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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tecamac, Edomex: The Dirty Bomb Component Has Been Recovered

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The federal agency reported that if the radioactive source was removed from its container, handled or if there was direct contact with it for a few minutes or hours, it could cause permanent injuries.

After Borderland Beat reported it as stolen, it has been reported in the last hours that the dangerous radioactive source that was stolen with violence in the State of Mexico, has already been located by Tecamac police.

In this regard, it was through a statement that Civil Protection issued that it was confirmed that the object was found, after having been stolen in the municipality of Teoloyucan.

According to the information provided, the radioactive source was located in the community of San Francisco Ojo de Agua in the municipality of Tecamac, where various corporations arrived.

It was elements of the Ministry of Energy (Sener), the National Nuclear Safety Commission and the National Coordination of Civil Protection, who were in charge of taking knowledge of this finding.

While for their part, Municipal and State Public Security cordoned off the site.

Source: Vanguardia


  1. Guaranteed that the criminals responsible for this bit off more than they can chew and for scared. I think this could have been used by the US to justify troop mobilization into Mexico if they kept it up with their bs. Dodged a major bullet on this one

  2. Went to Go Mart, got a Slurpy and a radioactive machine.

  3. What a b.s. story bet they got what they wanted So the higher ups had to lie and say they got it back out of sheer incompatence

  4. And this is why you turn over Cienfuegos. To retain your influence\cooperation, and in this case be involved in the recovery of this stuff. (even if it isn’t published) Grey world, means good and bad.


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