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Saturday, August 28, 2021

CDS Los Cazadores Tells Police Chief To Leave In The Next Three Days Or Else, Pitiquito, Sonora

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Los Salazar’s armed wing Los Cazadores, which is CDS Los Chapitos allied, posted a narcomanta on a bridge over the Internacional highway in Pitiquito, Sonora which threatens the local chief of police. 

The placement of the narcomanta (narco message sign) took place in broad daylight. A witness reported they observed one person placing it while others waited aboard a vehicle, keeping the getaway car ready while also firing guns into the air as a method of intimidation.

In the simple video clip above, one can observe police officers hustling to get to the narcomanta and take it down as soon as they can. However someone was able to snap a photo of the narcomanta before they removed it, leaving us with the photo below.

The message read as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

Warning: Commander Pecoso, 

This goes out to you for being a coward and corrupt. 
I hope that the Ford F-150 Lobo that you took away from us serves you as a shield to remove the bullets that I’m going to shoot into you. 
You have 3 days to get out of Pitiquito. 
Otherwise, we’re going to kill you in this town or in Hermosillo for being the coward that you are. Nieblas, we’re not playing around here. 

Los Cazadores

Locals report on social media that “Commander Pecoso” (freckled commander) refers to the local State police chief. Thirty AK shells were later found on the road nearby from the hitmens' shooting into the air that occurred during the placement of the narcomanta.


Pitiquito municipality, and Pitiquito town especially, lies in an interesting spot strategically because it is in between the town of Altar and the city of Caborca. Los Cazadores are believed to control the municipality of Altar. Caborca municipality and Caborca city are believed to be controlled by Los Cazadores’ rival the Caborca Cartel which is led by Rafael Caro Quintero. As such, Pitiquito is sandwiched between two regions controlled by rival groups and whoever controls the Pitiquito municipal police will have an advantage in upcoming skirmishes.

Los Cazadores, sometimes called Gente Nueva de Altar, is an armed wing sponsored by Sinaloa Cartel’s Los Salazar. Whether Los Cazadores’ primary allegiance is to Los Salazars or to the Gente Nueva collection of armed wings (others of which include Gente Nueva del Tigre, Gente Nueva del 300, as examples) is up for debate. 

Los Cazadores notably has suffered the loss of its two most well known leaders El Durango and El Noveno this year. José Bibiano Cabrera Cabrera, alias “El Durango” was captured in April 2021. Whereas, Jesús Humberto Limón López was captured in June 2021. The leader who has taken over leading Cazadores in their stead is speculated about but so far there have been no reputable reports as to the new leader’s identity. 

As previously covered on Borderland Beat, at the end of July 2021, Magdalena municipality was hit hard by gunfights between allegedly Los Cazadores, which are CDS Los Chapitos allied and Los Gigios, which are CDS El Mayo allied.

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  1. So Amlo what does he do, this no hugs, but a national Crisis

    1. The bureaucrats in Mexico City don't give a squat about far-flung border states like Sonora

    2. Da Carlos de ghonoeera, Almo can care less about his citizens, but he loves bribes.

  2. Wow! If that garbage happened in the USA the bad guys would be locked up quickly, and would serve many years. Armed tough guys don’t remove cops in the USA. Only social justice racist’s(the true racists are liberals) can get a cop removed or locked up in the USA! Not armed criminals! All I can think about is the poor, unarmed Mexicans that are left without weapons to protect themselves!
    Mexico=a slow burning Rawanda.

  3. RCQ got out because he was able to deliver El Chapo. Now he is offered to stay out if he delivers los Chapitos.

    Will RCQ and Mayo defeat los Chapitos or will the old fart lose out due to their age?

  4. Is Mayo on the side lines or is he working with RCQ in this battle?

    1. 8:41. No. Be careful what you give credit too b/c 99% of the comments here have no understanding of what is happening on the ground y/c they have never been to Mexico, do not know anyone on the ground in Mexico, and the espouse fiction that is created and motivated by their fandom of our criminal group or another.

    2. 8:41. No. Be careful what you give credit too b/c 99% of the comments here have no understanding of what is happening on the ground y/c they have never been to Mexico, do not know anyone on the ground in Mexico, and the espouse fiction that is created and motivated by their fandom of our criminal group or another.

  5. I don't think El Gigo is under CDS Mayo anymore. I remember a while back in the narcomanta los Salazar were accusing him and RCQ along with el Ruso to have an alliance with La Linea. Doubt el Mayo would be cool with La Linea. I also heard el Gigo is claiming Nogales Cartel. And in the radio between el Nini and Ponchito de la lima, el Nini tells them they dont have support from anybody (refering to el mayo, in my opinion).

    1. It seems like people dont want to admit Mayo vs Chapitos

    2. Guermo ya already stating a comment, delete my opinion, double saturation.

  6. I have family in Ixpalino, Sinaloa who are part of the Chapitos faction of CDS, a cousin to be specific, and he said they're not at war with MZ. He told me once that they have nothing but respect for him and all the bosses

    1. And my sisters brothers nephews bestfriend girlfriends cousin by marriage once washed Chapitos car and he told me MZ and Chapitos were at war. He overheard it while washing the car. Oh btw i dnt have a sister

    2. Just stop please its Mayo VS Chapo. We all know you have no family in Sinaloa

  7. What's up with these CDS groupies?
    They are still trying to say there is no war with MAYO or CHAPITOS?
    It's a war but it's "sinaloa style war" they don't openly tell each other they are at war but kill each other when they have a chance.

    Mencho called out grandpa MAYO about 20 times in narco nantas in baja California, Nuevo Leon and in zacatecas with videos and mantas. And only recently MAYO sicarios grupo flechas sent cjng a video in zacatecas..

    LETS face it.. Sinaloas have a rule not to kill each other in culiacan wich was made when beltranes were at war with CDS.
    (Of course they break that rule if capos are caught slippin) and there are a few relatives of capos that got killed there.

    CDS are at war in Tijuana.. Chapitos faction against MAYO faction
    CDS are at war in sinaloa. Chapitos faction against MAYO faction
    CDS is at war in Sonora. Chapitos faction against MAYO and CARO Quinteros

    I heard interviews of sicarios saying MAYO and chapitos were not working together any longer but they never admit they are at war 😆

  8. I think everybody misses the fact that this is a proxy war... meaning Los Chapitos/Mayos will let the crews battle it out... winners control the plaza & tax other crews & independents piso to move their weight... may the strongest crew win... But will Los Chapitos y Los Mayos ever openly admit they’re at war...? Probably not... If Mayo says he’s not backing El Ruso then he also gets to deny that he’s involved in undermining Los Chapitos... One of the biggest rules of the narco game is to never trust anyone especially your “friends”... Los Chapitos most certainly have not forgotten that Vicentillo betrayed Chapo & I’m sure that does play a part in all this...

    -Holden D. Cash

    1. He didn't just get snitched in by vicentillo but rey zambada wich is mayo's brother.
      The most snitching any cartel has done in the courts of New York..


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