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Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Mexican Women Who Kicked Out the Cartels

"Anonymous" for Borderland Beat

Please click this hyperlink to view the entire interview on YouTube. The video includes subtitles and is approximately 6 minutes long.

Adelaida Sánchez is a member of the community police force in Cherán, a Purépecha indigenous town in Michoacán, Mexico, which declared itself autonomous in 2011.

When the town was under siege from illegal logging, cartel criminals, and corrupt authorities and the men of the town stood by and did nothing, it was left to women to lead the fightback.

On the tenth anniversary of the uprising, Adelaida patrols the town and its forests, providing an oasis amidst the murder, kidnap and extortion across the state.

Source: The Guardian (text); The Guardian (video)


  1. These women are accurate to the title, fighting for their community against organized crime, unlike the "women's autodefensas" of C.U.

  2. Mexico, the country were the women have the balls and the men are cowards.

    1. Let's see your balls, go to Mexico and be an example of masculinity by fighting the cartels yourself.

  3. Before you CJNG fans girls start crying, the Cheran Autodefensa is not Carteles Unidos.

    Different groups in CU still fight each other and many autodefensas don’t roll with CU.

    But they hate CJNG, fight them and kick those guys out of their communities.

    1. Legit Autodefensas have nothing to do with Culitos Unidos and Cherán was liberated by its own people. Since you write that the Cherán people hate CJNG and run them out of their lands can you cite articles regarding these supposed "skirmishes"?

    2. 9:41 AM Secret Management you have no idea what you are speaking on. The Cheran Autodefensas received funding from either a political party or a criminal organization to arm themselves. I will give you a hint who funded the autodefensas in Tepaltepec end of 2013 early 2014? Right now the community of Cheran is allied with a guy they call el tata i seen a video where he comes out he is based in Cherato or chichota. He is allied of Poncho La Quirnga based out of Los Reyes. We both know who Poncho la quiringa worked for right CJNG the boss was El Abuelo Farias before his dumb-ass fell into wicho and ponchos stupidity of a trap now they are all wetting the bed knowing well what Mencho and the fellas are going to do to them when he catches them.

    3. Correction end of 2012 early 2013.

    4. Allied in that they both support each against CJNG, because again nobody in Michoacán likes those bums. But the people in Cheran are not run by outside groups. Templarios and Viagras still don’t like each other, but both of them still “support” each other in killing off CJNG, even though some of their guys still fight from time to time.

      And if you are from Michoacán, you know how complicated the relationships are with the different autodefensas. Sargy just wants everyone to believe that all autodefensas are CU because for some dumb reason he thinks that will draw sympathy for CJNG, stupid but hey you can’t blame a guy for trying. Sargy, another exile, that’s all CJNG are now, just bitter Michoacános that are bitter because they can’t go back home. Even Menso has to spread false rumors about returning to El Aguaje, pathetic I know. I hope Sargy knows those gringos he works for will throw him under the bus when it’s convenient. He thinks Brietbart is going to show him loyalty? And really Breitbart? I pointless news outlets that is really just a vent for the powerless and sore losers, actually it kinda does fit with CJNG. Lol.

      Mencho failed in Michoacán. Nobody in Michoacán buys they hype around Menso, they know him and that’s why everyone ditched that idiot. He is just the guy that married a Cuini, and he used their money to play out his little special forces fantasy. Menso was always just a dumb goon.

      Everytime Menchita tried something in Tepalcatepec CJNG were defeated, badly. Why do CJNG fans always bring up Tepeke and El Abuelo? CJNG suffered their most public and humiliated defeats from that town and that man. Why would Abuelo have anything to fear from CJNG, his people always slaughtered CJNG guys. Hell and when those CJNG bums retreat he gets the Military to fish off the bums with the helicopter.

      Why hasn’t CJNG been able to send reinforcements to the guys stuck in Aguililla? Because they can’t, they used to be able to but now they can’t because CJNG keeps losing ground and are only really trying to hold on to Aguililla for Mensitos little ego.

      Buenavista used to one of their strongholds, Maguey was forced to flee that place and it’s pretty much under CU. I know you CJNG fans were spreading false rumors of Maguey getting into it with the government and that he escaped, false Maguey was exiled from Buenavista for while now. CJNG can’t hold on to it.

      Mencho and CJNG are going with all the little wars Menso started and it shows. Cuinis were the money guys, their dumb in-law Menso squandered that money.

      CJNG is trying another dumb offensive, because Mencho is stupid, by setting up more crash dummies on the borders of North eastern Michoacán/Jalisco. But they are doing so with less money power than when they started in 2019.

      The problem with Menso is that his propaganda only fools him, he bought his own hype. I think he actually believes that if he buys his guys some FNs that makes them special forces soldiers. What an idiot.

      Yeah, everyone knows what CJNG is planning. But CJNG is planning it with less money, they can’t use Aguililla as a staging spot anymore because all M2 does up there is run and hide and lets his girlfriend die for him. Not to mention CU solidified their positions in their territories even further.

      How did these reporters get to Aguillila they didn't come from Apatzingan to Aguillila? Who are those people letting them pass?

      Secret Management you went on a massive rant. Read half of it and then stopped reading. I can guess what you wrote.

      CJNG didn't lose any territory fighting mana with mana they lost it due to chapuliniadas and dedaso having the sedena, GN, State Police do the fighting

      You are only watching the areas of tierra Calinete that border Jalisco and Colima. Apatzingan, Zamora, Jiquilpan, Sahuayo, Urupan, Ario de Rosales, Morelia and Zitacuaro and those areas. CJNG controls large parts of the state that border Guerrero. They control about 7 large municipalites people who are with Chito Cano who are all allied with El Jardinero.

      They control La Piedad and everything east of Zamora. Cotija.

      CJNG controls Villa Victoria, Coalcoman, Dos Aguas, El Aguaje. They are around the town of Aquilla They have already kicked out the revueltas 3 times from Aguillila. They have Aguillila Surrounded from the North, North East, North West South East, South West, El Tena is sending them support from the South from Tumbiscatio. Los Tepekes are in La Bocanda and the only reason they are there is because the Sedena, GN, State police saved their ass.

      El Maguey still controls Buenavista the town and everything between los reyes and Buenavista. You have no idea what you are speaking on. CJNG is going to take Michocan and they are going to do it this year.

      CJNG isn't burning cars and blocking roads. They are not digging trenches on roads, they are not claiming to be autodefensas, they are not paying the media to portray them as innocent, defenseless people. They are not the one's blocking roads trying to starve people of gas and food. They are not the ones tying explosives to drones, they are not the ones using dynamite to blow up bridges. What group is on the defensive and what group is on the offensive? They are not the one's forcing people to give them money so they can bury their dead. They are not forcing people to go and fight. They are not the ones shaking in their boots waiting for death to take them from under their bed.

    6. My man you are lying. You are just rattling off places CJNG wished they had or used have a presence in, not anymore.

      Your info is like two years old. At least. I mean you still believe they control Buenavista, lol.

      And again, if CJNG can’t pay off the Military it is because they are too broke to do so. They don’t have the money. And no one is going to care about a drug cartel crying “no fair”. It’s pathetic.

      El Jardinero really? The guy that sent a bunch his men to Durango to die? Then had flee from Zacatecas, Mayo isn’t a gas thief, he even got the CJNG guys in prison in Zacatecas transformed to Durango, lol. And the fact that CJNG were dumb enough to send Jardinero to Zacatecas, they ended up losing ground in the south of Michoacán/north Guerrero. Again CJNG is ran by morons that try their best to look intimidating online and lose ground in the real world.

      And don’t get mad because CU is a lot better in propaganda than the idiots that run CJNG. Here is a hint, when CJNG cries no fair and begs for public sympathy you might want to stop killing women in GTO and leaving a CJNG manta, making more execution videos and having those bums dress in their wannabe special forces costumes, You can’t try and look like intimidating crazy killers in one video, and then cry no fair on the next, it doesn’t work. But Mensito is too stupid to understand that.

      Again nobody is scared of Mensito in Michoacán. They know he was just some dumb goon that married the right woman, and Mensito repaid that family with their ruin. That’s why Mensito is exiled from his home town. You know it and I know it.

      CJNG lost Michoacán, except for the few towns they have on the Nothern Jalisco/Michoacán border. All they do now is send crash dummies to their deaths to heat up the state. Mensito is too dumb and has too much of a sensitive ego to admit it to himself. Aguililla, the place Mensito is from and he can’t send reinforcements to M2 or even visit that place, oh yeah Michoacános definitely shake in their because of the clown 🤡, lol.

    7. Hey secret_management are you from Michoacan?

    8. Born and raised in Southern Cali.

      My parents are from Michoacan Tierra Caliente.

      I won't say where in Tierra Caliente, because It's funny to me that these CJNG fans always claim that area. But like I said before, I'm in the know, and it's funny to me that these CJNG fans claim areas and towns I know for a fact they don't control.

      And yes my relatives were part of a autodefensa, they are legit now but they got their seed money for their businesses from growing marijuana back in the day.

      That's why I said the relationship between the narcos and the autodefensa is complicated. It's not really about who is in the drug trade but who is in what family.

      If you have a successful farm but want to defend yourself from outsiders, it's a good thing to have a relative that is in the underworld that can get weapons for you.

    9. Secret Management I have posted proof that CJNG is able to send reinforcments to El M2. Your family is from Buenavista. Like I said El Maguey is in Buenavists. CJNG didnt lose anything near Guerrero they control Huetamo and everything north of that till you reach a town that starts with a T. Name the town or the municipality you are soeaking out if your poo hole. The goverment support isnt about money Carteles Unidos have videos of Silvano or his brother rapeing a small child. Caretles Unidos have family members who work in the Sedena, GN and State Police peopld in the fiscalia.

    10. You provided no proof of anything. Only Vice and Al Jazeera videos. And that Al Jazeera video proves my point, the CJNG guys are stuck in the hills of Aguililla and they are stuck there for nothing more than for Mensito's little ego.

      And quit making excuses for CJNG being too broke to pay off the government. They can't pay the government because Mensito was only ever a head of gunmen. He was/is too dumb to handle money and messed up everything he got from the Cuinis.

      First the Viagras have a recording of Silvano taking bribes, now the Viagras have a recording of him rapping a child with his brother? I'm no fan of Silvano but now you are just grasping at straws.

      I guess Silvano should of done the sensible thing and recorded himself blowing up kids with dynamite for a dumb propaganda video like CJNG.

      Nobody in Michoacan buys the propaganda from Mensito, because they know real Menso, a bum that is too dumb to handle money. Dressing up bums and drug addicts in wannabe special forces gear for their little videos is only making Mensito look desperate. And then those idiots go and cry to the internet that the government going after them and that it's not fair, again utter morons.

      And the only reason CJNG has a presence in souther Michoacan is because they were forced into a peace pact with FM. Which by they way probably wont hold since CJNG is getting weaker and Jardinero left that garden unattended. HA, Jardinero left Huetamo so he can fail in Zacatecas. What an idiot.

  4. Replies
    1. 12:17 Girls? YES,
      Pero los commentaristas son
      puras viejas despedorrotiadas
      like the secret management guy, stinks of the Deep State BS...

  5. Fuck yea. A tiny sign of HOPE and in a HOPE DEPRIVED country. Love this. BRAVO!

  6. Many women have suffered at alot in Mexico, it's good to shoot the enemy, since men are cowards to defend the town. Baby Killer Cartel is a cancer that keeps growing all over Mexico.

  7. Thanks MX !
    BB has done many Posts over the years of these brave and determined Purapecha women in Cherán.
    Anyone interested: Check the archives 👍🏽


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