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Friday, July 2, 2021

Baltazar Reséndez Cantú, Crucial Figurehead of Tamaulipas Governor Cabeza de Vaca, Captured in the US

"Redlogarythm" for Borderland Beat

Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú being arrested at the McAllen-Reynosa International Bridge

This morning Mexican authorities made public that the Republic's General Prosecutor (FGR) captured Mexican businessman Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú in the border with the US.

According to the available information, the Reynosa-based entrepreneur was captured by US Marshalls in McAllen, Texas, and handed over to the FGR in the McAllen-Reynosa International Bridge. From there he was transferred to the Almoloya de Juárez maximum security prison, in the State of Mexico, where the judge who ordered his capture is based.

Who is Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú?

Reséndez Cantú has been labelled as one of the main front men of Tamaulipas Governor Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca. In fact, he has even been sanctioned by the US FinCen, which accused him of money laundering

Nevertheless, Reséndez Cantú is far from being just a mere independent money launderer connected with both Tamaulipas political elites and the obscure world of Mexican organized crime. As Borderland Beat has revealed in an extensive series of investigations about the business empire of the Cabeza de Vaca clan, Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú has played a mayor role both as an intermediary and a strawman for the current Governor of Tamaulipas and his wide range of relatives and associates.

Higinio Reséndez was connected to the Cabeza de Vaca clan through his brother, Esiquio Reséndez Cantú, who in January 2011 was appointed as head of Reynosa's Municipal Potable Water Commission (COMAPA) In fact several of the delegations of Tamaulipas´ COMAPA were used by Cabeza de Vaca and his associates as favors with which to favor relatives of business partners of political allies.

Nonetheless, the relationship between the Cabeza de Clan and Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú dates from the late 1990s. On June 30th 1997, Baltazar incorporated Barca de Reynosa SA de CV. Originally designed as a construction company, Barca de Reynosa has in fact received most of its contracts from PEMEX for the repairment of facilities and the building of installations. Borderland Beat has been able to confirm that the company has received at least 17 different contracts between 2003 and 2006 for a total of 503.36 million pesos.

Then, on November 12th 2011, Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú incorporated another construction company, Inmobiliaria RC de Tamaulipas SA de CV, which has been awarded several contracts by Reynosa´s townhall. Two of these contracts (for the building of a facility attached to the Reynosa Technological University and a Women Center of justice have been labelled) as corruption operations through which the Cabeza de Vaca clan funneled millions of pesos. Neither of the contracts were ever ended, but the money was duly paid by the local Government.

Original signature of Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú accrediting him as unique administrator of Inmobiliaria RC de Tamaulipas SA de CV

Nevertheless, Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú´s biggest role was played in the incorporation and management of Desarrollos Renovables Enerxiza, an apparent energy company incorporated in 2004 for the development of energy projects in the region of Reynosa. In fact the company was controlled by Francisco Javier himself, who used it to buy enormous plots of lands located in an area known as El Cortijo. It was the development of a very carefully staged business operations conceived for the long term. 

In light of the 2013 energy reform -designed, organized and funded with millions of dollars in kickbacks paid by international energy corporations and funneled through PEMEX- Francisco Javier Cabeza de Vaca, back then a legislator in Mexico´s Senate, saw the culmination of his plan. In 2016, the same year he became Governor of Tamaulipas, Spanish energy emporium Acciona announced the building of Mexico´s first privately-operated wind farm, a humongous facility that costed 236 million USD and that was build hand by hand with Desarrollos Renovables Enerxiza, the company apparently owned by Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú but controlled in fact by the Governor and his clique.

The role of Reséndez Cantú became even clearer last May when Mexican authorities made public a list of individuals and companies affiliated to the Cabeza de Vaca´s organization that had been created by American law enforcement agencies. Among the names -the list contained 25 private companies and 12 individuals- were the ones of Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú, Barca de Reynosa SA de CV and Inmobiliaria RC de Tamaulipas SA de CV.

What lies behind the arrest of Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú?

Although 2021 began with an incredible series of blows against the Cabeza de Vaca clan and his empire the situation seems to have reached an impasse. Although the reputation of the Governor of Tamaulipas has suffered a lot and will never recover its initial popularity he has been able to hold the charge. After the Congress of Tamaulipas shielded its fuero by modifying the State´s Constitution what initially appeared to be the beginning of his downfall has turned out to be the ending of the first round between Cabeza de Vaca´s administration and the Federal Government.

Within the framework of this deadlock, the capture of one of Cabeza de Vaca´s most vital financial operatives -not just because of the magnitude of the assets he controls but because of the importance of the secrets he knows- could very easily be a new move of the Federal Government in its offensive against Cabeza de Vaca and his cronies.

Time will tell if the arrest of Baltazar Higinio Reséndez Cantú is just another drop in the ocean of Mexican political scandals or an important action against the network of one of Mexico´s biggest offenders.


  1. Great article! The Cabeza de Vaca saga is very interesting and I'm glad you're on top of all this.

  2. any relation between this guy and old school capo Carlos Resendez Bertolucci? BB wrote an article earlier this year about him.

    1. Not sure. Carlos Resendez Bertolucci is from Nuevo León but has family in Tamaulipas. He met Juan Garcia Abrego via his relative Francisco Pérez Monroy.

      Bertolucci was also a top money launderer. I’ll have to consult my notes again to untangle his web and see if there’s anyone close to Cabeza de Vaca that he may have worked with. My guess is someone linked to Guillermo González Calderoni who was from Reynosa. Bertolucci is currently in Witness Protection.

    2. Childhood friend of Juan Garcia Abrego, lic Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni got involved in shootouts in Sinaloa helping Hector Berrelez, got Pablo Acosta murdered in Ojinaga Chih. Wit help of FBI choppers coming in from the US to clear the way for DFS agents Rafael Aguilar Guajardo and his lieutenant Amado Carillo Fuentes who ultimately got aguilar Guajardo killed in Cancun...
      Calderoni got murdered in tejas, some say for spilling Carlos Salinas de Gortari secrets.
      CS de G daddy raul salinas lozano used to be ambassador in russia and both were Harvard U graduates, both oligarchic birds of prey scaled communistoid populism to power, controlling crime all over the mexican NorthEast, but their in law Guerrero governor Francisco Ruiz Massieu, husband of the sister and lovers with Carlos, because there was no way up in mexican politics without being somebody's caquin or puchacacas, all members of La Cofradia De La Mano Caida.
      Back then, El Jefe de Jefes was their dandy narco and all of them kissed his ass after Amado got his just desserts.
      I mean, nobody mexican has invested 10 billion dollars for a Dow Jones "vice-presidency" but Carlos Salinas de Gortari, only his boss Carlos Slim Helu has made off with more money at the expense of every other mexican, but even the US protects them.
      Cabeza de Cagadas de vacas will get his soon, he'll be out of power before AMLO.

  3. It's Mexico after all. Why should any of this surprise anyone. Interesting to see if anything sticks in the end. That's the question?

    1. 5:02 you keep blaming "Mèxico" like a dirty sanababich, more invested in the crimes of a few "powerful" to spread your crap around than in the fact that members of AMLO administration are capturing and prosecuting criminals left behind from the FECALATO and EPN...

  4. But many BB posters keep on barking that Mexico is a failed state. Yet hordes of Mexican criminals be they luxed drug lords or grimey cut-purses are routinely whacked with long prison sentences. Decent Mexican society is beleaguered, but still trying. Mexico is not a failed state. There is a stark difference between a failed state and a dysfunctional state.

    1. Good point made. Failed means it can't keep going. Mexico can definitely keep going like this.

    2. We’d have to define what a “failed state” is before we categorize Mexico or any of its states as such. Hard to give a good answer without addressing that. It really depends on how lenient or strict you are with the definition.

    3. Mexico is a FAILED STATE.
      This guy won't DO much TIME
      Those CROOKED politicians only get a slap on the WRIST and a pat on the BACK for their good WORK..

  5. Don't be surprised is someday a coup d'etat happens like in Malaysia where the president is jailed and the military takes over Curfews all over than it's open season on bad guys with the border closed.

  6. Military is not allow out of their zbase

  7. Esta vez no se pelo Baltazar .

  8. Good read. This arrest and the incoming Moren majority in the Tam state congress -- it's not looking good for ol' Cow head

  9. Amlo h a d him arrested

    1. I DOUBT that PENDEJO had anything to do with IT

  10. Hijos de toda su chingada perra,puta,guanga,bofa, gonorrienta,azucarada,pancreatica ,biliosa,sangana,panzona,y podrida madre ,, uno no tiene ni para tragar y a ezoz perros si les llueve el dinero.

    1. 11:21 pa que veas güey, ellos aprendieron a besarles el culo a los poderosos desde chiquitos y a entregarles las poderosas a los mas jariosotes como el Padre Marcial Maciel que casò al socio Carlos slim helu por la iglesia antes de irse a robar viudas y casadas a Monterrey...
      Pero bien que dejo a martitha sahagun acomodada en la presidencia con la chachalaca fox, alias el mariguano.


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