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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Morelia, Michoacán: Hitmen Threaten To Kill Teachers Involved In Blockade

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Hitmen threaten teachers with death to remove iron blockade; the teachers accuse Silvano Aureoles of orchestrating the threats

Armed civilians who presented themselves as alleged assassins of organized crime, forced the teachers to abandon the railways blockade that they maintained in Caltzontzin, municipality of Uruapan, after threatening them with death.

According to versions of the Power  Base union members of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), during the early hours of this Saturday the armed subjects arrived at the site, threatened to kill the teachers who were in the blockade. Of the railways, they were warned that if they didn’t abandon it, they would attack them and their families, since they knew their addresses.

After the threats, the protesters decided to abandon the railway blockade and maintain the security of their members, despite the fact that the state government has not settled their demands, such as the payment and hiring of graduates from the normal schools, among others.

In addition to this, they consider that the threats from the alleged assassins of organized crime were orchestrated by the governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, for which they held him responsible for any aggression of which they may be victims.

Likewise, the union members published a statement that states:

“To the media. To the State, National and International Human Rights Commission. To the people of Mexico.

We make the complaint that Silvano is a shameless narco politician, yesterday he sent his mob from organized crime to evacuate the train tracks and threatened to kill all the comrades who at that time were guarding the tracks of the night shift.

Given the injustice that Silvano has committed with the Michoacanos, this action confirms that he is part of and head of the Michoacán state of Organized Crime. We demand Audit, Political Trial, Punishment and Jail for the corrupt, traitor, thief, narco politician and murderer !!!

Warning to all Mexicans !!!

Indigenous Communities of Michoacán, Indigenous Council of Michoacán and Section XVIII of the SNTE-CNTE of Michoacán ”.

Communiqué of Base Power of the CNTE

Intelligence reports indicate that the municipality of Uruapan is disputed by the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) against the United Cartels, the latter accused on several occasions of being in collusion with the National Guard, the Mexican Army, the Michoacán Police and the state president, Silvano Aureoles Conejo.

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  1. Apparently the people of michoacan voted for such a corrupt governor.

  2. How dare you hold these people accountable for their actions .
    We are talking about Mexico and thats not what we do here.
    There is no room for, nor will we tollerate any semblance of common sense .
    Miss me with that common sense bull shit !


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