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Thursday, August 5, 2021

CJNG's Chito Cano Leaves Warning Banner in State of Mexico

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

The Banner

On the morning of August 4, 2021, the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) left a narcomanta (narco message sign) in the municipality of in the Lechería neighborhood of Tultitlán, State of Mexico. The printed tarp, approximately 2 meters long by two meters wide, was placed on a post of the vehicular bridge on the Cuautitlán - Tlalnepantla highway. The narcomanta reads: 

The cleaning out of all the scumbags, thieves, rapists, kidnappers has begun.
Here they will not be allowed to leech off of these starving people.
We are going to kill anyone who supports them in the same way, be it the State or Federal government.
The State of Mexico and Coacalco are owned by the Jalisco Cartel. 

CJNG, Special Forces of the boss Chito Cano 

The back of the tarp also had a printed message of threats for someone with the alias “Carmona” and his son Kevin. 

Cartel Landscape 

Alejandro Carranza Ramírez, alias “Chito Cano” is identified by federal authorities as a regional leader of the CJNG in the border area of ​​the State of Mexico, Michoacán and Guerrero.

“According to information from the intelligence areas of the Federal and State governments, the Señor del Valle Cartel is a group of gunmen that for months has settled in the Huetamo Valley region, which includes that municipality and those of… Cáracuaro, Nocupétaro, San Lucas and Tuzantla, as well as several more from the neighboring State of Mexico and Guerrero.” 

Chito Cano’s primary rival is the La Familia Michoacana group led by Medardo Hernández Vera, alias "El Mantecas”, "Lalo Mantecas" or “El 100", whose base of operations is Tiquicheo, Tuzantlam, Susupuato and Zitacauro. 

Lalo Mantecas is believed to report to Johnny Hurtado Olascoaga, alias “El Pez”, and his brother, Jose Alfredo Hurtado, alias “La Fresa”, leaders of one the of the major LFM groups. 

History of Chito Cano vs La Familia Michoacána

By as early as March 2020, Chito Camo was recognized being the leader of a CJNG group operating on the border of Guerrero, state of Mexico and Michoacán. 

Video of hitmen of a group led by Señor del Valle, also known as Chito Cano.  

Sometime in May 2020, there was a large battle between La Familia Michaocana and the Chito Cano group of the CJNG. Following the battle, both sides interrogated, tortured and killed the captives they took from the other side. Videos of these acts were then circulated on social media on May 20, 2020. El Universal claims one of the men dismembered on video was a nephew of Lalo Mantecas. 

El Universal reports that in response to the dismembering of his nephew, people from La Familia Michoacana chased down a group of CJNG members in Caracuaro, Michoacán. 

The CJNG members reportedly took shelter in a house that was under construction and from inside, they tried to fight off the LFM members but they were outnumbered and succumbed to their attackers. These 12 bodies were later found in the bed of an abandoned red pickup truck by authorities on May 23, 2020.

There was then an announcement of a truce between the CJNG and LFM groups operating near Taxco, Guerrero on May 29, 2020. However the truce ended within less than a day when LFM members began threatening the CJNG and showing off weapons they were preparing to use against them. The CJNG responded in kind with a narcomanta threatening LFM placed on May 30, 2020. 

Recently it was believed that the LFM group led by José Pineda González, alias “El JP”,  had an alliance with the CJNG Chito Cano group however tensions seem to be rising quickly. On July 15, 2021, the CJNG accused Lalo Mantecas of having an alliance with Los Correa in flyers they distributed. They also asserted that they will not be leaving the area and telling locals not to pay the LFM protection fee.


  1. Kinda of topic but what does chito cano means?
    First thing that comes to mind is Ramon ayalas chito cano song….

  2. Chito Cano is the real boss of CJNG. Mencho is just a figurehead to lure police from Chito.

  3. Didn't Johnny Hurtado get killed not too long ago? I remember an article somewhere of him being burned alive, was this incorrect?


    C.U has been charging "quotas" to get in and out of certain towns.
    But that wont make it on here, because it ain't CJNG.

  5. Chito Cano a while back, when first joining CJNG, released a video/audio calling his enemies out saying he was happily retired abut these lacras pulled him out of retirement and that noe they would pay heavily for their atrocities.
    Even though many CJNG are all bark no Bite or useless, overhyped (Just like alot off CDS cmdtes who are only in position because they are married or related to someone) Chito Cano is a man of La Sierra and he is a very able commander. He Yeilds Results.
    RR, in my opinion is overhyped. Yeah he makes money, hes liked but he was moved from leading the michoacan incursion because he wasnt able to take Abuelo down in his 50+ truck convoys. And thats why now El 03 Leads with direct contact/orders of his father Mencho.
    In GTO RR took far too long in my Opinion.yeah he reaked havoc but at what cost. Hes loyal though. I give him that part.
    Another useless commander is Maguey, he talks too much to be honest.

    Something is happening in Sinaloa. They keep getting their asses beat by govt.wonder whats going on with the princessas

  6. Let the shit talking begin

  7. If their nalgas are not around to pay the piso-plaza-extortion fees, the people must pay their fees due, with interest, silvano areolas de conejo needs his money to come back to the mattresses "in Chicago".

  8. Fuerzas Especiales del Chito?

    The only legit FE is FE Mencho!

    Corey Feldman
    Commander JSOC

  9. CJNG has got to be the dumbest cartel of all time. Fuck you Mencho you fucking idiot. You could’ve strategically allied with CDS to avoid all this shit. Now Mexico is even more destroyed and all you jaliscas are getting raped as a result. You could’ve been a great organization but you did too much stupid shit and pissed off way too many people. Where’s the logic in that? What’s your reasonings? Other than being fucking tweakers.

  10. CJNG keeps crying since they can only keep up with gas thieves in a war. And even then those lames have trouble.

    I repeat nobody in Tierra Caliente will ever be intimidated by drug addicts dressed up in Airsoft wannabe special forces gear.

    Go fight a gas thief to feel tough you stupid Jaliscas. Y’all Jalisca fanboys shouldn’t of spread those false rumors about burning Pez alive just because Pez forced y’all to back away into a peace agreement, trying to save face to your online pocho fans cost CJNG again, morons.

    CJNG try’s to use social media to spread their propaganda, but they are too stupid to know how to affectively use propaganda and the morons that spread their bullshit end up burning themselves.

    I’m sure Sapo, crying with the voice of a castrated bitch after CU took Buenavista, believed that video he made threatening the Military made CJNG look tough, but it just made CJNG look sad and desperate.

    These CJNG trolls do more harm to Menso’s rep but they are too stupid to realize it, especially by calling him daddy, weirdos.

    1. Lol bro it was fresa doing the peace treaty cuz el pez was to sick to lead his people to war. CU didn’t take anything it was the GN and Military that did. Let this GN & Military retreat and you’ll see CJNG. advancing. Csrdl have been helped out my cu and They retreat into Michoacán
      And queretaro and reunite and fight back
      if not CJNG would have taken over completely.

  11. For any cheerleaders of any of these billionaire corporate funded CARTELS!
    ALL OF THEM!!!
    CDS has people from michoacan an other rival states...
    Just as CJNG has people from rival states.
    It's kind of like rooting for an NFL team and thinking that every player is local.
    It's easy to recruit killers in a third world country.
    Peace to my People

  12. There are pictures purporting to be Chito Cano when he was an escort of the CJNG leader in SLP,dude he was with had police with him,the leader was later killed.If it is Chito Cano,he looks like an out of shape geezer,but looks can be deceiving

    1. Can you post a link? Really interested to see.

  13. Beware of truces, that how the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma Xocoyotzin grandson of Netzahualcoyotl got betrayed by his friendly spanish visitors and their bibles, then the spanish paraded his corpse to placate the protesting rabble that gave them a bloody nose and left them crying in the Sad Night of Sorrows, "La Noche Triste", only the smallpox epidemic they brought from Europe saved their nasty arses when it claimed Cuitlahuac's life along with most Aztec Warriors.
    Truces are OK, but from very far.


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