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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Municipal Police Officer Arrested Was the Leader of 'La Empresa' in Chihuahua City

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Mauro Mendoza Bailón ("El Mendoza") is currently facing trial for murder.

Mauro Mendoza Bailon ("El Mendoza"), a municipal police officer in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, was the local leader of a criminal group known as La Empresa.

One of his main duties as gang leader was to maintain control of the crystal meth distribution and sales in Chihuahua. Most of the drug sale spots were located in the southern part of the city. El Mendoza ordered his triggermen to kill rivals who tried to sell drugs in his turf.

According to evidence presented by the State Prosecuto's Office (FGE), El Mendoza is believed to be behind the kidnapping and murder of Luis Carlos Arroyo Lerma (“El Golo”), an Uber driver who also distributed drugs without his approval. El Golo was kidnapped on 20 July 2020 and found dead hours later.

El Mendoza had several drug dealers and triggermen on his watch. His closest associates were a lady simply known as Blanca O. and a man known as Jorge Alberto M. H. ("El Cabe"). They were responsible for selling methamphetamine in Cerro de la Cruz neighborhood in southern Chihuahua city.

The FGE confirmed that El Mendoza was arrested on 15 April 2021 following an extensive investigation involving a network of corrupt police officers. The investigation shows that more than a dozen officers from different police corporations in Chihuahua city work for La Empresa or other rival gangs, to whom they provide protection, sell drugs for, capture or kill opponents, and collect drug proceeds.

Borderland Beat analysis

La Empresa emerged in June 2018 after gang member Rene Gerardo Garza Santana ("El 300") had a disconnect with several leaders of La Linea and Los Aztecas, two groups once allied to the old Juarez Cartel. Cartel bosses Eduardo Ravelo ("El Tablas") and Juan Arturo Padilla Juarez ("El Genio") considered that El 300 was getting out of line and trying to take over more street drug spots in Ciudad Juarez. When confronted, El 300 and his close associate Luis Gerardo Mendez Estevane ("El Tio") deserted and formed La Empresa.

René Gerardo Garza Santana ("El 300") is the founder of La Empresa, one of the deadliest gangs in Chihuahua. His trial for a triple murder is currently underway. 

As violence rose in Ciudad Juarez, law enforcement efforts against La Empresa, La Linea, and Los Aztecas increased. Ravelo was arrested in June, and El Genio was killed two months later. El 300 was arrested in November 2018, but he continued running La Empresa while imprisoned at the Ciudad Juarez federal penitentiary. He then formed an alliance with Los Mexicles, once allied to the Sinaloa Cartel, and gained support of their leaders Jesús Eduardo Soto Rodríguez ("El Lalo") and Luis Elías Cardoza Santiago.

In Chihuahua city, the cartel dynamics have a slightly different twist. In early 2021, a Ciudad Juarez newspaper reported that much of the violence in this city was driven by a gangland dispute between Gente Nueva on one front and La Empresa and Los Aztecas on the other. Gente Nueva gets support and reinforcements from Parral, a municipality close to the border with the state of Durango. There is also information that Gente Nueva works with a faction known as Los Salguieros. 

La Empresa is currently headed by Omar Alejandro Garza Santana or Omar Alejandro Chávez Santana ('El Nomo', The Gnome), and two individuals simply known by their aliases 'El Saavedra'/'El Menos' and 'La Guera'.

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  1. Curupt cop, pay a bribe, set free hours later.

    1. he didn't do anything, they have the wrong person because they're incompetent

  2. Why doesn't Mexico get rid of municipal police forces? Seems like these corporations are the biggest issue in some parts/cases. They are essentially professional killers and dealers for the cartel.

    1. Ok let's say they his rid of the municipal police, like you want.
      And put in the State Police.. don't you think they are curupt too?

    2. From the top 2 bottom law enforcers are corrupt at the 70 % rate mexico is fuck

    3. 10:30 The shit everywhere rolls down hill, the municipales do a lot of crimes, but it is all orders from above, state police and federales, military zone commanders, compadres with cartel chiefs from all colors, politicians bent on squeezing all they can for 6 years.
      Forced sales to the "little tienditas" is their favored system of pushing, it can be a store or a mechanic shop, a llantera, any store will do.
      That is when only LOCAL MILITIAS can get the job done, the government just need to get out of the way to supervise the carnage of local drug lords amd murdering traffickers, try it in one prison and greenlight assassinations of bully bullies and you will see Peace at last.

  3. Is he called el 300 because of his weight?

  4. La Linea then began hiring the Empresa in place of los Aztecas under the impression that they now work for the cartel to hit on the original Aztecas because these refused to cooperate with them. They are also only paid about 1000 pesos a week so it's cheap ass labor for Linea also
    Empresa Aztecas are no longer concidered Barrio Azteca and the violence between these two groups is extreme and even Linea taking hits for having formed them.
    Nobody knows if and when this will evwr end though it's not ending anytime soon.

    1. 12:48 nobody gets paid no 1000 peisos, it is all cut product and pocket all you can after paying your supplier, and if you don't pay the cash, it will be your ass.
      The romantic asumption of getting paid 1000 peisos has been dead for a long time, that is why it is all kill, kill, kill your debtors or your creditors, whoever gets the jump wins, but the losers report you to their handlers in the State Police or the melitary, this is why La Empresa is getting it up the ass, la linia is All State Police Mafia since Johnny Sutton handled it for US AG John Ascroft and their Casas De La Muerte en Cd Juarez.

    2. Prison gangs do pay their hitmen a thousand a week. Even some cartels regardless of the robberies and shit you clain they committ still pay their hitmen a miserable amount. Since there are many shithead drug addicts and thrill seekers that don't care about the pay then cartels have enough man power to do their deeds.


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