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Friday, July 2, 2021

Human Rights Commission Says Tamaulipas State Police Was Involved in Reynosa Killing Spree

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat (formerly "MX")

On Saturday, 18 June 2021, an armed commando killed 15 people at random in various parts of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. 4 gunmen were killed in clashes with the police that same day.

Raymundo Ramos Vázquez, the head of the Human Rights Commission of Tamaulipas, said that the killing spree in Reynosa that claimed the lives of 15 innocent civilians was likely perpetrated with the help of Special Operations Group (Grupo de Operaciones Especiales, GOPES), the elite unit of the Tamaulipas State Police.

He said that the nature of the attacks was "atypical" and not the modus operandi of the local cartels.

"Shooting innocent civilians at random in broad daylight in Reynosa was not the way these local cartels operate ... I do not think this was perpetrated by organized crime groups", Ramos Vazquez said. 

This directly contradicts the version released by the Tamaulipas Attorney General, Irving Barrios, who alleged that the massacre was carried out by rival factions of the Gulf Cartel. The official version is that the attack was done by the Matamoros faction of the Gulf Cartel (Los Ciclones) to "heat up the turf" of their rivals (Los Metros) in Reynosa.

In addition, Ramos Vazquez considered that the attack was an "act of terrorism" and "post-election violence". He claimed that some Reynosa residents believe that the attack was politically motivated, and that the June elections marked an important change for underworld politics in Reynosa.

In the elections, voters ousted the incumbent National Action Party (PAN) in Reynosa for the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA).

Ramos Vazquez says the killing may have something to do with this power shift.

Under this theory, the attack was reportedly planned by Tamaulipas Governor Francisco Javier Cabeza de Vaca, from the PAN, to challenge and pressure to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) of MORENA. Both politicians have clashed in recent years due to political differences.

"It seems to me that the Governor, with his ties to cartels, could have organized this attack as a sign of farewell to the people of Reynosa and the federal government; and as an act of provocation for the new state authorities […] I feel that the Governor's hands are stained with the blood of innocent people," Ramos Vazquez said in an interview.

It is worth mentioning that Ramos Vazquez has been accused by La Voz del Pueblo, a citizen journalist blog, of having ties to drug traffickers. In January 2020, an audio was released where Ramos Vazquez reportedly spoke on the phone with a Northeast Cartel (CDN) boss based in Nuevo Laredo, Jorge Ezequiel Ramos (alias "El Borrado"). The report said that Ramos Vazquez "victimized" CDN members to help them in criminal cases, and that the US government had revoked his visa. 

Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, university professor and author of a book about Los Zetas, agrees with Ramos Vazquez. She also claimed that the mayor elect of Reynosa for MORENA, Carlos Peña Ortiz, has denounced persecution from Cabeza de Vaca since the elections.

In contrast, Dr. José Andrés Sumano Rodríguez, professor-researcher in the Department of Cultural Studies at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, ruled out that the violent acts were directed by the state government.

The professor recalled that Reynosa has been a particularly violent area for many years given its strategic location at the US-Mexico border. Authorities say that cartels want Reynosa for its international border crossings, where multi-ton shipments of narcotics and hundreds of migrants are smuggled into the US every year. 

Two of the detainees were reported missing months prior to the Reynosa massacre.

Possible Scapegoats?
Ramiro Liceo and Alfonso Aguilar, two of the detainees in the Reynosa attacks who were arrested on 19 June, were reported missing by their families on 24 April and 22 May.

Ramiro worked as a bricklayer and was reportedly kidnapped from his home. Alfonso worked at a beer factory and was kidnapped while running an errand for his boss. 

Their relatives say that the GOPES carried out an operation on 19 June where they released 18 people and arrested four suspect kidnappers. Authorities say that Liceo and Aguilar were the kidnappers, but their families believes they were framed and used as scapegoats.

The Human Rights Commission of Tamaulipas filed a complaint to the federal government for torture and arbitrary detention. Relatives say that Ramiro and Alfonso were beaten by the GOPES and forced to confess their involvement in the cartel.

"They beat them with their weapons. Both of them had bruised ribs", said one of the parents.

Tamaulipas Attorney General Barrios said he was unaware of their disappearance complaint and said his team would investigate further.

Barrios said that in some occasions, when people are working for the cartel, their families file a missing person complaint so that their cartel-involved relative can pose as a victim should they be arrested.


  1. FYI, some Special Operations Group (GOPES) members were involved in the massacre of 19 in Camargo, Tamaulipas, last January.

    1. You think cabeza de vaca also ordered it to heat it up?

    2. 7:37 cabeza de cagadas de vacas is a criminal Marca Diablo, GOPES is his criminal gang specialized in crime and I believe they did this parting gift to Tamaulipas for allowing AMLO to offend him by voting for MORENA.
      GOPES will never give up and will transform into a full time criminal gang without their beloved governor.

  2. It’s hard to believe anything credible coming from Raymundo Ramos Vázquez. There’s been talk for several years that this man has links to the Cartel del Noreste. The U.S. has just as well suspended his visa among other things.

    1. Thank you, Sol! I've updated the article with that information using La Vanguardia (cited above).

  3. Astonishing as the claims are accusing state police may be, its worth mentioning how many municipal/state officials have been implicated in such.
    Questions remain? Will these individuals be convicted despite Human rights claims? I believe the latter for the unfortunate ones.

    1. 5:58 - well if you think about it, Metros were formed by police officers. Same with La Linea. Zetas were ex-military (some special forces). So many examples.

    2. Mexican army Lt Arturo Guzman Decena went from a GAFE to the judicial Federal Police in Tamalipas before getting hired by El Osito Mata-amigos.
      To be a lieutenant he had to attend the Heroic Military College that has produced many criminals, too many, including Salvador Cienpedos and Marcelino Garcia Barragan.

    3. 8:37 - correct. Although I’d like to mention that Z1 first worked for El June… then Osiel.

    4. Who is/was El June?
      Arturo started taking bribes,
      I suspect he got set up by some of his own zetas who wanted it all for themselves, like the judas treviños family.

  4. Replies
    1. Ciclon 7 and Homero Cardenas.

    2. Not ciclon 7 there were at least 6 ciclones that outranked ciclon 7 thats why hes number 7

    3. The numbers oftentimes have nothing to do with rankings. Ciclón 7 was the plaza boss of Matamoros for a long time. He’s still mentioned every now and then.

  5. This is some serious bull shit, Cabeza de Vaca might be a crook, just like AMLO, but I doubt he is stupid enough to do something like this, if any politics was involved, MORENA has way more to profit from this than PAN or Cabeza de wey.

    As a side note, "Human RightS" in tamps has always been bought by CDG and or ZETAS.

    1. Yeah his that stupid he uses the state police to kidnap people that later have been found dead amd as straight up sicarios. But as far as this incident is well known that that cabeza de vaca and the matamoros cdg are enemies so why wld the state police kill reynosa residents the reynosa faction of the cdg are his supporters "allies" he used to be a member of reynosa cdg.

  6. State police in reynosa are worse then a kick in da balls. They rob people regardless your background. You can be a doctor they don't care. You can have a legit business they kicking down your door and planting drugs just to get you for a few bucks. They pray on maquila workers on Friday night. To stop them and search them and take what they can out of there wallet . They broke into my friends house without a search warrant. Planted drugs in the house came back and Stole everything even the doors and windows. It all got cut on video the neighbor had camaras next door. When he complaint he got pick up and beat up. He left now lives in monterrey. Most state police officers are not from reynosa and they often get moved around so they hit a lick and you never see them again. Specialty since they are always wearing mask you can't see there faces.

  7. Politics in Mex are as ruthless as the street gangs . Why would anyone want to run for office ? Must be more money then one could imagine flowing through their greedy little fingers . How do things get so bad where the public safety is the parasitic entity sucking the blood out of the citizens ? Litteraly ! I think drugs are stupid and should be banned . If only Nancy Reagan was here to remind people to just say No ! It really is that simple here ill show you .
    Hey man buy these drugs
    Ok well fuck you then
    See crisis averted . Feel free to use this template in your area when these stupid assholes try to push their shitty drugs on you . Then call 911 and snitch on everyone . Youll be the coolest guy in town . Prbly even get a plaque with your name on it and a reccommendation from someone special .

    1. Alot of $$$$$$ steal that's why

    2. 10:44 must I remind your nasty ass that things were bad before the US went to fuck around in Mèxico transplanting their Colombia Style version of War ON Drugs with mass murdering drug trafficker Alvaro uribe velez help?
      Poor Nancy had an easier time earning the respect of the Pack Rat than making her Just Say NO campaign work, and when the iran/Contra drug traffickers in her husband cabinet were discovered Ronnie told her to get off his back, Gaddemet!!!
      When you go around reporting and snitching you get a plaque, on top of your grave, because in too many cases the war ON drugs is just a fight for the market, the merca, and the customers led by law enforcement working for politicos and businessmen, and the whole bunch are working for foreign Banksters...
      So I'll be the Hero today and unrespectfully tell you to go FU

    3. Looks like capt. HindSight is in the house ! Look here capt. That entire post was sarcasm I know cause I posted it . It was a failed attempt at humor like anything else i post here .I do it just to get a rise outta you fn know it alls .I can only imagine how powerful you feel trying to make logical anything that comes out in this comment section . So you might want to stop sucking yourself off for all to see .Your not that cool . Not even in hind sight . E A B O D...

    4. Looks like your failed sarcasm went sour the minute you dug it outta your ass.
      Lemme tell ya sompim' falsehoods like you post can't be left alone because many suckers will go and lap it up, it is not about being a cool smart pants, even AMLO had a new section in the Mañaneras, Quien es Quien where he wipes his ass with his 'sarcastic detractors' in politics, business and the press
      Lookihere, I'd rather agree with you on something real, if you can help it, because debunking shit and fake news is real tiresome.

  8. Human Rights are control by the Cartels

  9. 757
    Yea sounds about right .
    Dont ya love it when he says
    Its Not Cartels way to just shoot people Bull crap They Arent freaking Angels
    This whole incident stinks
    And the guy talking is number 1 Ahole

  10. Acuales humanos derechos? Oh si! De los que no adiyanaven antes que esto. La platicas guey pero joy ando en el mero centro con los mios. Your human rights shit don't mean shit around here pard. Apoco eres de sia? Tienes que ser bien culon y tu no la llenas. Todo mi culo kepa aqui para restas de mis brasos.

    1. 6:38 ya càllese pues,
      pinchi jundillòn

  11. You need to have EVIDENCE OR PROOF if you’re going to completely make up a conspiracy theory like this. Something tells me this commissioner is dirty.


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