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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Notable Figures: La Línea Part I: Chihuahua

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

La Línea Part I- Chihuahua

Notable Figures articles try to focus on contemporary cartel operators that have had major relevance within the last five years. Juárez City is not covered and instead is being treated as its own seperate entity. 

REGION: Ahumada

DESCRIPTION: Villa Ahumada is infamous because it is the land which housed the heads of the Juarez Cartel such as Rafael Munoz Talavera, Rafael Aguilar Guajardo and Armado Carrillo Fuentes. (Source) The area is considered to be the “throne” of power for the Juárez Cartel.  Detained drug traffickers arrested in Juárez city have said La Linea stores their drugs in Villa Ahumada as a last stop before they are sent to Juárez. (Source)

POSITION: Leader of La Línea - Current
Plaza Boss of Villa Ahumada - Current 

ALIAS: El Chuyín

NAME: Jesús Salas Aguayo


STATUS: Active
PROFILE: He began as a cartel hitman. In 2008 he was sent to Juárez city to lead a regional Juárez Cartel group. He was captured by Mexican federal police after a raid on his Ahumada ranch in April 2015 in which a shootout occurred and Chuyín’s bodyguard was killed. Chuyín was sent to prison.(Source) US federal arrest warrant placed on him for drug trafficking, aiding and abetting and organized crime in July 23 2015 (Source) But in 2020, a judge released him. He is now believed to be the leader of La Línea.  (Source)

POSITION: Leader of La Línea - Former

Plaza Boss of Villa Ahumada - Former 

ALIAS: El Borrego (The Lamb)
NAME: Rafael Chavira Renteria
STATUS: Inactive, killed August 2015
PROFILE: Was the second-in-command to El Chuyín until Chuyín’s 2015 April arrest. Borrego temporarily took over Villa Ahumada and La Línea as a whole while Chuyín was in jail. But in August 2015, El Borrego was killed. (Source)

REGION: Coyame del Sotol, Aldama, Julimes, Benavides, Ojinaga

DESCRIPTION: The north eastern section of Chihuahua with the US Port of Entry of Presidio, across from Ojinaga city.

POSITION: Leader of Coyame del Sotol, Aldama, Julimes, Benavides, Ojinaga - Current
ALIAS: El Coyo
NAME: Socorro Ramírez Luján
STATUS: Active as of Jan 2020 (Source)
PROFILE: Suspected to be behind muder of two federal agents and four state agents between 2018 - 2019 (Source, Source)

POSITION: Plaza Boss of Ojinaga - Current 
ALIAS: El Menchaca
NAME: Sergio Menchaca
STATUS: Active as of Jan 2020 (Source
PROFILE: Originally from the community of Las Nieves, Durango. After the arrest of Víctor Manuel CO, a plaza boss of Ojinaga, El Menchaca became Ojinaga’s new plaza boss. (Source) He is suspected in killing of a Chihuahua State Police commander. (Source) It is unclear if Menchaca is Coyo’s second-in-command or just a plaza boss who reports to him. (Source)


POSITION: Plaza Boss of Aldama - Former

ALIAS: El Coman  
NAME: Jesús Alberto ‘O.G.’
STATUS: Inactive, arrested April 7 2021
PROFILE: Arrested April 7 2021, his hitmen tried to rescue him when he was captured but they failed at getting him free (Source

POSITION: Second in Command of Ojinaga - Former 

ALIAS: El Quemado

NAME: Neri C. A


STATUS: Inactive, arrested 2017
PROFILE: Arrested August 2017 (Source)

POSITION: Head of Sicarios in Aldama - Former

ALIAS: El Lacho

NAME: Hornacio S.G. 


STATUS: Inactive, deceased May 2020  

PROFILE: Was said to be the head of sicarios for La Línea in the Aldama region. When the National Guard tried to arrest him, Lacho tried to flee, his car overturned and he died from a shoout out in May 2020. (Source

REGION: Namiquipa, Bachiniva, Cuauhtémoc, Buenaventura
DESCRIPTION: The centrally located section of Chihuahua. Contains Cuauhtémoc City, the third largest city in the state of Chihuahua.

POSITION: Leader of Namiquipa, Bachiniva, Cuauhtémoc - Current

ALIAS: El Cachas

NAME: Hugo Fuentes

OTHER ALIASES: El Cacharpas, El 07

STATUS: Active

PROFILE: Began as a La Línea operative specializing in kidnapping and extortion. Alleged to have orchestrated the murder of El Máster, leader of the Namiquipa, Bachiniva, Cuauhtémoc area for La Línea and then taken over his territory. (Source)

POSITION: Leader of Namiquipa, Bachiniva, Cuauhtémoc - Former

ALIAS: El Máster

NAME: Gustavo Chávez Olivas


STATUS: Inactive, deceased January 2020

PROFILE: An officer of the Namiquipa Municipal Police from 2004-2006. Started working under El Ochenta. Máster is believed to have inherited control of Namiquipa, Bachiniva, Cuauhtémoc areas when El Ochenta went to jail in May 2018. Diario reports El Máster tried to prevent crimes such as kidnapping and extortion in his areas of control, but El Chachas, another La Línea operative in the area, specialized and profited mainly from these activities. El Cachas is alleged to have orchestrated El Máster’s murder. El Máster was found dead on January 23 2020. (Source, Source)


POSITION: Leader of La Línea - Former

Leader of Namiquipa, Bachiniva, Cuauhtémoc - Former

ALIAS: El Ochenta 

NAME: Carlos Arturo Quintana Quintana


STATUS: Inactive, arrested May 17, 2018

PROFILE: Ochenta had a conflict with one of his subordinates El Cabo, leader of Cuauhtémoc. El Cabo left La Línea because of their conflict. Allegedly El Ochenta’s bodyguard Juan Luis Uribe Range was beheaded by Cabo’s people, then in retribution El Cabo was killed March 27 2017 by Ochenta’s people. Ochenta then began to try to take control of Cuauhtémoc after Cabo’s death. (Source)

When El Chuyín, the leader of all of La Línea, was arrested in 2015, El Ochenta, who had reported to him, took over temporary leadership. But then Ochenta was arrested May 17, 2018 in Namiquipa. (Source) El 32 reported to him until Ochenta's arrest. (Source

POSITION: Leader of Cuauhtémoc - Former

ALIAS: El Cabo 

NAME: César Raúl Gamboa Sosa

OTHER ALIASES: El Tigre (Source)

STATUS: Inactive, deceased 

PROFILE: Had a conflict with El Ochenta, see Ochenta for details. He was killed March 27 2017, allegedly by Ochenta’s men. (SourceHad as his lieutenant Julio César Escárcega Murillo, alias "109". (SourceHis brothers are Édgar Alfredo Gamboa Sosa, alias “El 11” and  Luis Enrique alias “El Muletas”. Can’t find any photos of him alive but there are post-mortem photos.

REGION: Jiménez
DESCRIPTION: The south eastern area of Chihuahua. Borders the states of Durango and Coahuila.

POSITION: Plaza Boss of Jiménez - Former

ALIAS: El Mocho

NAME: Luis Alberto Méndez Martínez, called Gibrán R.S. in some media


STATUS: Arrested May 2020 

PROFILE: The Chihuahua FGE reports El Mocho has been a part of La Línea since at least 2010. (Source) He is believed to be responsible and he was detained for the 2011 killing of Guadalupe Ontiveros Dávila in an auto-repair shop. (Source) Following the arrest of Piporro, El Mocho became the leader of La Línea for the Jiménez area. 

He was arrested on May 25 2020 along with his girlfriend Daniela Cantón who is nicknamed “La Reina del Sur”, or The Queen of the South. (Source) El Heraldo reports she is El Mocho's wife. (Source) She is of note because she is the sister of Piporro and she is from the Cantón family, a family with a 20 year criminal history in the region. (Source)

There was a retribution attack on the state Attorney General’s Office (FGE) in Jiménez city on May 25 2020, vehicles were stolen and set on fire to make roadblocks. (Source) On May 27 2020 he was sent to federal prison #13 in Oaxaca. (Source)


POSITION: Plaza Boss of Jiménez - Current

ALIAS: El Piporro

NAME: Ricardo Arturo Cantón


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: He was the leader of La Línea in the Jiménez area. He comes from the Cantón family, a infamous crime family with a 20 year history in the area. He is the brother of Alberto Uriel López Cantón alias “El Doctor” (deceased) and Daniela Cantón, “The Queen of the South”. (Source)

He possibly inherited the position of Jiménez plaza boss after the 2013 murder of his brother. (Source) As of May 2020 he was incarcerated in the state prison in Cereso de Aquiles de Serdán. However El Heraldo reports he was out of prison and returned to criminal activities around September 2020. (Source)

REGION: Casas Grandes, Nuevo Casas Grandes, Ignacio Zaragoza, Madera, Galeana, Gómez Farías

Unknown who is currently in control of this area since El 32's arrest, likely controlled in some capacity by El Chuyín but it is contested by Gente Nueva. In 2020, Gente Nueva was thought to have taken Madera from La Linea and contest Ignacio Zaragoza and Galeana.

POSITION: Lieutenant, Plaza Boss of Madera and Nuevo Casas Grandes - Former  

ALIAS: El 32

NAME: Roberto González Montes

OTHER ALIASES: El Mudo (The Mute), El Coman 32

STATUS: Inactive, arrested November 2020 

PROFILE: Reported to El Ochento. (Source) Formed an alliance with El Tolteca after he had his conflict in Agua Prieta with Los Paredes. (Source) Mexican government issued an arrest warrant for him in 2020 in connection to the LeBaron massacre, he was arrested November 23 2020. (Source, Source)

POSITION: Plaza Boss for Nuevo Casas Grandes - Former
ALIAS: El 22
NAME: David Enrique F. S.
STATUS: Inactive
PROFILE: He was the plaza boss of the city of Nuevo Casas Grandes and the northwest zone. El Heraldo reports that upon El 32’s arrival in the area, El 22 was removed. (Source)


POSITION: Plaza Boss of Gómez Farías - Former

ALIAS: El 42

NAME: Alberto Padilla Chairez


STATUS: Inactive, arrested August 2017

PROFILE: Allegedly responsible for the attack on the police station in Las Varas, where two state police officers were killed June 24 2017. Reported to El 32. Arrested August 13, 2017. (Source, Source)

DESCRIPTION: Hotly contested area right on the border of Los Paredes controlled Agua Prieta. Also contains the US Antelope Wells Port of Entry, across from El Berrendo.  

POSITION: Plaza Boss of Janos - Former 

ALIAS: El Mayo

NAME: Mario “H”


STATUS: Inactive, arrested Jan 2019

PROFILE: Not that El Mayo. Arrested January 01 2019 in connection with the LeBaron case, said to be the plaza boss of Janos (Source, Source)


REGION: Ocampo, Moris, Bocoyna, Guerrero, Uruachi, Maguarichi

DESCRIPTION: Criminal groups in these area are involved in illegal logging and in the harvest and trade of wood. Bocoyna, for example, has over 200 sawmills, many of them in the town of San Juanito. These sawmill process both legal and illegal wood from the surrounding area and provide employment to the town.

According to a 2020 report, about half of these sawmills belong to and/or cooperate with La Línea. The other half pays extortion fees (known as piso) to operate in the area. (Source - pg.20)

In addition to logging, there is also gold, silver and zinc mining operations that are extorted by cartels in a similar fashion. The State Attorney General has previously mentioned the gasoline theft being an activity that Los Hs are suspected of being involved in as well. (SourceSource)

To read more about the CDS groups close by who are contesting this region, please see the Urique and Bocoyna section, the Guachochi Section, & the Batopilas and Morelos Section of Notable Figures: Gente Nueva

POSITION: Plaza Boss of Moris and Ocampo


NAME: César Daniel Manjárrez Alonso


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: El H2 is one of the Manjárrez brothers and he is the leader of the La Linea cartel subgroup "Los Hs". He is believed to be supporting the Bournes brothers in their fight against CDS forces.  

El H2 controls some of the mountainous areas along the Chihuahua-Sonora border, including the municipality of Moris and Ocampo. Bocoyna is partially controlled by El H2. Guerrero, Uruachi, Maguarichi are all contested between Los Hs and CDS forces. (Source)

POSITION: Lieutenant

ALIAS: El 01

NAME: Eladio Chávez


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: He is believed to be supporting the Bourne brothers alongside El H2. Controls some of the mountainous areas along the Chihuahua-Sonora border, including the municipality of Moris. (Source)


POSITION: Lieutenant and Brother of H2 


NAME: Juan Romero Manjárrez Alonso


STATUS: Inactive, arrested June 9 2021

PROFILE: El H7 is one of the Manjárrez brothers who leads the La Línea group called "Los Hs". El H7 was arrested in an joint operation between the State Investigation Agency (AEI) and the Army (SEDENA) on June 9 2021. He was arrested in a hotel in Chihuahua city. The arrest warrant against him alleges that El H7 was involved in the homicide of four state police officers that occurred in 2018. The quadruple homicide reportedly results from an ambushed launched on state officers by a group of heavily armed cartel members attacked them with high powered rifles and grenade launchers. (Source, Source, Source, Source, Source)


POSITION: Lieutenant and Brother of H2 

ALIAS: El Harry

NAME: José Alfredo Manjárrez Alonso


STATUS: Active 

PROFILE: He is one of the Manjárrez brothers who leads the La Línea group called "Los Hs".


POSITION: Lieutenant


NAME: Roy Iván Manjárrez David 


STATUS: Active 


POSITION: Plaza Boss of Ocampo - Former

ALIAS: El Flaco  

NAME: Elizaldo Bournes González


STATUS: Inactive, killed July 2020  

PROFILE: A Bournes brother who was killed along with his brother Eleazar in Basaseachi, Ocampo municipality in July 2020. Believed to have been the Plaza Boss of Ocampo. (Source, Source)


ALIAS: Unknown  

NAME: Eleazar Bournes González


STATUS: Inactive, killed July 2020  

PROFILE: A Bournes brother who was killed along with his brother Elizaldo, El Flaco in Basaseachi, Ocampo municipality in July 2020. (Source, Source) 

POSITION: Leader of La Línea - Former
Leader of Ocampo, Uruachi, Maguarichi, Guerrero - Former
ALIAS: El Sexto
NAME: Julio César Olivas Torres
STATUS: Inactive, arrested 2018

PROFILE: He took over overall leadership of La Linea following El Ochento's arrest. But he was arrested a few months after Ochento, 2018 (Source)

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    El JL was eliminated by a team of Gente Nueva Special Forces Tier 1 operators .
    They are a highly trained assasin group personally traiened by an Ex Mossad Colonel who directed the super secret and infamous Kidon group.

    Chihuahua tiene dueño es el Patron JGL #701.


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    2. 10:59 - Old Gulf Cartel, eh? That is my favorite era by far. I have a good list with me that I've compiled over the last 10 years. Some names I have include Juan N. Guerra's bodyguards, people of Casimiro Espinoza Campos AKA El Cacho's crew, and more.

      Recommended read for you:

      Not sure if you've heard of Lictor Hazael Marroquin-Garcia. He was the best friend of Juan Garcia Abrego. They were very close but he died before JGA really took off. A few names in that 1978 indictment are interesting, including Saul Hernandez Rivera who was killed in Matamoros back in 1987 outside Piedras Negras restaurant.

      That being said, JGA had a lot of relatives and "prestanombres" in the game. There's an old book called "Vida y captura de Juan Garcia Abrego" that is a must read if you want an info dump on names, properties, etc. However, the book is no longer for sale and extremely difficult to find. I have a copy. If you live in Texas there are only two copies at Baylor and Texas Christian University.

      Email me if you have any questions.

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    1. Thanks, going to look into this.

    2. not sure if helpful but in Jimenez there was also Gibrán R.S. el mocho or el fresa.

      in Aldama i think there was Horacio S. G. el lacho who reported to the Herrera brothers. idk where these guys fall

      they were all la linea.

    3. @8:50
      El Mocho and El Lacho both have some good sources and photos of them. El Heraldo says El Lacho was head of sicarios for Aldama? Will look into these guys too. Thanks!

    4. La Linia was Chihuahua State Police and melitary involved the murdering in the Casas de La Muerte en Cd Juarez, disbanded after their involvement with US ATF and Justice Department, what happened to the fugitives?
      Much decorated DEA HERO AGENT Whistle blower Sandy Gonzalez was summarily terminated after exposing the USDOJ/Chihuahua State Police BS...

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  11. Safe to say that La Linea boss in Juarez is probably Chuyin? Or who would be the Juarez plaza boss?

    @Hearst - badass job with this article. If you want to update the article, in Nuevo Casas Grandes the boss before El 32 was David Enrique F. S. "El 22/Cessna"

    1. Perfect. Thank you. I see lots of good sources backing that up with some interesting details on him. No photos though, which always disappoints me.

      Will add him when I get a chance.

  12. What role does the Carrillo family play if any on this? It seems like the Juarez cartel is nomore and it's just La Linea now.

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  18. Also a big linea figure was El Sexto he was arrested months after el ochenta. He operated in Guerrero, Basaseachi, Maguarichi and Uruachi. The guy been running for years my family knew couple plaza bosses related too sexto

    1. Thank you so much! I had El Sexto all written up with a photo made but I couldn't pin down a region. Now that I search with those location I see some good sources confirming those locations. Will add him in. Thanks again.

  19. La Linea has always been one of the most mysterious, quiet yet fearsome group to be reckoned with.. they’ve consolidated their power to one state, yet that state provides them with access to the most active border crossing in the drug trafficking world, the state is dead in the middle of the border where it’s not a far stretch from Houston, Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, Vegas or Chicago for that matter, it’s also located in the northernmost part of the Golden Triangle and the Sierra Madre so hideouts are abundant, landing strips are abundant, marijuana/poppy/meth lab operations are abundant... you can transport a load from Sinaloa all they way north through the sierras and be roughly less than 80miles from the US border without ever stepping foot in heavily populated areas where police/military are present.. with this being said their tactic of consolidating power instead of expanding has proven fruitful .. nevertheless they’ve proven themselves to be combat ready in a moments notice ... few times have I heard they’ve gotten their asses handed to them not even in their incursions into Sonora

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      this is a good article of who was there before El Cabo took leadership . Cuauhtemoc always been linea stronghold

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