Revueltas Ureña alias “El Chava Lentes” as having inherited the leadership of his father’s organization. El Chava Lentes, on behalf of the Milenio Cartel, was in charge of receiving, distributing and transporting cocaine and amphetamines from southern Mexico towards northern Mexico. In addition to drug transportation, Chava Lentes was working alongside Juan José Farías, alias “El Abuelo” on managing a drug distribution network that dominated western Michoacan. During this time, El Abuelo, much like Chava Lentes, was a member of the Milenio cartel while also courting an alliance with La Familia Michoacana. (Source)  (Source, Source, Source

Both Chava Lentes and Abuelo are said to have worked closely with Arturo Peña Muñoz, alias “El Flaco Peña”. El Flaco Peña was the former leader of the Milenio Cartel who had been arrested in 2003 and was in La Palma prison at the time.  The Milenio Cartel also had the future leader of the CJNG, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes alias “El Mencho” working on its behalf in Guadalajara during this time, adding layers of history to the future famously stormy relationship between Mencho and Abuelo. (Source, Source, Source

The incoming threat to Abuelo’s and Don Chava’s territory at the time was Los Zetas, who had already successfully forced out the Valencia family from the state of Michoacan, pushing them to seek refuge in Jalisco.  It was Abuelo and Don Chava who managed to, at some level, keep the Milenio Cartel present in Michoacan all through the Zeta war. (Source, Source) It is unknown exactly how the current leader of the Revueltas organization, José Revuelta Fruto alias “El Chirrius” is related to the aforementioned Reveultas family members.

"El Buda", "El Faquir" have been named in video interrogations as figures who are associated with Reveultas but further details on them are scarce. (Source)

POSITION: Leader of Los Revueltas 

ALIAS: El Chirrios

NAME: José Revuelta Fruto


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: He is the leader of Los Revueltas, a criminal group centered around the Revuelta family that is part of the larger Carteles Unidos alliance. 

In March 2019, El Chirrios was specifically named and threatened in CJNG narcomantas placed at various points in Aguililla. (Source) According to an anonymous source referred to as “Karla” who was consulted by Infobae, in October 2020, Los Revueltas got into a dispute with fellow a Carteles Unidos group led by Adalberto Fructuoso Comparán, alias “El Fruto”. Los Reveultas then expelled not only El Fruto, but also his men from Aguililla. (Source)

In April 2021, a CJNG narcomanta with a very similar message to the last again named and threatened El Chirrios. (This time spelled “Chirrius” unlike the March 2019, where it is spelled “Chirrios” which is interesting.)(Source) Later in April 2021, during a CU vs CJNG battle for Aguililla, it was reported that El Chirrios’s group was present and El Chirrios himself managed to flee the area unharmed. (Source

The CJNG have accused El Chirrios of having Mencho’s uncle and relatives of Miguel Fernandez, El M2, (the leader of the CJNG’s FEM) kidnapped in Aguililla, Michoacan in May 2021. In alleged retribution, the CJNG burned vehicles belonging to Chirrios’s group and then burned the house of El Chirrios as seen in videos released in May 2021. (Source, Source, Source) Then in early June, video were released by the CJNG showing two badly beaten women who were instructed to say that “whoever is caught up in the mix or involved as turncoats with the Revueltas mob will be killed” and how they had been spared. (Source)

POSITION: Head of Hitmen for Los Revueltas

ALIAS: El Tarzán



STATUS: Inactive

PROFILE: El Tarzán was alleged to be the head of hitmen on behalf of Los Revueltas. In June 2021, he allegedly was killed by members of Fuerzas Especiales Mencho (FEM) while trying to flee Aguililla, employing a disguise with glasses and a cap while riding a bicycle to try to look more innocuous. (Source, Source, Source) No available photos of him in life, there are post mortem photos. Warning: Graphic content. Link

POSITION: Leader of Group of Los Pantanos - Current

ALIAS: Unknown

NAME: Cristian Revueltas Zavala


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: He is described as the leader of a hitmen and according to EME EQUIS media “would be in charge of monitoring the methamphetamine laboratories that generate millions of pesos for that criminal group.” (Source, Source, Source 


His mother Mary Zavala ran for mayor of Aguililla and when her son was revealed to be the natural successor of the group that followed the criminal leader identified as El  Pantano, killed in October 2020, her campaign suffered. EME EQUIS media claims that the CU’s César Sepúlveda Arellano “El Boto” is “at the top of their family and orchestrated her mayoral campaign. (Source, Source, Source) Whether he is related to the Revuelta family associated with El Chirrios is unknown at this time.

POSITION: Leader of Group of Hitmen Called Los Pantanos - Former

ALIAS: El Pantano (The Swamp)

NAME: Ignacio López Mendoza


STATUS: Inactive, killed October 2020 

PROFILE: El Pantano allegedly led a group of hitmen called Los Pantanos. Reporting under him was Cristian Revueltas Zavala who would later go on to inherit leadership of his group. 

In February 2019, a video allegedly showing Los Pantanos, including El Pantano himself, attacking Army soldiers at an Aguililla military base as part of a protesting crowd was uploaded to social media. The video description alleges that El Fruto and Los Revueltas are in control of Los Pantanos. (Source

In June 2019, social media users reported that El Pantano’s group clashed against CJNG forced in Aguililla which led to the gunshot injuries for two of the groups members who were later given medical treatment by authorities. (Source

El Pantano and Heladio Cisneros Menera, alias “La Sirena” were accused by social media users of being involved in the kidnapping of three women from El Terrero on September 26, 2019. (Source) El Pantano died in a confrontation in October 2020. (Source, Source, Source, Source



Upcoming Notable Figures

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  3. I often wonder if the people ever get the reward money from crime stoppers or does that money go into the police chiefs other pants pocket Im speaking about in Mexico Prbly do tge same thing over here but as I read the article the thought popped up in my head prbly no way to find out unless you have info and a deathwish .


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