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Thursday, May 13, 2021

10,000 March in Jalisco and Mexico City to Protest Violence and Disappearances

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

12,000 people have disappeared in Jalisco since the start of Mexico's drug war in 2006

Over 10,000 people attended a protest in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on Tuesday following the murder of three siblings last weekend: Ana Karen, 24, Luis Ángel, 29, and José Alberto González Moreno, 32.

Gunmen kidnapped them from their home on Friday night and they were found dead on Sunday morning in the city's outskirts. Some of the gunmen were wearing bulletproof vests with the insignias of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

The protest, organized by the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), transversed from the school's rectory to the Monument of the Disappeared. Academics, students, and residents of the Guadalajara metropolitan area attended carrying photos of missing people.

In Jalisco alone, over 12,000 people have gone missing since the start of Mexico's drug war in 2006. About 80,000 people are currently missing across all of Mexico.

UdeG rector Ricardo Villanueva Lomeli spoke to the crowd in front of the Monument of the Disappeared. He lamented the "normalization" of violence in Jalisco and demanded authorities to ensure security for its citizens. He also asked Jalisco governor Enrique Alfaro to not "politicize" the siblings' killings and asked for a prompt resolution of the case.

Families and friends of missing persons placed over 70 images of their loves ones on the walls of the roundabout. Many others walked through the streets of Guadalajara carrying banners with statements directed to authorities.

A mother hugs a protestor in front of one of the murals. She has been looking for her son, who disappeared in Jalisco and has not been found.

On Monday (Mother's Day) in Mexico City, hundreds of people marched demanding authorities to help them find their missing children.

Participants chanted slogans like "Where are our children, where are they?” and “Child, listen, your mother is searching for you."

This march occurs annually in Mexico.

Secretary of Interior Olga Sanchez met with some of the mothers early Monday and said that her government has a "desire to find out the location of their relatives".

But some of the mothers present said that these promises rung hollow in the past.

Martha Estela Arana, from the northern border state of Chihuahua, has spent the last 11 years searching for her son, Alfredo Quesada Arana. She hasn't gotten any firm information in all those years.

“It has been a pilgrimage, searching, searching and searching for justice,” Arana said.

“Administrations come and go, and it's always the same. And we will continue searching, searching for them, to the last breath in my body.”

But this year it was not just mothers. The problem has gone on so long — and so many people are believed to have wound up in clandestine graves — that now some children have grown up and are searching for their disappeared parents.

Maricarmen Cardona, now 23, began accompanying her mother at marches when she was about 11 demanding authorities find her father, who disappeared along with a dozen other people in the northern border city of Piedras Negras in 2009.

“It was what we did together,” Cardona said of her mother. “She died in 2016 and never got any answer about where my father was.”

Many of the disappeared were abducted and presumably killed by drug cartels or kidnapping gangs, but authorities and police are suspected in some cases.

Sources: La Jornada; La Jornada (Video)El Heraldo de Mexico; ABC News


  1. Come on Mexico we're more people than these low life criminals, rise up...✊🏼

  2. Governors and their state police are the main suspects, they extort cash, property, sex anything from their victims, there is also the military, always horny and short of money away from home, bet many if them would not pass the lie detector, failed previously by enrique francisco galindo ceballos, chief of SLP State Police and public security, he also hired back the federal police officers fired by genarco garcia luna for failing their trustworthiness examinations, they work or were purged after "Tanhuato, a Crime of State" and many boast of their training in anti-kidnapping and negotiations with anti-kidnappers, but all they do us kidnappings.
    The military also enjoy complicity and impunity from military courts and their ginirals like Cienpedos no matter what...the mexican military are still covering up the rape and murder of an old indian woman in Veracruz, Ernestina Ascencio Rosario who lived long enough to accuse her victimizers.

  3. “Si pero el PRI mató más”

  4. Good for you all protesting
    I hope finally your president listens and does something about this ..

    Hope you all are blessed with peace

  5. Their protests don’t mean shit. It’s a waste of time.

    Government officials only care about who will “grease the wheels”.

  6. Imagine all these people with guns and willing to use them every time a scare is started by fuckin CJNG,they could run the rats out within a year or two just like Michoacan,and fuck the gob who messed it all up with Count Castillo Dracula for their own ends.Mexico gob is part of the problem dont listen to them,look at AMLO and his mano fuck that doddery old fart

  7. Everybody thank Mencha for this situation!


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