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Saturday, August 28, 2021

CJNG Hitmen Execute Two Men, Burn One, Leave Narcomanta - Celaya, Gto

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two CJNG Grupo Elite hitmen shot two men to death at a car wash in Celaya, burning the dead body of one and placing a narcomanta (narco message sign) nearby. Video captured part of this incident and the immediate aftermath.

On the morning of Saturday, August 28, 2021, neighbors observed two men being shot to death  while they were standing inside a car wash on Las Fuentes avenue in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato. The two men were shot by armed men who had just stepped out of a white SUV.  

Residents in an apartment or condo building with an overlooking view began filming after the initial shots had already been fired and green narcomanta (narco message sign) had already been placed next to one of the two dead men.

Warning: The footage depicts a dead body being lit on fire.

Video Source: Omar Patino

In the footage, the hitmen who is standing on the left side appears to be holding a bottle or can and pouring out flammable liquid onto one of the two dead bodies that are lying on the pavement of the car wash.  While the hitman on the left pours out the liquid, another on the right can be seen standing near the open driver side door of the white SUV. He appears to be holding a long barrel firearm. 

The hitman on the left, having finished pouring, lights the doused body on fire, likely with a lighter or match. He rushes away from the flames and appears to hand something to the hitman on the right. 

The hitman on the right jumps inside the SUV and after waiting just a moment, the left hitman does the same. The white SUV then begins to back up, turning so it can maneuver to drive away from the car wash and the clip ends.

The two men heard in the video are saying the following, as translated by Sol Prendido:

Male #1: I hope they’re not going to dump that corpse right there in plain view. Oh no they are going to dump him right there. 

Male #2: Look, look he just lit him on fire. 

Male #1: Oh no. 

Male #2: He already lit him on fire. There’s 2 individuals there. 

Male #1: The corpse?

 Male #2: Yes. He already killed him and just set his body on fire. They’re right there in that white car.  They’re about to leave in reverse in that vehicle.

According to El Sol del Bajío newspaper, at around 9:00 am, a witness made a call to the 911 emergency line which reported the shooting at the gas station. The dispatcher immediately sent Municipal Police patrols in the nearby area to the scene, where the officers were able to confirm the witness’s report.

Warning: The footage depicts a dead body which is on fire.

In the footage above, a ground level view of the crime scene is visible. The body on the left is still burning and police officers can be seen approaching the area from their vehicle. 

Articles report that officers cordoned off the area, the crime scene was processed and the bodies were sent to the medical examiner for an autopsy. The identities of the two men have not been released as of the writing of this story. Whether the two men worked for the gas station or were simply present at the location is unknown. 

A green narcomanta was placed but so far a clear photo of it has not appeared online. However in the photos that are available it can be seen that the message was signed by CJNG Grupo Elite.

Warning: Graphic photo below this point. 

Sources: El Sol del Bajío, AM, Periódico Correo, Informativo Ágora, Pagina Central, Noventa Grados, Debate


  1. They have to find someone to kill in order to put a Manta on them.
    Where are the people that call CJNG, The Baby Killer Cartel???

  2. Pura gente senor Mencho!!!!!!

  3. Check out this video of some "cops" who arent really cops and are actually part of CJNGs La Barredora, Grupo De Choque, Gup Tactico of Grupo Elite. Somw reporters caught them about to do a raid and kicked them out the area then accused them of being Gente del Marro or Contras..

    Little fun fact.
    WITHIN Grupo Elite there is another small group of close to 200 men (the ones from the viral caravan video all monstruos is some of them)
    This group used to go by "Grupo Elite Delictivo De Reaccion Inmediato" but havent seen them sign mantas that way in a while. The commander who leads the operations for this group within GE goes by the name of Cmdte Gafe or G27. He reports directly to R2 another protion of thsi group is commanded by Cmdte Cejas he reports to G27..
    GAFE27 was in the mexican army special forces. Part of Gafes del Alto mando. Mexicos best SF. Cejas is rumored to be a deserter from La Marina and formed part of UNOPES. Hes ex SF from the marines.. according to reports, locals and other sources. In this GDC or as they call it La Barredora its nothing but Ex Military. Most from Mexico but there is some deported Military from US, some colombian Mercenaries some SF, Ex FARC, a handful of Kaibiles and alot are Ex Police at all levels but most Ex PF. After they disbanded the PF many couldnt join AMLOS NG and couldnt find work elsewhere and asit left them with no choice, or they joined out of Hatred for being left by the govt, and obviously some wanted riches, they joined CJNG and many were absorbed into this group. Even some ex GATES and Some desters of la Furia Negra.
    This group is usualy sent on the missions within the cities, roll around in Cloned trucks, cloned or similar uniforms all dressed the same to appear legitimate, have the best quality gear and weapons. They do raids, high risk assinations or kidnappings, attack Police (this group was the group of ckng who kidnaped the 4 cops in gro dressed all the same with those blue helmets that had ELITE on the side in cloned trucks yelling military police get down) they were the group who paraded both El Tony and El michoacanos the jefe de sicarios from Grupo Sombra assisting MArro, the Plaza boss for Marro el Michoacano who they hung from a bridge after the video) the same same who made the two videos in one video holding ballistic shields used to clear rooms with the guy speaking sitting on those tables famously made in jalisco all wearing Tan Cano Uniforms and tan boots and another also calling out abuelo dressed the same Desert tan camo uniforms before they went into Tepeque the first time and failed. They also appear in the video calling out El 20 in Nacaulpan most recently, amoongst several others.
    Whenever there is a topon they are sent as support and typically arent used directly on the front lines like cannon fodder. They wait until first contact then tryand flank or surround the enemy.

  4. They are in charge of R2 protection and insome caseswhen Mencho El3 or other bosses are in some areas they provide additional ring of security.
    They obviously arent invinvibleand have taken losses but are pretty affective

    Its because of this Group within Grupo Elite that they are somewhat affective and not just a bunch of wanna be SF cartel armed wing
    On the ranch that belonged to El Guero who got killed and CNN ow belongs to R2 where they blew up the kid and his dad with dynamit and filmed the Viral caravan video, they build a whole training facility and it can be seen but very minimally in the Grupo Elite music Video by Martin Castillo. Its just played in Negative to be made to look like a video game but that bideo was filmed with the real GE and the guy who the camera is strapped to to insinuate first person is R2. When he gets in helicopter n gives Martin castillo thumbs up he looks down and you can see his Camouflage Pants that they wear in the video. When he stands up in the Jeep to mount the Gun turret you can see its really the jeep and that ranch. Then when he pulls out his phone and looks at it you can seee filmed eith a drone is 5 or 6 or the Grupo Elite Blindadas from thevideo traveling in conviy and then it goes into the negative. As the ,attack and get in the "shootouut" you can see R2 TPG7 is on Martin castillos friends back and all the ppl in the video are the grupo elite sicarios and most the trucks are there. When they kidnap him in the video. Hes held in a house with nothing but wooden walls. (This is used for training) and a hummer pulls up the same hummmer from viral video to save them which wss El Venadito or El Venado. ,(guy who died in Mich with that hummer when it was lost and shot by the Bolludo)
    The video of the "cops" about to raid a house who called the reporters Contras and Gente del Marro"

    On that ranch is a very similar training facilty to taht of the SF of mexico. Theres an article somewhere a few years back they raided a ranch where they belived was used by Grupo Elite and the cops descrived it as a vvery well made facility and very similar to the one used by the mexican military.

  5. That small gang is stupid to go against cjng
    They don't value their life.
    A small gang going against an international cartel is not too smart..
    Any person with half brain will know how that will end up lol

    1. Actually that international cartel came to them

    2. 2:00 MARRO wanted to go independent but was part if CJNG and decided to fight CJNG.. Dumb move


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