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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Guadalupe, Zacatecas: Dismembered Woman Scattered Throughout Town

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

National Guard officers assisted in the protection of the areas
Next to the remains was a message from a criminal group

In parts and in different areas they left the body of a woman this Tuesday morning.

The first location occurred after 8 a.m. in the central neighborhood of this municipality, they reported that on Guerrero Avenue there was a deceased person.

The security elements arrived at the place immediately and confirmed that they were human remains.

After cordoning off the area, they confirmed the presence of a woman's head and next to her a message was found that is attributed to criminal groups.

Some time later, the different security corporations were alerted again, more human remains were found on their way to Tacoaleche.

Authorities mobilized to the reported place, near the zone called "La Curva" that is located on the road that leads to the community of Tacoaleche where human remains were found.

It was confirmed that it was the body of a person, who was missing its head.

The officers of the Investigation Police remained in charge of the corresponding proceedings and it is presumed that the findings correspond to the same woman,

However, it will be the autopsy that officially indicates it.

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