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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Morelos Cop Who Helped 'Los Rojos' Leader Escape From Prison Was Murdered

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

In 2012, Edgar González Acosta helped Los Rojos gang leader Antonio Elí Román Miranda, alias "La Moña", escape from prison. Both are dead.

Edgar González Acosta, 46, a Morelos State Police officer, was killed in Cuernavaca earlier this week after he was shot outside a restaurant. According to Gonzalez's wife, both of them arrived at La Alborada restaurant, located on Avenida Francisco Villa, to celebrate May 10 (Mother's Day) when they were attacked.

While Gonzalez was parking he was intercepted by two gunmen who were traveling in a black pickup truck. They shot him least six times with a 9mm pistol and then fled the scene quickly. Gonzalez's wife survived without injuries.

State police officers and paramedics arrived at the scene and transferred Gonzalez, who was still alive, to the nearest hospital. He was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Gonzalez was suspected of having ties to Los Rojos, a group that splintered off from the Beltran Leyva Organization (BLO). They are based primarily in the states of Morelos and Guerrero, where they responsible for drug trafficking, extortions, and kidnappings.

On 10 December 2012, Los Rojos lieutenant Antonio Eli Roman Miranda ("La Mona") escaped from prison after Gonzalez and other police officers let him loose.

As reported by Borderland Beat, La Mona and his former associate Crisoforo Rogelio Maldonado Jimenez ("El Bocinas") were arrested after a shootout with members of the rival Guerros Unidos. 

El Bocinas, however, was sent to a hospital because he was injured during the shootout. About a week later, sicarios disguised as nurses got access to his room and executed him while he laid on the hospital's bed. La Mona was killed the following year.

Hitmen dressed as nurses went into the hospital and murdered Crisóforo Rogelio Maldonado Jiménez, alias "El Bocinas"

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  1. We'll look what we have dirty cops at the State level do exist. I was told not to trust cops in Mexico as the majority are dirty and work together with cartels.

  2. OH for mother's DAY, what COP sucker, MAN, lucky THEY did not KILL his WIFE

  3. dressed as nurses, then as a clown the following year. what are other good disguises sicarios have used?

  4. the wife was uninjured huh 🤔🤔


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