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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Environmentalist Who Opposed Illegal Logging Was Murdered Inside a Restaurant in Guerrero

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Marco Antonio Arcos Fuentes, an environmentalist, forest protector, and commissioner of Jaleaca de Catalán, a rural community in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, was killed by an armed group while he was eating at a restaurant in the state capital.

Activists confirmed to the media that Arcos Fuentes said in February 2021 that a criminal group had entered his rural community and was conducting illegal logging activities.

He requested protection from the Mexican Army and the National Guard, but authorities did not issue any protective measures to him or his community.

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) condemned Arcos Fuentes's murder.

"The defender was assassinated inside a taqueria [taco restaurant] in the municipality of Chilpancingo, Guerrero. With this homicide, there are already 66 environmentalists killed since 2006", the CNDH said in a statement.

Last month, Borderland Beat reported the murder of another environmentalist from Guerrero, Carlos Márquez Oyarzabal. Alleged cartel members murdered and dismembered Marquez Oyarzabal. His remains were scattered in the community of Puerto Alegre.


  1. Journalists. Políticos. Environmentalists. Sad what Mexico is living. Years to come this will be studied in the history books as a big mistake that happened somewhere along the way.

    1. It is sad dude was wacked by one of the 3powerful countries robbing Mexico

    2. This illegal logging is going on all over mexico. The country is runned by casiques like in the past. From avocadoes, land, etc..

    3. "dude was wacked by one of the 3powerful
      9:43 PM
      "dude was wacked by one of the 3powerful countries robbing Mexico"
      The victim culture never ends,get off your knees and stop blaming everything under the sun on other entities.
      The US,China,Russia,Europe,Aus,has nothing to do with what is going on in Mexico,it will never get better until mexicans confront their own inherent internal issues.Only mexicans can fix mexico,it will never get better with small brained jingoistic plebs with your thinking

    4. It is sad dude was wacked by one of the 3powerful countries robbing Mexico

      Mexico is doomed with people like you

    5. 9:43 does have a point. Lumber prices are extremely high here in Canada. I don't know about in Mexico so I wouldn't know that. But up here guys are harvesting trees like crazy to make a quick buck

    6. The US has NOTHING to do with what's going on down Mexico way??? Are you insane?? The US fuels the drug trade and most of thier guns are smuggled in from the US. Bottom line is without drug addicts there would not be BILLIONS of dollars flowing down to Mexico. Without consumers-and a helluva of a lot of them-there would no drug war. And the lumber, avocados,fuel et al, are easily exploited since the infrastructure is already in place. You can go further and say the US co-chairs this drug war.. Only the naive fail to acknowledge that Mexican drug dealers are only half the equation.

  2. Mexico es a toda madre!
    No te metas con los narcos y no te hacen nada nadie.
    Pero porke murio este entonces?

    1. No le hacen nada a nadie? Y luego que paso con los 49 decapitados de Cadereyra, los 52 muertos del Casino Royale, la familia del Marino que participó en la muerte del marrano Arturo Beltran Leyva?. Todos eran innocentes.

  3. Quarter Graham chadMay 26, 2021 at 11:52 PM

    Interesting , nah man kickin' it here in Texas they don't play

  4. Ugh ugh ugh, the whole situation is such a dumpster fire but it still pains me to see when they target people trying to improve the situation. I'm not ignorant enough to expect any different as it all comes down to greed and power. Ignorance is so often

  5. Sad,really sad,a mexican who actually was trying to do "something" killed by a non concerned gob who he asked for help.
    Already a comment here is blaming other countries? Pathetic utterly pathetic...
    Marco Antonio Arcos Fuentes QEDP RIP

  6. Environmentist, Reporters, Activist are not safe whatsoever in Mexico, if Almo cares a rats azz, then how you think government agencies care. It's all about putting bribe money in to the Curupt government.

    1. 8:09 AMLO is not their mommy, or their granny or their daddy, astudillo the PRD governor is in charge, or the municipales.
      The executive power is not in charge of Law Enforcemwnt or Public Security, he is only responsible on slanted cjayotero propaganda


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